Camerons Inn, Half Moon Bay

Driving up the Coastal route 1

We were now on our last leg of our fabulous journey, we may have had a few trials and tribulations but we were ready to be on our way.  We decided thet we would stop after just 40 mins into our journey so that we could all fill up with gas in the car and diesel in the truck.  There was an easy on off truck stop just 40 mins from the KOA Site at Santa Cruz.  It was very easy to fill up and we all picked up a sandwich to keep us going the rest of the day.

Camerons Inn – Half Moon Bay


It only took us 1 and a 1/2 hours to get to Half Moon Bay.  There was some road works which stopped traffic for a while but overall the trip was a really good one, a little windey perhaps but not too much.  As soon as we arrived at Camerons Inn we could see that we were at the right place without a doubt as there was a big red bus parked just outside.

Camerons Inn

Camerons Inn Half Moon Bay

We followed the road down to the RV Park where we were to book in and the lady that greeted us was their Manager Lisa.  I don’t think I have ever met anyone so bubbly and willing to help.  Lisa gave us our plot number and guided us where we needed to go, she even guided Peter how to back into his spot and just said for him to take his time.  There was so much space and was a great spot to have Peter practice reversing into a spot to park.  He did a grand job and we were in our spot in no time.  Lisa obviously understood that it is a stressful time parking and said that we could pop in the next day to do all the paperwork necessary.

Camerons Inn

Camerons Inn


It was 3 to 4 months ago that I got our name down to park on this site and we were so grateful that Lisa had helped us get onto the queue which at the time of asking was very long.  Lisa worked diligently to help us obtain a spot.  We had tried all other parks in the area and found nothing available not even over by Redwood City where Peter will be working.


After we got settled in of course we had to go over to the pub to have a drink and something to eat.  Susie and Peter tried their fish n chips and I had the pastie and chips.  Peter had a nice pint of beer, I had lager and Susie had wine.  We were in our element and enjoyed every mouthful it was fabulous.  On our way back to the RV I counted the steps it took to walk to the Pub.  It was so far it took 50 steps ha ha!  They have karaoke on the weekend and I think we will be frequenting the pub on some of the weekends.  The pub seems to have a lot of things going on as well.  We are hoping there is something good going on the 4th July.

Camerons Inn

The Pub


We all decided when we got back to the RV that we should really go and walk off our food so we decided we would go for a stroll.  Litterally just a mile out of the site and to the left was the ocean.  We walked over to the cliffs and the view was spectacular.  We can’t quiet believe that this is on our back doorstep.


Camerons Inn

The Beach at Half Moon Bay


The staff in Camerons Inn have been amazing and the best thing ever is that they have a shop in there that sells english food.  We purchased bacon, crumpets, maltesers and dark chocolate hobnobs just to keep us going.  Susie was tired on saturday but Peter and I were excited to be here and went over to the pub to have a drink and socialise, we met some fabulous people that also live on the RV Park and we had a great night.  I think we are going to like it here.


Camerons Inn

Just a taste of home




  1. Cheryl Hosman says

    Glad you made it safe and like the area, looks interesting. Will you see if they have any of the cabins for rent and get the info for us, we want to come visit and check out the pub and sight see and of course visit our soecial friends!

  2. Cheryl Hosman says

    Meant to say special friends