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Fun, fun, fun

Having Fun

Joyce and Peter

Just because you’re not a child anymore doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.  Having fun can mean many things, I have always been a great believer of having fun, you should be having fun no matter what you are doing in life.  You should have fun while you work and play.

For instance, have fun washing your RV, if you are a couple you should do this together and when washing an RV there is lots of water around right! well where there is water there is play.  My husband and I are silly a lot of the time we are both 56 but that doesn’t mean we have to act our age all of the time.


There are many games that you can have in the fifth wheel that do not take up too much precious storage.   Just watching television all the time is no fun.  Get out a game and start to play, you can play a game together or invite friends over for wine and a game.  Here are some of the games we have in the RV.

  • Draughts – most of you know how to play draughts, i played as a kid many times with my Dad who taught me how to play and I beat my husband many times at this.  I love winning ha ha


  • Jig saw puzzles.  –  These are nice to do when you can have quiet time but also very enjoyable.


  • LCR (Left, right, center) – We play this when we have friends over such a funny game.  We also played for dollars with this instead of the plastic coins and was much more interesting and hilarious $3 each to play.  We even play this at a party with 20 people so much fun.


  • Jenga – This is a game you can also play on your own, together or with others.  Nice and easy but fun.


  • Cards – There are many card games you can play.  I played as a child a lot with my family.  Here are some that we play, crazy eight, solitaire, Jim Rummy, Blackjack


  • Taboo –  This is a very funny game and much better if there are at least 4 of you.  So much fun.


  • Scene it. – When we play this game with just the two of us, we give each other 3 chances to get the answer as we are so rubbish ha ha!  Really funny.


We quiet often sit outside with a beer and play draughts on the table in the moonlight.  There is nothing better that beating your husband at draughts.  When we sit outside to play we find that people will come and chat, wave or come and join you.  It is a great life being able to socialize outside, smelling the night air and seeing the stars.

We don’t have the children living with us with us anymore but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun. When the children were younger we had 6 children at home and  trust me, it want a quiet household at all.  we always had fun, the children would play games, watch tv, make things, and many other things they would do.  They all had different interest so there was always something one of them were doing. Piano lessons, horseriding, singing to name but a few. We would have their friends around for birthday parties and if they all only invited one friend then that would be 12 children.  quite a few times we had karaoke going at the birthday parties. or leaving parties and many other parties that we had at our house, it was certainly a mad house.

We have our quiet times sure, but we also still have our fun and mad times.  Peter and I decided to go camping once with a tent .  The weather wasnt too bad just a bit chilly an there was definitely a nip in the air but clear and crisp.  It was still classed as winter in California but coming from England to us it was like a nice spring weekend. We went online and found a campsite in the mountains that had room.  Right opposite the camp there was a heated pool so even though it was winter we could swim comfortably the water temperature was beautiful.

We arrived and the campsite was empty no one there at all.  We had the showers and toilets all to ourself.  We built a fire and cooked our Dinner, after dinner sitting outside under the stars, Peter got out his guitar and we sang and sang and sang our heads off as loud as we wanted as no one was around.  This is probably one of our fondest memories of being alone and laughing until our stomachs hurt.  We laughed till we cried and were dancing around the fire being really silly.  Such great fun, have you ever laughed till your belly hurt, well that is the type of fun we like to have.


One of the other things we like to do is go for a walk, we don’t have a dog and we really like to have a reason to go for a walk so we go geo-caching instead.  Geo-caching is a great excuse to go for a walk and have fun at the same time.  For those of you that don’t know what geo-caching is I ha am not even going to try to explain it so I have attached a link to Wikipedia who can explain it better than me. Wikipedia Geo-caching


fun times

Our Geo-cache