Travel Nurse – across America

Meeting our Travel Nurse Representative

We are so lucky that Peter is a travel nurse with such a great company Emerald Health Services.  They really look after us, the money is good and the benefits are great.

Stephanie Dion is Peters travel nurse co-ordinator and invited us out to lunch, yeah! we were really excited to meet her.

We went on our way to Marina-del-rey to meet Stephanie for the very first time.  We have both spoken to her on the phone many times, mostly, when we are relocating looking for a new post.  Quite often we would have the phone on loud-speaker so we could both hear.

Stephanie has spent hours with us while we said yeah or nay to ideas and travel nurse posts that were available to us to move to.  We would have the map open on the computer and give her an idea of where we wanted to go.  Stephanie would then start to go through hospitals that have jobs available for on a 13 or 26 week contract. It didn’t matter how long this took, we never felt rushed and always felt that we were the only people in the world on her books.  We obviously are not, she has to look after so many others but we felt she always had time for us.

Over the time we have spent on the phone we got to know her really well, we had just never met.  Peter and I do everything together and it was nice that she involved me in the process as well every step of the way.  We are a team and she treated us as such.

We were going to be meeting in an Italian restaurant in Marina-del-rey called C&O Cucina, and we were looking forward to meeting Stephanie for the very first time.  We were finally going to meet her in person.

The trip from Glendale to Marina Del Rey was only about half an hour.  We decided to take the local roads using Waze as navigation and not the freeways so we could pick up flowers on the way, this would take and hour but would be a nice drive through.

We decided that we would buy her some flowers for all of her support finding us great new travel nurse posts.  We stopped off at two other stores for flowers before we found the one that we liked.  We couldn’t believe that we found roses that were of multiple colors and had never seen anything like that anywhere. See the pictures below I’m sure you will agree.

The flower basket was the talk of the restaurant when we arrived  the servers absolutely loved them and the multi colored roses were the talk of the day.

Travel Nurse

Muliti colored Rose

Travel Nurse


Lunch with Stephanie Dion

Travel Nurse

Travel Nurse co-ordinator

Wow! Stephanie was everything we thought she would be and even lovelier in person. It was finally great to meet her and we look forward to many more new contracts with Emerald Health in the future and look forward to travelling around California seeing new places.

The food at the restaurant was to die for their garlic bread rolls were amazing and we couldn’t stop eating them.  I don’t normally eat wheat but made an exception on this occasion as they were so nice.  Peter had Salmon and I had chicken, and Stephanie had fish.  Such a nice lunch.

Our next stop is San Francisco and we leave next week on our travels.  We are really excited to go to our new destination.

Thank you Stephanie for lunch and everything you do.