Exploring West Coast Weekend

Fabulous weekend exploring the coast

What a great weekend we had exploring the coast around us both north and south.  We headed out on Saturday as there were a few things that we needed and we decided to go to West Lake City Shopping center The journey there and back was just fabulous.  If this is where I have to drive to go shopping then so be it.  There was no traffic on the way there but on the way back we were stuck in traffic but really with this view it didn’t bother us one bit.


West Coast Near West lake

It certainly makes you think when your driving this close to the sea.  We were talking about what we would do in the event of a Tsunami and certainly this could be a possibility when you live so close and that you are in an earthquake zone as we are.  Seeing these sign posts along the way doesn’t help.  I think if there is a Tsunami then we will be kissing our A………. goodbye the hills will be really hard to get up in time.


On our way back we stopped off at the fish market in Half Moon Bay for some fresh fish.  Oh! boy we were in for a treat.  It was absolutely fabulous.  We bought prawns, shrimp and salmon and it just looked wonderful, we could not wait to get home and get it on the barby.  Shrimp on the barby it was …. yum yum!


Shrimp and prawns on the Barby

On Sunday we decided we would go to the The Ritz Carlton hotel, Half Moon Bay for lunch and when we got there we found out that to get a parking spot you need to have a reservation.  The hotel is literally 5 minutes driving distance away from us.  Well we were a little disappointed but may be our exploring in that direction can just wait till next week.  We can’t wait to go it looks fabulous.

We carried on driving down south towards Santa Cruz and found a little town just to the left about 15 mins down the hill called Pescadero.  It was such a cute little town that had a lot of history with pictures of people in stage waggons and cowboys.

We ate at the saloon restaurant there and we were so full when we left they had beef to die for.  The food was fabulous and cheap too.  We visited their shops which were very antique and interesting they even had items for the garden that had been made from old milk bottles that just looked amazing.  There were also a lot of home-made items like quilts and glassware.  We just loved the little town so much I think we will be visiting this one again.


Local store in Pescadero


Stage Road Shop

By the time we got back to our RV we were tired and just felt so blessed that we are staying in an area that is so amazing and that has so many nooks and crannies for us to still be exploring.





  1. Hello Joyce and Peter – sounds as if you are both having a wonderful time – sounds heavenly – miss you both – keep enjoying.