Cost of living comparison

Cost of Living

cost of living comparison

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 cost of living comparison

Our home we sold

When Peter and I first started thinking about living in a Fifth Wheel, we wanted to know how much the cost of living would be compared to living in a house.  We thought it would be helpful for you to see a comparison of living in a fifth wheel to living in a house or apartment. The reason we gave up our home was for health reasons and not the cost of living.  It turned out to be the best decision that we ever made. The lower cost of living and the wonderful fun lifestyle really outweighed our beautiful home with a pool.  We loved our house and if we were to pick another house it would be the same type,  once our front door was closed though it could be a lonely lifestyle. We much prefer living in an RV.

Here is our cost of living comparison

The first costs I will portray is our fifth wheel costs living in Buellton, CA.  Buellton is a very safe salubrious area and right next to Solvang which is a beautiful Danish Town, in California.  To buy a house in this area you would at least need $700,000 upwards to even buy a decent home.  You could purchase a mobile home if you were over 55 for around $100,000 to $300,000, you would also then have costs to pay for your spot as well which are expensive.  It is a very sought after and expensive area to live in.

We lived here for 2 and half years living in our fifth wheel and enjoyed every minute.  On our site we had pool, jacuzzi, shop, showers, meeting rooms, gym, meeting place with a beautiful gas fire pit and many other amenities. Flying Flags RV Park is even being upgraded with a massive larger pool as well as we speak.

Video of Aunty Doreen & Christy on Solvang

My Aunt and Uncle actually living in Australia now and came to visit us in America, they absolutely loved there time here and did not want to leave.  Watch the video of them explaining about them visiting Solvang. It will make you smile.  They are so sweet.

To See Video Click Here


Cost of living comparison in a fifth wheel on an RV site

(The monthly bills outlined are during the winter period.)

During the winter we needed propane gas-filled every week.


1. Rent $700.00
2. Electric average $46.00
3. Verizon phones and Internet  –  Although the site had internet we also had our own $384.00
4. Gas $100.00
5. Washing/Laundry $ 40.00
6. Truck $120.00
7. RV Ins $64.00
8. Car, Truck, RV Tax Monthly $99.00
9. Car Loan $470.00
10. Cable/Internet Free
 11. RV Loan  $500
                                                                  Total $2,453.00

Cost of living in a house

1. Mortgage $1,700.00
2. AT&T Cable $204.00
3. ADT Home security $76.00
4. Verizon Phones $200.00
5. Gas $85.00
6. Electric $215.00
7. Pest Control $70.00
8. Gardener $65.00
9. Water/trash/sewerage $43.00
10. Car ins $104.00
11. Tuck loan $550.00
12. RV loan $500.00
                                                                     Total $3812.00

As you can see the living costs are much cheaper and this would give you enough to put money away so that when the time came to upgrade that you could afford to do so to a new home around every five years or so.

If you are in a good position to be able to buy your RV and Truck outright in the beginning then your costs are going to be lower. This would be a great idea but not everyone has to pennies to go down this route.  Ideally that’s what we would have liked to have done.   We have a goal to be completely debt free and own not one but two RVs in the future outright.  We would like to have one for here in America and one for England for when we retire so we can travel both in america and England.

These costs do not include normal day-to-day expenses such as food, hair, clothing and entertainment etc. These are personal preferences and everyone spends a different amount depending on your particular lifestyle.

The other preferences are that you can live more frugally on other sites.  The one we are on at the moment is only $500 per month.  I have come across sites that are only $200/$300 per month, however, there are typically less amenities on these sites.

The next site that we are going to be on is going to cost $1500 for the month, again, it is in a very nice area in San Francisco at Half Moon Bay.  It is necessary for us to move there as Peter will be working nearby. Apartment costs in that area are over $2000 – $3000/month just for a small apartment.  House prices in this area are astronomical.

We hope this has inspired you to maybe think about a different way of lifestyle without losing any of your comforts of home.


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