Camping Washing Machine

New Camping washing machine

I am on a site in Half Moon bay and the washing machines here are $2.50 now you might think that is expensive and yes it is but the local washing launderette it $3.00 to wash. The Dryers are also $2.50 on my site and the dryers in town also the same.

Everywhere I have ever been in California I have only paid from $1.25 to $1.50 to wash and just $1.00 to dry.  San Francisco is way more expensive than everywhere else and that’s just the way it is.

I have space in my RV to have a full hook up Washer dryer fitted and have all the connections to do that, the problem with that is that I then lose more or less a whole cupboard where at the moment I have my clothes.  I really cannot afford to lose that space.

I came up with another solution and that is to have a portable camping washing machine, I looked at all the ones that were available and some were just a bit bigger than I would like, especially when we move it can cause problems if there is not enough space for it.

The one that I chose is made by Base Camp outdoor systems and is called a camping washing machine a lever portable.  It is only 21.9″ and is only 14.2″ wide.

I have used it today and I have done  6 full loads of normal washing and caught up with all my washing as I refused to pay another $2.50.  I actually managed to wash sheets, jeans and towels just in smaller loads is all.

Regular washing will help me keep on top and it works perfectly fine.  I think my whites came out better that the camp washing machine actually.  I just felt like I had gone back in time when I was a young girl helping my Mom do the washing with her twin tub only this was much easier.

If you would like to purchase a camping washing machine then you can click on the image below.

I am a very happy shopper today.



Video of my new camping washing machine