Music while you Drive

Music in your vehicle

Most people want to listen to music while they drive.  The question is, can you listen to music while you are pulling a fifth wheel without being distracted?.  My feeling on this subject is that listening to music during this time is not a good idea. There are exceptions to the rule though, the only time that I would listen to music while driving a fifth wheel would be when there are miles of straight roads ahead me.   No traffic and good weather.  I think this would probably be the only time that I would listen to music while I am driving.  If you are in heavy traffic, dealing with turns in the road, driving on difficult roads or during difficult weather, you really need to have total silence with no music in the truck at all.  You need to be able to listen to all of your surroundings and hear what is going on.  You also want to keep conversations to a minimum so that you can concentrate on what you are doing.  Driving you Car also needs more concentration when driving on busy roads.

Music Preference

Obviously music is a preference for everyone.  I do have some suggestions for you for easy listening, Classical Music, Classic rock, or music from The Carpenters, Bee Gees, Simon and Garfunkel, Stevie Wonder to name but a few.  There are so many artists, all I am saying is keep it easy listening.

Dinosaur Parade

I really love Dinosaur Parade Music and I am going to admit I am a little biased as Michael Hardman, the lead vocalist, is my son.

A radio station which is based in Laguna Beach in Los Angeles called KX 93.5 FM has featured Dinosaur Parade’s single “El Camino Road” on “King of the beach”, the DJ, Brian Holst puts two tracks against each other in a face off.  Dinosaur parade won King of the Beach 3 days in a row.  They were also nominated best new emerging artist in Los Angeles for April on Deli Magazine.  They are a great new upcoming band.


Dinosaur Parade Logo

These are the Members of Dinosaur Parade.  Michael Hardman, Lead Vocals.  James Ruvalcaba, Lead Guitar.  Anthony Prochaska, Bass Guitar.  Brittany Riffe-Ries, Drums and Vocals.

Please like their Facebook page at Dinosaur Parade Facebook and you can purchase their music at Spotify and Itunes.

Their music and tee shirts can be purchased from their store at Dinosaur Parade Store.


Dinosaur Parade Merchandise