Hitch installation on a Fifth Wheel

Hitch Installation


Finally, the hitch has been installed into the Chevrolet Truck.  It was purchased and installed by Riverside Hitch and trailer in Riverside CA  It cost us $1700 in total.  The Hitch we had installed was a Curt Q16 Fifth Wheel Hitch with Curt R16 Roller along with the Curt Discovery Brake Control  We bought all of these from Riverside RV.  We did not understand what it was that we needed and were too scared to buy online. Even with installation costs at $400 or $500  we would have saved around $300 or $400 by buying on-line.  If you have a Chevrolet Silverado truck like ours with a ft bed then this is the hitch and accessories you need. The Roller is needed so that your Fifth Wheel can do tight maneuvers easily without damaging the RV or truck.

Hitch and trailer riverside

Hitch and trailer riverside



Hitch Installed

Hitch Installed


Time Frame

I knew it would take 5 to 6 hours to install and had no way to drop it off and go home.  Instead I hung around at Farmers Boys and had breakfast which was delicious and they supplied me with coffee, I could not have asked for better service anywhere, they did not mind me staying and waiting there at all.  I met a wonderful waitress who chatted with me when she could and even had her break with me, what a wonderful place.

After the Hitch was installed, the men from Riverside went over everything with me and made sure I understood.  The explanations were really easy to understand.  I have Instruction sheets and guidelines ready for us to hitch up when we are ready.  So exciting to finally have the hitch in.

I continued my travels as I was only 30 mins from where our fifth wheel was and went and stayed the night returning to Glendale the next day.  Even just to stay such a short time replenished the mind in such a tranquil and quiet place.  Lake Elsinore has such beautiful scenery and Crane Lakeside RV Park is the best on the lake.  Even the ducks came to see me while I was there.  Our neighbor even offered me dinner which I had cooked already.  I just love living this life people are so friendly.  You would not get that in a house.


(The online prices we have found on Amazon are so much cheaper than what we purchased and I recommend you purchase from them.  I am an affiliate with Amazon so if you do purchase from them I may or may not earn a commission.)



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