San Francisco Driving Trip

Settling In

We are getting all settled into our new spot on the RV Park at Camerons Inn.  We love it here, so close to walk to the cliffs to see the views of the ocean, Driving distance to a local harbor which we will visit this week and so much locally to see.

Flags are up and blowing in the wind nicely,  think they need to go a bit higher but Peter was a little scared on the ladder. Bless him he was balancing the pole and trying hard to get it as high as possible.  It will be good just as it is.


San Francisco

American and British Flag


We decided we would drive into San Francisco to see the sights before Susie goes back to England and was given directions by Lucy the fabulous Manager here at the park.  The address we used to find the parking was 900 North Point Street, San Francisco.  We had great scenery on our drive into San Francisco and it only took half an hour.

The roads that we took were a little hilly to say the least but then we took a wrong turn and Waze our navigation system we like to use directed us along some quiet roads to carry on.  The only problem though was that the hills were now even steeper.  No wonder no one wanted to go that way and obviously the reason they didn’t have hundreds of people on them.  The road we were on was called Leavenworth Street, which then came down to the end of Lombard street.  The street in San Francisco that has the zig zag road on it.  It did get a picture of that as we were driving past.

San Francisco Roads

San Francisco

San Francisco Road

San Francisco

Lombard Street


We were coming up a steep hill, which wasn’t to bad we got to the top and I had glanced down at my phone, as I had been taking a picture and when I looked up we were on top of a hill with the steepest downgrade I have ever seen.  We felt like we were at the top of a roller coaster.  I remember shouting the F word quite loudly I think along with Peter and Susie.  We wet our pants and started to go down the hill. It really was scary and I don’t think we will be driving into San Francisco again because of it.  We were laughing when we got to the bottom but – oh my!  Not funny, I thought I was going to throw up.  Well I guess it was funny ha ha!

We carried on along the route to find a parking lot that Lisa had told us about and was expecting to pay quite a bit for our parking, as it happens the parking was free for 4 hours.  Yeah! how cool was that, we felt we had found the only free parking in San Francisco,  probably not true but hey great news.


After we parked we strolled along the front and went for something to eat at an italian restaurant, peter and I shared a pizza and had a nice cup of tea and Suzie had a sweet.  It was a lovely break after the scary roads.

Susie wanted to go to the shops which were up the hill so we waited for the tram which actually took 45 minutes to wait our turn and cost $12 each .  We went to the shops and time was catching up with us and the wait back down was apparently going to take us another hour wait.  We caught a taxi instead which actually only cost $10 for 3 of us.  Time was of the essence as parking was only 4 hours and we were running out of time.  We were not bothered as we had been to San Francisco a few years before and caught the tram them also.  It is worth the wait if you have time.  We did though want to go to Alcatraz prison but tickets were not available when I checked online so we decided we would do that next time.


San Francisco

San Francisco Tram


San Francisco

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge


After getting back to the car it actually took us 1 and half hours to get home as the traffic was now horrendous.  I think we will  find a different way to go next time.





  1. Hi glad you all got there safe it is a funny thing that you where in Lombard St that is where you grammar worked for 50 years or more love to you all xxxxxxx