Santa Cruz KOA Park

Travelling further North

We travelled to Santa Cruz leaving the park at Pismo behind us.  We had got over our little mishap and Peter got back into the truck and pulled the fifth wheel again.  We had arranged that we would stop for gas at a truck stop which was only 40 minutes away that looked as though it would be nice and big and easy to drive through to get gas.  It was so we were grateful for that.  It was then another 2 + hours to Santa Cruz.


We arrived at our destination following our last stop at Santa Cruz where we stayed at a KOA Park.  The staff were very courteous and very quick at getting us booked in.  We were now a day late with our booking but they still made sure that we had a great drive through spot, I could have kissed her we were so grateful and it was really easy to park there.  The journey was about 3 hours and Peter did really well with his driving.  Setting up was really easy and we had a great spot.


Santa Cruz Koa

Santa Cruz Koa had a brilliant shop with anything you could ever possibly need for your RV or camping needs, a great pool and jacuzzi and bike hires for kids and adults.  There were though, so many kids in this park that they were running riot.  We were driving 5 miles per hour and a kid went on a low down wheeley bike right in front of us without even looking.  Great park for families but way to many kids for us.  We didnt even want to hit the pool or jacuzzi as there were kids in both.  Personally I think at the least the Jacuzzi should be for the adults.


While we were in Santa Cruz we popped out to a restaurant at Crows Nest restaurant at the harbor and had a lovely meal which was to die.  We would go as far to say that it was the best meal we had all week. The view was great as well looking through the windows watching boats go by and watching sea lions in the sea.  Great night out.

Yum Yum

Santa Cruz

Joyce’s Steak Dinner

Santa Cruz

Susie’s Pasta Sea Food Dinner

Santa Cruz

Peter’s Lamb Dinner


We went to bed as soon as we got in as we were so tired from the journey that day.  The next morning we packed up ready to hit the road for the last leg in our journey to Half Moon Bay.