Fifth wheel upgrades

Fifth Wheel Upgrades


Here are some upgrades to our fifth wheel where we changed out the furniture.  We did this within 12 months of owning it our new rig.  Please see the comparisons.


fifth wheel upgrade

Reclining seats – before

fifth wheel

Reclining seats upgrade – after

As you can see from the pictures, with a nice rug and decorative pillows you can make the RV your own home.

The 2 reclining arm chairs had material that started to fray within 6 months of use, I found this very upsetting as there was only two of us living in the fifth wheel.  The fifth wheel was still under warranty.  I called Camping World and they said I could get it fixed and would have to get quotes.  I felt the material they used would have been the same and would happen again as it was poor quality. We decided that we would buy new and have exactly what we wanted.


We had two chairs made for us at Furniture Showcase.  Yeah! they were fabulous.


The Chair in the Desk area was annoying to get in and out of so we replaced it with an office chair with wheels and we put a plastic mat put underneath so it is was easy to manoeuvre.  This was so much better.


The hide-a-bed was also replaced at the same time as the chairs above.   The blow up hide-a-bed had broken really quickly and just kept going down. I just knew when we bought the fifth wheel that this would happen, it was the only thing I didn’t like about the fifth wheel that we had chosen.  I liked the look of the sofa bed so we bought similar colors and style.  We had visitors coming and it was annoying that we couldn’t use the bed for its purpose.  We had the hide-a-bed made specially to fit into our fifth wheel at a really reasonable price.

We then at a later date added a better mattress.  We bought a Queen memory foam mattress topper which was 4 inches in-depth and cut it to the size of the bed and then put it into a mattress cover.  It works better, fits into the bed easily and is much more comfortable to sleep on.  This bed was also made by Furniture Showcase.  They were an amazing company, we gave them the measurements and they made exactly what we wanted.  When they delivered they took all the wrapping off and fitted them into the fifth wheel for us.  Amazing service.


Thank you.