Lucky the Triple AAA driver

Santa Paula Koa Site

On our epic road trip up the west coast to San Francisco. Santa Paula was to be our next stop.  It was so easy to get ready In the morning all the usual checks were done before we pulled away.  peter now drove on his own and Susie and I followed the RV out of the site Peters driving was brilliant.  I love him so much and could not have been prouder following him driving behind the fifth wheel.  As we pulled up to the freeway we overtook Peter and then we headed to Santa Paula to meet him there, get booked in and be ready on his arrival.  Our next site was to be a back in site as there were no pull throughs available on line.

Upon our arrival at Santa Paula the receptionist Jennifer was amazing, I asked for an upgrade to a pull through if they had one available and yeah! they did.  I was so grateful as it would be so much easier for Peter.

Lucky the AAA driver




Triple AAA

After about 10 minutes after our arrival on site we received a phone call that Peter had broken down and had no power whatsoever.  Peter said he was driving down hill on the 210 and lost all power it really frightened him, he eventually slowed down to 10 miles an hour in a construction zone with no shoulder, what an experience for Peter, it really was unfortunate, Peter then pulled over to the side of the freeway and called the Triple AAA of which we are thankfully members.  The triple AAA guy came, his name was Lucky although Peter wasnt feeling so lucky at this time.  Lucky the driver thought that maybe a hose had come loose and is why he had lost all power.  Lucky uncoupled the driveshaft, hooked up the truck and he pulled the truck with the fifth wheel and took Peter to the site at Santa Paula which at this time was an hour away.

When they arrived luckily we had quite a large pull through site so it was easy for Lucky to unload the RV.  He then towed our truck to the Chevrolet garage which was 8 miles away.  The Towing for the truck was only covered for 9 miles so we had to pay $350 for the towing.  I think we need to upgrate our triple AAA to better coverage.   On the way to the garage Peters driveshaft came loose from under the truck and flew off down the road,  Lucky went off down the road to find it.  He was the most kindest and thoughtful person, he had such a lovely temprement and made thigs so much easier.  We fell in love with him and felt like we had made a new friend.  He found it and then continued to take the truck to the garage.  Looks like its not going to just be the hose after all.  Well it was a sunday so the sales department is all that was open and the guy at the garage had said that they would look at our truck first thing the next morning.  After a few calls to and fro we will be paying $1,600 for the repairs to be made.  It is 2.20pm now the next day and we are still waiting to hear when the truck will be repaired.

The KOA site we were staying at for just one night were really amazing , Jennifer and Chelsea have helped get us another site as the one we were on had someone else arriving onto.  They moved us into a back-in site and one of the guys who works for them moved our RV into a new spot.  We spoke to them again today and they will charge us a halp day today if we stay till 5 oclock.  It looks like we may be off at 5 and head off to the next site which will be a KOA at Pismo.  We were going to go to Beullton at Flying Flags but we had to cancel and will just go the next site instead and do a 3 hour trip instead and hopefully get there for 8 pm tonight which will put us back on track.  If it is not repaired today then we will have to stay another night and move our 3 next destinations forward by 1 day.  I really hope I dont have to do that and we are banking on the fact that the truck can get repaired by today.  We are praying really hard and hopefully having lucky pick us up yesterday maybe he was our good penny.

The good side of all this is that the site at Santa Paula is beautiful and the weather is astounding.  We had a nice barbecue last night with drinks all around ready for future challenges that we face.

Please wish us luck to get there safely tonight.


  1. Liz oconnor says

    Sorry to hear your bad news I wish you all the luck in the world and still wish it was me on your journey take care xxxx

  2. Cheryl Hosman says

    So sorry your vacation plans were changed but glad everyone is safe. Sorry we will miss you but an to visit when you get settled. Hope the rest of your trip goes as planned. Enjoy the beach, the whales have been out in force at Avila.