Friends and our Fifth Wheel Trip


Friend from abroad

I am beyond excited that my friend Susie is flying into LA from England to come on our trip with us and will fly out from San Francisco.  Its been a couple of years since I saw her and we were in the Territorial Army together and have been very close friends ever since.  Can’t wait it’s gonna make the fifth wheel trip so much more special xx


Susie and I have done many things together.  One of them was a Detachment Commanders Course which was one of the hardest things that we had ever done.  2 weeks of really tough training.  Assault courses, Range shooting, Escape and maneuvers,  Medical First aid training and many other subjects that were so hard and extremely physical.  We had many times that we helped each other through thick and thin.  One of the stories I would like to tell is, when we arrived back from the range one day.  One of the guys drops the box on the floor with all the empty cases in all over the floor.  We were so tired and heading to the cafeteria, I sniggered and had to stay and pick up all of the bullets.  I was so tired and felt like crying.  Sue tried to help me but Sergeant Major sent her to the Cafeteria and made me do it alone.   Great friend eh! I myself had done 4 years in the Regular Army and 8 years in the Territorial British Army and had served with Sue during that time.  We have a bond that cannot be broken and will remain friends for all time.


We will have some fun travelling up the coast while she is here along with my husband Peter and I.  The last time Susie came to visit we did a road trip to Texas and back.  This trip is really memorable just like I know this one will be.  We drove through thunder and lightning storms and experienced all of the terrain between Buellton and Texas.  What a great trip that was with a great friend.  I really am looking forward to our upcoming trip from LA to San Francisco.


Friend Susie

Life Long Friend Susie