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Protect yourselves against Identity Theft

During my time in the Army a long time ago one of my jobs were to help protect Secret, Nato Secret and Top Secret Documents.  I was taught all the ways of how to protect these precious documents.  Once they were no longer needed they were then discarded.  One of the most common ways was shredding.  This was in the late 70s and it was the cold war during this time and documents of this nature had to be protected at all times.

I see Identity Theft as being the same thing, just a different type of war against crime though this time. Protecting My identity and all My documents at all cost.

As you all know the Federal Government in America has recently offered Identity Theft Insurance to millions of its workers due to a breach in security very recently.  If this can happen to the government then it can happen to you.  There isn’t anyone in the world who shouldn’t be protecting themselves from Identity theft against these types of breach.  Having no kind of protection from identity theft is like leaving your front door open to your house and saying “Come In”

There are different ways the criminals try to use your identity,

Medical Insurance Identity Theft

Social Security Identity Theft

Credit Card  Identity Theft.

You can protect yourselves in so many ways.

10 ways to protect yourself from Identity Theft

  1. Shredder – Never put your paper trash with any of your personal details into the bin.  Always shred your paper work before placing it into the bin and not just that but put your paper into separate bins so that the paper can never be put back together.
  2. Burn  – your paperwork – make sure it is safe to do so you do not want to start a fire.  Especially here in California.
  3. Passwords – Use these on the computer for any banks or anything personal using codes that no one can break.  Never use personal family names or anything anyone can easily relate to you and use numbers symbols and letters to make them stronger.
  4. Cell phone – Always have a password on your cell phone in case someone steals your phone.
  5. Mail – Pick up your mail often, do not leave it for long lengths of time.  If you are going to be away have your mail redirected.
  6. Social Security Number, Green Card or Passport –  Never carry this with you keep it in a safe at home
  7. Telephone Information – Never give out personal details over the phone unless you really know who they are and that you are expecting their call.  Never give out information to any stranger whatsoever.
  8. Do Not call List – Put yourself on the do not call register and un-subscribe regularly to emails you do not want to receive.  Call# 1-888-382-122 or on line at
  9. NEVER, Leave personal details in your car and always lock your car.
  10. Protect yourself by having a company look after your Identity.  Have a company help protect you against identity theft and don’t try to do it alone.

I use Legal Shield, for instance if someone steals my purse, I make one phone call and they cancel all my cards for me.  Such a great service and gives fabulous peace of mind.  If someone has used my cards or stolen my identity in any way then they fix it for me. As far as I know no other company offers this service.

There is further information in the Link Below”

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