Lifestyle Changes living in a Fifth Wheel

New Lifestyle in an RV


New Fifth Wheel

So we are about to start on our new lifestyle we have our fifth wheel set up on a site in Bakersfield called River Run RV Park, So clean with a pool, extra toilets,  shower room and laundry if needed.  This site also has brilliant site shop for anything we may need. The lifestyle we were about to begin so far was amazing.


We moved all our personal belonging from the house into the fifth wheel and were so grateful with the one that we chose as there was so much room.  The real estate agent that sold us our house also carried out property management so we decided we would rent out the house in the first instance.  Distinctive Properties is who we used. It was rented within a week unbelievable how everything was falling into place.

Registered with Nursing Agency

Peter registered with an agency called Emerald Health and they had a job for us and we were going to be moving to Buellton CA very soon we were really excited.  Only one thing left to do was have the fifth wheel hitch installed.


Both Peter and I were over 50 and decided before we left we would do all medical checkups that we needed including a colonoscopy.  Both were booked in on separate days.  I got mine done and was fine but Peter got his done and it was found that he had problems and the day after surgery promptly started to not be very well at all.  He was really sick and was hospitalized for 3 days.  We decided to put a hold on the hitch and have that done later.  I was not happy with Peter driving the truck with the hitch as he was so unwell.


We contacted Camping World  Peter had 2 weeks off work and had to get well to start his new job in Lompoc near Buellton.  They were amazing and for a very small price they moved our RV yet again and moved us all the way over to the coast and even helped us hook up at the other end.


We absolutely loved it in Buellton and were so happy our house was rented out and we were living on a park called The Flying Flags RV Park which had all the amenities and more than we could have ever wanted.  The big difference in this lifestyle that I noticed was with fifth wheel Living is that it is not a lonely existence. Peter and I were just loving our new lifestyle. We found that in a house once your door is shut you practically speak to no one.  In a fifth wheel you live outside as much as you live in, people talk to you even if you don’t know them.  If you want alone time then you just go into your RV no one bothers you.


We intended to move on every 3 months with the agency and travel around California but with us both now classed as having pre-existing conditions, we could no longer get medical insurance ourselves.  Peter was well now and so was I and I had not had an asthma attack in 3 months since we moved to Buellton. The air quality was amazing.  The hospital Peter was with asked him to stay so we left the agency and went on full-time with the hospital and got full medical coverage.  This was great but wasn’t really what we wanted. We lived there for 2 half years.  Obama Care came in and pre-existing conditions are no longer a problem.

Moving again

We were due for a change and Peter got a new job in  Murrieta we were on the move again.  This was great but the journey to Lake Elsinore was 6 hours.  OMG! still not got the hitch in the truck and for a lot less a friend said they would take us ha ha!  yeah we were up for that. They pulled our fifth wheel for us.


We found a spot not too far from his work at Lake Elsinore.  Crane Lakeside RV Park we had a beautiful spot right by the lake what a great lifestyle, this park was the best on the lake. The moon setting over the lake at night were beautiful with the mountains behind us.  We were in heaven.  Living in our fifth wheel and loving it and enjoying our wonderful lifestyle.

…… Something happened next that will shock you!