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Living the RV lifestyle

We just had another great weekend in our fifth wheel in Lake Elsinore.  Only 2 weeks left in Glendale and we will be back too living the RV lifestyle full time again this last 3 months has been hard.  We have both missed it so much.  We have been staying temporarily living in an apartment in Glendale due to Peter’s work.  It is like living in a cave, the blinds are closed most of the time to keep out the sun and keep it cool and also the windows can be seen into by anyone passing so privacy can be an issue.  In an RV the Windows are darkened so we can see out but you can’t see in so all the blinds can be opened.  Except at night when the light is on!

I took a picture of Fred this weekend you will always see him parked by our RV and he has travelled with us since we started out in our RV in 2012.  I went along with some friends to color me mine in 2011 and I painted Fred.  He is very special to us and always reminds us of those fabulous friends we left back in Bakersfield.  Fred told me he likes the RV lifestyle too!

RV Lifestyle


We went to see the film San Andreas this weekend and after doing my blog about being prepared for an earthquake seemed a waste of time for a 10 point earthquake and was really scary to see. At least living the RV lifestyle my home wont fall down  (I hope).   Of course you should still be prepared but a 10 point was amazing to see what could happen especially with us moving to San Francisco in 2 weeks.  Although one of the fault lines runs right next to Lake Elsinore and there is a 98% chance of an earthquake.  All very scary!  I thought it was really funny that they talked and showed about people in Bakersfield which is where we lived for 2.6 years.  Made us laugh.

Before we went in to the cinema we were looking for something to eat and noticed a cafe right opposite.  The Cafe was called Annie’s Cafe.   We we went in and the lady that showed us to our see was English and spoke to us about England and such.  When we sat down we started noticing that everything in there was English.  The tea she offered us was English and it made our day.  We were half way through our breakfast when the waitresses including the lady who showed us to our seat started to dance to a tune and it really took us by surprise it was 11 in the morning.  It really made us smile, the lady, as I found out later, was Annie.  Annie encouraged some children to get up to dance and they did the chicken dance right there in front of everyone and danced around the tables.  I had an overwhelming homesick feel as I used to dance this on numerous occasions with my sister and Dad.  I put down my knife and fork and joined in with the actions and we were having a whale of a time.

A waitress came over to us and from behind her back she gave us some silly hats to wear announcing that this was our first time at Annie’s and they danced for us again. Peter definitely got the better hat ha ha!

RV Living

Silly Hat

RV Living

Silly Hat

We will be going back there in 2 weeks before we head off for San Francisco.  We couldn’t believe that this cafe was a mile up the road from us and that we had never noticed it before.  Gutted! we would have been there every week.  We found out after the effect that had we asked we would have got real english bacon and proper sausages.  The waitress had a hand slapping for not telling us in advance.  No worries thogh we will be back for that.  Great time we had for our breakfast and it made our day!

RV Lifestyle and Scooters

When we got back to our RV we were talking to one of our neighbours Robert Bair, he will be helping us get our fifth wheel off our spot and help Peter get hooked up and ready to go.  There is always someone to help on RV Parks and people are so generous and is what I love about our RV Lifestyle.

Robert was just passing by on his scooter as he had gone to pick up his post.  We were talking about his scooter and how fabulous it was and he then explained that he is a distributor for them.  Robert was telling me that the RV Lifestyle was all they wanted to do and that he was on his third RV.  His scooter helps him get about more when he is on his site.  He was saying how these scooters can go out onto the roads and that it was legal, some being 2/3 whelers and some with double seats and that he could even pop up the shops if he wanted to, many RVers have golf carts and you just are not allowed to  do that in a golf cart.  I think that they are a great idea.

I promised I would give him a spot in my blog about his scooters so I have some pictures for you to see. He does have a sale on at the moment so though I would share.

If you are interested in any of these scooters that can help you with your RV lifestyle then please call:

Robert Bair on 909 542 5343 or email him at:


RV Living

Freedom Z Scooters


RV Living

Boss scooters

RV Living

Boss scooters

The RV lifestyle is fabulous and having the scooters to get around can make it even better.  You can even go and collect mail or pop to the shops to collect some groceries.  So If you are disabled, or elderly and find it difficult to walk too far then contact Robert he can help you.

Scooter Regulations

In 2001 Congress passed Public Law 319-107 defining an electric bicycle/tricycle as a “bicycle” and subject to the same rules and regulations as a pedal type bike.  An electric bike is defined as a 2 or 3 wheel device under 750 watt and may NOT have the capability of speed OVER 20 MPH, with a combination electric and human power.  Each state has its’ own regulations for safety and licensing, however the same rules that apply to bicycles should apply to electric bicycles, since local or state laws may not override federal law.

Mobility Scooters:

  1. May be operated in stores on sidewalks in bike lanes, streets and crosswalks by any persons over 62.  No license required.
  2. May be operated by mobility-impaired individuals of any age.  Again, no license required

Electric Bikes (Mopeds) Two or Three-Wheeled:

  1. Two and three-wheeled scooters may be operated by anyone over the age of 16.  No license required.
  2. May be operated on the streets and bike lanes with a bicycle helmet.

The RV Lifestyle in America

I cannot believe the opportunities that are open to us with our RV lifestyle in America, there are so many things to do and see, learn and travel I just love it.  I pick up my friend Suzie at the Airport in just 9 days now and it won’t be the first time she has visited us and stayed with us in our RV but this time I think she will get an even better view of the RV lifestyle as we will be picking up the Fifth Wheel everyday and travelling to a different site every night.  I am excited beyond words to see her and look forward to another journey together.