Avila Beach here we come

Bright Start to the Day

Heading off to Avila Beach with our fifth wheel.

Avila Beach

Avila beach

The day started of great with getting a phone call from the Truck Repair Shop at 10.30 in the morning saying that our truck was ready for pick up.  We never made it to our site yesterday as it wasn’t ready, we had to stay for another night at Santa Paula.  this was our 3rd consecutive night when our intention was to only stay one night.  We had to cancel our next site at Buellton and move forward the next 3 campsites.  the next one was Avila Beach.  It was very stressful and upsetting.  I soon found out though that it was very easy to do and the Campsite were very accommodating.

We got the truck back and together with Peter, Susie and I we got the fifth wheel hooked up and we found this really easy to do.  Following the list of checks that we had to do so that everything was done in the order it was supposed to.


  1. Pull in slide outs after checks done inside
  2. Tail gate on truck down
  3. Earphones for Peter so he could hear our instructions
  4. Spanner needed for undoing wheel chock
  5. Pull up back legs
  6. Measure distance from height of fifth wheel to the hitch
  7. Raise or Lower to accommodate
  8. Back into slot and slot in to fifth wheel hitch
  9. put in Pin for safety
  10. take weight onto truck by lowering fifth wheel
  11. put up tail gate
  12. take up front legs
  13. Take off wheel chock using spanner
  14. Hook up electrics
  15. Check electrics all working

Peter started to drive out of the site and we followed, once we got onto the freeway we went past him and carried on to our site in Pismo/Avila beach Koa and it was to take us 3 hours.  Peter stopped for a little break and was only 20 mins behind us and was doing great.

We arrived at the Pismo/ Avila Beach Koa site and Micki signed us in she could not have been nicer to us she was wonderful.  Even though we were now a day late she still got us a good site to go into but this time it was going to be a back in as we had now lost our pull through.

Peter arrive on site at Pismo/Avila beach Koa yeah! he had done a grand job driving and all was in one piece.  Susie got into the truck with him and he followed our guide to our plot, turning one of the corners he caught a post on the right side which ripped into one of our panels on the side and also the steps got damaged.  Could anything else happen on our journey,  Oh well as long as we are all ok and it looks like the damage will just be one panel to be replaced.  a resident guy on the guy offered up to park it into the site for us and I think Peter was really grateful at this point and it shook him up a little.  Poor Peter he had done so well today and with a little lack of concentration right at the end just took the corner to short.

(looks a bit like a shark!!)


Avila beach

Collision Damage

After we got all hooked up we went for a drive up to Avila beach and had something to eat and afterwards could not believe our eyes when we saw whales literally jumping out of the water right in front of us. Just fabulous and made our day.

Avila Beach

Avila Beach Pier

We will get the rig fixed now when we get to Half Moon Bay.  He is a little nervous now to get the RV out of here in the morning as we set out for the site in Santa Cruz.



  1. Liz oconnor says

    He done great tell him not to deal to bad it can be fixed at least you arrived safe and well is that where you are staying now and how long will it be much love xxx

  2. Liz oconnor says

    I mean when you get to half moon bay