Sharknado 3 Oh Hell No!

Sharknado 3


Today is the day that Sharknado 3 will be aired on Syfy at 9/8c.  You may wonder why I’m so excited and I’m going to tell you.  Although I live in my Fifth Wheel and that is what I normally talk about.  We all have family right.  Well I am no exception.  Today is about my son.

My son Michael Hardman is the Foley editor and ADR Recordist on this film along with Sharknado 1, Sharknado 2 and now Sharknado 3.  Michael is not just the least ad singer of the band Dinosaur Parade but also is an ADR and Foley Engineer working for the Asylum in Burbank, Los Angeles, which he enjoys very much.  I wouldn’t normally brag so much but I think as a parent I have the right to.  Michael is only 23 years of age and if you see all of the 72 projects he has worked on albeit mostly B movies,  I think I have the right to brag, Michael Hardman will be a name in the future that you will see winning awards I have no doubt.  He graduated from College with his Bachelors Degree at the age of 19 and was Valedictorian so it is no surprise that he has such a great job.  I am sure that in the future someone who works on A movies will want him to work for him and I really wish that for him.  He works very hard and is very dedicated to his craft.

Michael and his friends have written and performed a silly song about Sharknado 3 which I think you should all listen to.  The Best Worst Movie Sharknado 3.  You might want to have a few beers tonight, listen to their song and then watch Sharknado 3 Oh Hell No! on the Syfy Channel.

All the Sharknado films have had a lot of media attention as it is so silly and classed as the best worst movie.  When these films first came out there was so much media attention that twitter just blew up. They now have a cult following and I am no exception to that. Tonight I am sure will be no different as there are so many stars that are going to be in the movie you can watch the previews on Syfy.  The film Sharknado 3 was filmed on the east coast from Washington DC to Florida.  It will be great fun to watch and laugh about.

The one liners in past Sharknado films have just absolutely cracked me up.  I hope you enjoy the film tonight as I am sure you will.  I am excited and I hope you are as excited as I am.  I can’t wait to hear the one liners in the film tonight.

Enjoy! Don’t take life so seriously,  Life is about having fun.