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Working from Home


working from fhome

Peter nursing


Travel Nursing

You know I’m lucky as my husband is a nurse and his job travels around with us.  Wherever he is sent we travel in our fifth wheel and live in it.  Your probably wandering what I do all day.  I work for myself working from home as a network marketer with a couple of companies and also quite recently I have just completed another dream of mine to be an actress.


Background Acting

You heard it right.  While we are living in Glendale which right by Hollywood, I thought, I would love to work in the film industry.  I signed up with  Central Casting and also registered with Extras Management who manage my diary for me.  Now I don’t get too much work probably about 2 days a week but hey it gets me out and about and I really enjoy it.  I just do background acting so nothing elaborate.   I have just fulfilled a lifelong dream.  I am going to register while I am in San Francisco to see if there is any work up there.  I love it, and it is so much fun.  Just the other week I was on Ted 2 dancing at his wedding ha ha!  How much fun is that………….

This is me in The Middle doing background I’m the one with the blonde hair Ha Ha!

Working from Home

Me in the middle

I also work from home educating people about Javita weight loss coffee and tea, also including energy coffee and cocoa.  This is a network marketing company.

Another network marketing company I work for is Legal shield who are a company that helps people get a will, legal and identity theft coverage  Legal Shield

There are many things that you can do working from home or going out a few days a week.  Whether your living in a house or a fifth wheel like me.  some other ideas are:


Other Ideas

1. You can be a camp host – this means working on the site that you live.  Maybe working for rent or money.

2. I have known people on sites who go shopping and run errands for others and get paid, also for those less able taking them shopping and helping them get out and about as an aid.

3.  You can hold a regular job and live in an RV on a permanent plot.

4.   Writing a blog is a very enjoyable thing to do, and you become an affiliate to other companies to help sell products.

5.   I knew someone who built stairs for RVs and got paid for that.  (Carpenter)

6.   You can be a Site Helper with booking in travellers, cooking during barbecue etc. Some of these jobs give you free rent.

7.   You could Sew or knit and make items for sale both to people you meet and on-line.

8.  Work in Network Marketing.




  1. Liz O'Connor says

    Your having a great time out there Joyce just live your dream and be happy. If we could all do that wouldn’t this world be a better place. xxx