Truck for a fifth wheel – What Type?

Joyce Tatler

Buying the right truck

We went to Car Max in Bakersfield specifically to by a truck to pull our fifth wheel.  The guy who served us was very informative and helped us get the right size truck that we would need to pull our new home. We chose a Chevrolet Silverado 2500 2008 HD.  They shipped it to Bakersfield for us and we were really happy when we collected it.  It felt really weird to drive though it was a very big truck and we were not used to it.  We had never driven anything so big in our lives.  Ever!



Chevrolet Siverado 2500 HD


We chose a diesel truck as this would hold it’s value more than any other and would have more power.  We loved the color of our truck as it was such a deep beautiful red color.  It had so much room in the back and could seat 6 people with no problem at all.  While Peter was at work even I started to get used to driving it.


We just need now to get the hitch into the back of the truck.  We needed a fifth wheel hitch that was capable of pulling our RV.  There was still a lot of expense as we knew it would cost us about $1200.  OMG! more money needed.


We were getting ready to move into our fifth wheel and packed up all of our things getting them ready to pack into our new fifth wheel which was about to be delivered to our chosen site in Bakersfield. This was a very exciting time and even though we had sold everything we still had a lot of stuff.  Living in a fifth wheel we were having to really choose what we needed most and not everything that we wanted to take, there just would not be enough room.