Planning the Journey to San Francisco

Planning the Journey


San francisco

Travel Planning

Procrastination drives me mad as I am very proactive.  We had an offer to extend Peter’s contract at Glendale Medical Centre and the final decision to take the contract was waiting on a decision from the accommodation personnel.  It had taken well over three weeks for them to come to a decision and was taking far too long.  However, the decision to stay or not was very quickly taken away anyway with my Asthma kicking off again.


We contacted the Recruiter at Emerald Health Services Stephanie in order to start planning our destination. We finally chose the Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Redwood City as it was near the coast and that it was an excuse to visit San Francisco up north in the summer – and get paid for it.

San Francisco here we come

We are so excited to say we are moving our fifth wheel to Half Moon Bay in San Francisco. Peter will be working in Redwood City just 30 mins away.  The Journey will end when our final destination will be in a place called Cameron’s Inn RV park. and we will be staying for 13 weeks.


On Monday I am taking the truck to Riverside to get the hitch put in.  How exciting is that finally!  We have booked sites mostly with KOA and of course stopping at Flying Flags which is a recommended Food Sam Site.  I have found them to be really easy to book and great sites.


We will be doing the journey very slowly going from Lake Elsinore on 20th June 2015 as this is the first time Peter has pulled the fifth wheel himself.  We are financially back on track and ready to do what we intended in the first place – to live in the fifth wheel and travel.

Planning Our destinations

We will be staying at : –

  1. Pomona KOA Site                     46.6 miles away
  2. Ventura Ranch KOA site          95.8 miles away
  3. Buellton Flying Flags                 91.4 miles
  4. Avila/Pismo Beach KOA Site   56.6 Miles
  5. Santa Cruz KOA Site                 160 miles
  6. Cameron’s Inn                             47.2 miles

As you can see we will be doing the trip nice and slowly.  I am so excited beyond words……  please join us on our trip as we now start our journey.

planning the Journey

Peter and Joyce