Organizing tips for your RV

When you live in an RV full-time, it is important that you are organized and tidy.  Some of the things that you have when you live in a house really just sits in the cupboard, but when you live in an RV you have to choose what you really want and either sell the rest or give it away.  We regularly visit the good will store giving away things that we find that we don’t need or use.  It is hard to give things away but by doing that you live a very stress free life. It is very frustrating if you can’t find things that you want when you need them.  I have 10 tips for you to stay organized in your RV.

10 tips for organizing your RV

  1. Food

With your food, herbs and tins as soon as you open up a cupboard you should be able to see what is in there without moving things about.  Have food in clear containers like Rice, beans and Pasta and Oats.  You then know exactly when you need to buy more. Dont buy food that you don’t need there is not room.


Cereals, rice, oats, pasta





2.   Dvds

Keep you DVD’s in their containers and keep relevant films together so you can find them easily and have a cupboard designated just for them.



3.   Office Draw

I work at my desk and I cannot work if it is not tidy.  Make sure your desk is clear and tidy as a tidy desk is a tidy mind this includes your draw so that you can find things when you need them. The RV draws are really deep and really need a tray that you can add-on the top I bought this tray from Michael’s and helps me stay organized with my office


Office Draw accessory

4.   Cutlery Draw

It goes without saying that your cutlery draw should always be tidy so that you can find what you need purchasing a cutlery tray should be one of the first thing you purchase.


Cutlery Draw

5.  underwear draw

Your Clothes have to be limited when living in a fifth wheel. By organizing them better though you can gave more than you think. To give you more room for underwear you should roll them so that you can get more in and they stay tidy.

You didn’t think I was gonna show you my underwear did you.?


Underwear and hanky’s


Sock Draw

6.  Filing Paperwork

We all have paperwork that we have to file away and keep.  Organizing this can still be in a file cabinet we have one that sits on the floor and we pick it up and just sit it on the couch when we move.  Keeps everything nice and tidy and is labelled so paperwork is easy to find.


Filing cabinet

7.  Shoe Racks

We have two shoe racks.  One that we use when we come into the RV so that your shoes are taken off when you come in to help keep the RV clean and the other I have on the back of my bedroom door which holds all the rest of our shoes. The shoe rack by the door folds flat.



Shoe rack by door


Shoe rack on back of door

8.   Towels

There is no need to have tons of towels when you live in an RV organizing them can be difficult with little room.  Normally the cupboards allocated for towels are very small the best thing to do is not to fold them but the roll them and then you will get more in.  There are 4 large bath towels rolled into this small cupboard.


4 rolled bath towels


9.   Pillows and extra Bedding

Use the space saver bags by Ziploc for extra Pillows and bedding for guests.  the picture below is 2 pillows that have been sucked down and then fit into a cupboard really easily.  A whole bedding set can be sucked down to a really small size and easily used and then put away again.  Organizing your bedding in this fashion saves so much space.


Space Saver Bag

Here is link on Amazon



10.   Hangers for Clothes

If you’re like me then I don’t like two sets of items on one hanger in the wardrobe.  It makes your clothes hard to find and it is irritating.  To help you save space I found that just by switching out my hangers from rounded plastic hangers to the flock coat hangers.  One advantage is that it gave me double the room to be able to hang my clothes, the second is that the clothes do not fall off the hanger so easily.

My clothes are in order of my husbands and mine.  On the one side of the wardrobe, we keep things like suits and dresses that are not worn very often, and on the other side regular every day clothes. The white hanger is the one that we now use that gives us more room.




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