Job Changes and Job Opportunities

Job changes


Lake Elsinore


We moved to Lake Elsinore so that Peter could start his new job in Murrieta. Sometimes you do things and they just don’t go your way.  All you can think about is that there is always a reason for everything.


Peter started his new job and within 3 months he had been sent home so many times with no work for him,  this started to make things financially difficult.  Peter came home from work and I said, “ok.  “We can now get our own medical care as Obama care had now taken away pre-existing conditions so let’s do what we intended to do in the first place and travel.”


Job opportunities

Well we joined the agency again at Emerald Health Services and got medical insurance of our own.  Yeah! The only trouble was that the offer we got was in a city, Glendale in fact.  The money though was outrageous and guaranteed so we decided we would take it.  There is nowhere to put a fifth wheel in a city like Glendale so, we decided to live in a fully furnished apartment temporarily which was provided by Glendale Adventist Medical Centre.  We were very lucky to get it at a very reasonable price.  We now go home to the Lake most weekends to our fifth wheel and enjoy both worlds…  the contracts are normally 13 weeks.  After the first 13 weeks they asked him to stay another 20 weeks so we did.  We now have 6 weeks left.  They asked him to stay again and we have said no.  I have started to get sick with asthma again living in a city.  The air quality is no good for me.  The upside is we have the money to put the hitch in and have saved money for our travels……….. we see this stop-gap as a bridge to what we really want to do, which is to travel around California and we are ready now to do this.


Where are we going to next?……..