4th July Half Moon Bay

The Day Before 4th July

We needed to go shopping so that we had food and goodies for the weekend of the 4th July and we found Safeway just down the road about 5 mins away.  We went around the shops and we were spoken to by many of their employees asking us if they could help.  One lady who was demonstrating some drinks told us some places that we could visit while we were here.  We were helped with our sales at the till and they were so friendly and laughing and having fun the whole time we were being served.  We signed up for their card which gives you benefits and the lady that dealt with that for us was also really jolly and having fun while she worked.  We fell in love with Safeway and just thought their customer service was fabulous.  When I took the trolley back I was even greeted with a smile by someone then.  I asked if I could take his picture and told him how we just had a great experience shopping there.  He turned out to be the Customer Service Specialist and he was just helping with the trolleys.  Love that.  Here he is and his name is Michael.

4th July

Michael from Safeway

Half Moon Bay Parade

Peter and I were all prepared nice and early to watch the 4th July parade.  We love parades and get very excited with all the wonderful American Culture that is displayed at these events even in a small town. America is celebrated by everyone and we just love the way that the American People just love their Country.

4th July

Peter and Joyce

What a great parade at Half Moon Bay on 4th July 2015.  We have only been in San Francisco for a week and already we are seeing what is on offer in the town.  Everyone from the Town was there and the parade promoted all the local interests such as Yacht Clubs and even the local sheriffs were out in force.

4th July

The Sheriff


The Sheriffs were so much fun and we even saw them on their bikes as well and they were zig zagging up the street.

4th July


Half Moon Bay is known really well for their pumpkins so you couldn’t have a parade without Mr Pumpkin could you.  They have a pumpkin festival in Half Moon Bay in October, check out the link below.

October Pumpkin Festival

4th July

Mr Pumpkin Head

It is obviously America celebrating 4th July so it was great to see lady liberties in all their glory. Makes you feel very patriotic.  Love it.

4th July

Lady Liberties


You can’t have a parade without the bikers now can you .  They were out in force and the noise of their engines was fabulous.  We got pictures a video and even got a picture of a couple of the bikers back at Cameron’s Inn where they went afterwards for something to eat.

4th July

The Bikers at Cameron’s Inn


4th July

Bikers on Parade

To hear the bikes was great.

You can’t have a parade without the old veterans either, Bless xx

4th July


I just love the dancing horses and they were sepectavular.  So clever to have them dancing like that.

4th July

Dancing Horses


The one disappointment for me in the 4th July Parade at Half Moon Bay was that they had no band. Every parade I have ever been to in america always had a band.  The Local High School band was probably away playing somewhere else.  Such a shame.  The floats and effort that had gone into them were great though and the spirits were really high.  Cameron the owner of Cameron Inn was the compare and it was great to hear him on the mike.  He is obviously a big part of this community.

All in all it was a great weekend, we had a few bevvys on Saturday and on Sunday went for a walk to the beach.  The only downside to this weekend was that the park was full and the noise levels were a little high.  I didnt mind 4th July but on Sunday evening a large group of people opposite just had no concern for anyone else and at 10.50pm when we were trying to get to sleep kids were still screaming and shouting.  I did have to go over and ask politely to be a little quieter.  They did actually oblige and we were grateful for that as Peter had to up at 5 am.  It is the first time I have ever had to ask someone to be a little quieter in 3 years of living in our fifth wheel.

Great night sleep and a new week to begin.  Happy 4th July. xx