Earthquake – Be Prepared in your RV

Earthquake is a possibility

Be Prepared – Have an Emergency Kit  Go to Amazon and get all you need now.


Emergency Kit

When we first moved to California from England in 2006 we knew that an Earthquake would be a possibility.  It is unbelievable I know but in 2002 in Dudley, England, where we lived at that time we were in an earthquake.  It was 23.53 pm and we were in bed.  The wardrobe doors in the bedroom shook, our bed rattled and to be honest I thought I was dreaming.  Peter was asleep and I shook him awake with fright and it lasted for about 20 seconds. Peter heard it and felt it but thought he was dreaming to.  We ran out of the house with the kids into the street in our pyjamas along with lots of other people in our street.  Everyone wondering what had just happened.

We all came up with solutions like maybe our boiler in the cellar had blown up or maybe the large local Mall had been blown up.  Never in a million years that it was an earthquake.  We checked our house in the cellar and next doors cellar going really slowly down the stairs it was scary to see what we would find. Nothing!  What had gone on no one knew.  We put on the television and waited to hear news.  Nothing! we waited a bit longer and sure enough after about 30 mins it came on the news to say that there had been an earthquake.  We later to find out that we were very close to the epicentre just up the road.  What an experience.


Another experience, I had not been an earthquake but a tornado this time and yes while I was in England. It was 28th July 2005 at 2.30pm.  I had asked a friend to help me during my lunch hour drive over to Solihull it was about 1.30 pm, I needed to deliver a letter, funny enough it was something I needed  to drop off to our emigration nursing agency to do with our emigration.  On our way back we stopped off to get a sandwich in Moseley.  My friend stayed in the car, while I went into the shop to get our sandwiches.

I bought our sandwich and tried to leave the shop but the door wouldn’t open.  There was a heavy wind or something pushing against the door.  It was really weird as there was no wind when I went in.  It took 3 of us to open the door to let me out.  There were flower pots and pans all in the air and the sky was whooshing with all debris in the air.  I thought maybe there had been a bomb and it was like a suction blast back or something.  I ran to the car and my friend was shouting “get in get in” I opened the door and it came off its hinges the wind was so strong.  I had to hold the door closed after as it was hanging by a thread.

My friend started to drive and as he did, there was debris coming for us, sign posts off shops, pieces of slate and trees coming down into the road all over the place.  I was shouting “Oh my god” Oh my God” with a few swear words out of fright.  We were swerving in and out of all the debris and got back to work in town where there was no debris but loads of heavy rain with massive puddles everywhere that we had to drive through.

It was an experience I for sure.  We were late back to work and said to our colleagues that we were sorry we were late but that we had just been in a tornado or something.  They said “yeah right” and didn’t believe us, then about 30 mins later it came on the news that there had been a tornado in Moseley. Crazy right!  They believed us then of course.  Crazy weather and an experience I will never forget.

Earthquake in Lancaster

The date was around April 2007 so we had only been in America for 5 months.  I was at work at sat at my desk when I felt like I was on a roller coaster.  It didn’t last very long but enough for us all to get underneath our desks which is what we’re supposed to do.  By the time we got under the desks it was over.  It was a weird earthquake I thought, The weirdest thing was that the phones didn’t work for about 20 mins.  This as you can imagine started up lots of conversations about other earthquakes that they had around the area at other times, including about being earthquake prepared.  We went out and started to get together an earthquake kit.  We bought a package on-line with all of our emergency items in it and we started to collect from there.

Earthquake Kit that we have

The Food and Water in this kit will only last for 5 years and we have had to have it replaced, we replaced it quite recently so we are ok now for another 5 years.

Food and Water


The water or food is in packets, the food is not very nice and will taste like a stale peanut butter cookie but will keep you alive so I’m sure at the time I will eat it if necessary and not care about the taste.

In This Kit which we purchased on-line is


Inventory of Emergency Kit

Tool Kit


Tool Kit

First Aid

This is what is in the First Aid Kit and added Items


First Aid Kit Inventory

Plus extra items in for hygiene purposes and also I have allergies so my allergy meds are in there too along with Tums and antibiotic ointment and pain relief tablets.



Essential Items




It is also very important to have access to a Radio of some kind and our radio is a wind up one.


Wind Up Radio


Wind Up Radio


Water purifier

You can collect water from a lake with this and it will purify it into water that is drinkable



Water Purifyer Bottle


Extra Food

We have extra food in our pack which will give us a couple of extra days as well. Just in case.



Mmmm Nice Food


Personal Safety

It’s funny but during a crisis is when people dont act like they should and means that we are left to think the worst of people. For that purpose we purchased a fabulous torch which doubles up as a Taser Stun Gun which trust me you wouldn’t want to be Zapped with this. The noise from it alone is scary.  We are contemplating getting a Gun for our personal safety just to have in case of an Emergency Crisis but have not done this yet.


Tazor Gun and Torch



Would you buy a Gun?  What are your thoughts on this.  Let me know?