Journey to San Francisco

Lake Elsinore



Lake Elsinore


The Journey Begins first stop Pamona Koa site.

Well Peter, Susie my friend who is visiting from England and I arrived last night from The Glendale apartment.  We handed it over in pristine condition after getting up really early to make sure everything was hunky dory.  We arrived back in Lake Elsinore and tried to pTut all our clothes and things away with no room for all the stuff we had accumulated in our short time in Glendale.

The RV looked so messy with everything everywhere.  We decided we would all go to bed early and get up and finish in the morning, we were all so tired.

With a nice fresh start in the morning we soon had a place for everything and it was time for Peter and Robert Bair who had kindly offered to help us get off from the site and help get the truck hooked up to the RV.

We were not in a good spot to get out of and with it beings Peters first time to pull the RV we were really grateful of Roberts help.  It took an hour to finally pull out.  The tailgate had to be taken off to maneuver the RV it was very difficult.  Finally Peter and Susie’s journey to Pamona which is our first stop is about to begin.  I drove on ahead to get book in ready for our site the other end.

My car and had 2 bikes strapped to the back on a bike rack and as I was driving I could hear something hitting the back it didn’t feel right.  I stopped and sure enough to it had come unhooked it was still safe but annoying I had to stop twice to fix it .  I arrived at the site and waited for them to arrive. I found out that I could book in as I need both the RV Registration number and also the truck Registration.  Oh we’ll never mind I just waited for them to arrive.

The Koa site we were staying at had a small pool and jacuzzi and with the heat being nearly 100 degrees I think we were going to be in that in just a little while.  It was a nice small site and I think perfect for this journey.

My phone rang with Susie saying they were going to be another half hour or so as the traffic pushed them onto the 91 so they were now going the wrong way.  The traffic didn’t let them in to get into the lane they needed.  Poor Peter it would now be a little longer he needed to drive as it added 30 minutes to their journey.

Well they arrived in one piece yay! peter has driven the fifth wheel for the first time .  Good for him, now getting the Rv parked on to the pull through was another challenge as there was a tree obstructing.  Nothing easy for us.  With Peters brilliant maneuvering we managing to get in between where the tree was so that the slides could be pulled out safely.  yeah! We were in for the night. A big pat on the back for Peter and drinks all around.