Cell Phone Holder on my dashboard

Cell Phone Holder

Cell Phone Holder

cell phone holder

Using my cell phone holder

Peter Tatler

Cell Phone Holder

For a long time now I have felt that I have needed a Sat Nav of some description in the Truck when towing our fifth wheel as ‘Joyce the Navigator’ would be driving in her Ford Escape.

I have been struggling using my cell phone as a navigator to use to get to my destination.  I really need a cell phone holder.

Sat Nav Problems

The problems I have found associated with sat Navs are:

  1. Sat Nav in our ford car gives us the most direct route which in LA traffic is dire!
  2. It has Distracting graphics whilst driving.
  3. The screens are complicated
  4. The price was very high


We have been using Waze the navigation app on the I phone for a while.  I absolutaely love it. I can change my directions to go via freeway or not.  The waze also redirects me if there is any traffic. The next best thing therefore would be to add a I phone holder to the dashboard so that I can navigate using waze which I am comfortable with.   Yeah! Great solution.

I searched Amazon.com and came up with the Modi mobile and tablet Car holder because it looked sturdey for the job.The price was really reasonable.

.   I found it to be a really cool Solution

.   It holds the Iphone perfect and stable

.   I find it is easy to see and easy to navigate

It came within 2 days and I am now using it in my Truck.  I could not be happier.  It is easy to use and I just have to remember to take my phone with me when I get out of the Truck.  This has happened on a few occasions to me so beware!

I would not recommend to you something that I was not happy with.  Hope this helps.