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Cutco Table Ware

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Cutco Utensils


Fifth Wheel Living does not mean that we have to go without our luxury Items.  Having luxury items in my fifth wheel makes it seem more like home. I would not be without them.


The Knifes, Forks and Spoons that we have in the fifth wheel are Cutco.  As far as I am concerned I see using Cutco tableware as a real luxury.  Everytime you eat you feel like a queen as the quality is so high.


Knife Block Set

We also have a complete Knife Block Set by Cutco.  We would not use anything else.  They cut everything like a hot knife through butter.  We have had our set for over 5 years now, and it is still in pristine condition.  When we travel I pick up the block and I put it under the sink cupboard for safe keeping.  If you lived in a house it is something that you probably would strive to have, so why not have the best in your Fifth Wheel it is your home after all.  This Large set came with all the kitchen utensils as well , it is a great set.


Potato Peeler

One more item I would not be without would be my potato peeler.  The Cutco Potato peeler is the best ever and stays really sharp and peels potatoes so easily.  It does not take you very long at all to peel a potato or even carrots.


Cooking Kitchen Tool Set

Another Item we purchased and again would not be without is the Cooking Kitchen Tool Set. All items you ever need for cooking are in this set.  If you need to pour gravy or mash your potatoes, or even serve up your dishes then this is the set for you.


You can purchase the sets from Amazon just click the links below.


Cutco Signature Set

Cutco Tableware Set

Cutco Kitchen Tool Set

Cutco Potato Peeler


Disclaimer:   I am an affiliate of Amazon so if you do purchase any items I may or may not get a commission