Dinosaur Parade Band Visit

Dinosaur Parade Band visits Half Moon Bay

Dinosaur Parade Band

Dinosaur Parade Band

Wow! what a whirlwind 3 days it has been.  I was visited by Dinosaur Parade while they were on tour.  They had a gig in Santa Cruz, Oakland and then last night in San Francisco.  I fed and watered them and gave them all a place to lay their heads all be it in a tent next to my fifth wheel.

I went with the for a nice walk down to the beach where they just loved the walk through the trees and even climbed them.  We went down to the cliffs and then onto the beach where Anthony jumped into the sea.  It was such fun.

James was periscoping our events through twitter on his phone while Anthony was climing the trees and we were being watched by a few people.

Dinosaur Parade Band

Anthony Climbing trees


When we all got to the gig at the Milk Bar in San Francisco last night one of the people who was watching us came to the gig and introduced himself.  Wow! how cool was that.  I am now a lover of periscope and have downloaded the app onto my phone.  Such fun.

Milk Bar San Francisco

Dinosaur Parade Band

Milk Bar in San Francisco

We all had lunch at Cameron’s Inn while they were here and mostly they had the fish n chips, except Michael and I had the bangers and mash and they even warmed up some mushy peas for me.  Yum Yum so delicious.

In San Francisco we all went to Boudins Bakery and had Sourdough bread bowls with clam chowder.  I havent had this before but it was amazing.  It was quite funny ad Michael really hates the smell of fish.  He had a burger of course.

Dinosaur Parade Band

Sour Dough and Clam Chowder

Dinosaur Parade Band

Thoughts about bread

Dinosaur Parade Band

Boudins Bread Factory

Afterwards Brittney, James and Anthony from Dinosaur Parade band all decided to try some oysters at the bar they all had two each and had one for me but I was too chicken to try it.  They all said it was delicious.  Michael and I declined.  They all really enjoyed the experience though it was quite cool watching their faces.

Dinosaur Parade Band has left now but I had such fun with them the last 3 days and I hope they come again soon.






  1. Nice glad you got to see Micheal x