Redwood City Grease Singalong

A night away from our RV.  I dropped Peter off at work at 7.30 in the morning and I had the whole day to kill until we were to go out to our Great night out in Redwood City.  Redwood City is such a beautiful place and has so much going on the City seems to really care about its people with so many events happening every week.  Great place to live.

Denny’s in Redwood City

I first of all went to Denny’s for breakfast which I love and had some nice tea and breakfast.  Denny’s has always been a favorite ever since we came to America.

 Rouge Hair Salon

I then decided that my day would be a pampering day so I went to the hairdressers in Redwood city called Rouge I had my hair done and ended up having the best head massage I have ever had all while the young girl was washing my hair.  Oh my I was in heaven.  I decided then and there that what I would do is also have a manicure and pedicure and that it would be a treat Joyce day.  They also put makeup on me and when I left there felt like a million dollars.  The customer service and the way they treated me was amazing and was as if I had been to a day spa.

Always quilting

While I was in Redwood City I also visited a neighbouring town call San Mateo just so that I could visit the fabulous quilting shop while I was there.  Boy I was not disappointed.  I managed to buy the fabric that I needed for the quilt I will be making and also found out about some classes that they do to help you. It was such a fabulous store and I was in my element.  What a great day so far.  After I visited the quilt store I headed over to our hotel to get booked in.

Best Western Executive Suites

I booked us in as we were staying at the Best Western Executive Suites at Redwood City, it was a very nice room with a welcome breakfast for in the morning at a great price. We decided that because the film does not start till 8.45 that it would be a late finish and with Peter being at work the next day early it would be a great welcome to just have to drive 5 minutes to a hotel instead of 35 minutes home.  It meant he could get up a little later in the morning too.  We were glad that we did and it worked very well.

Redwood City Grease singalong

We arrived to get seated at 7.00 pm and our friends already had a spot waiting for us. We sat and chatted waiting for the film to start with the weather being so warm and welcoming.  We could not believe how many people were arriving every minute.  I would say that there were around 500 people who waited patiently outside in their camping chairs and lots of potlucks waiting for the film to start.  The film was Grease and was to be a sing along which meant all the words were at the bottom of the screen and if you wished you could sing along to it.  I didn’t see anyone when the film started who wasnt singing.  Everyone took part and after every song there was lots of clapping whistling and cheering. There were lines for the girls and boys to sing. The atmosphere was fabulous and we enjoyed every minute of it not wanting it to end.

I was bought up with grease and have watched this film so many times with our children and friends over the years I just had one wish and that was that they were there with us to enjoy this great night.  I don’t think that Grease will ever go out of fashion.

The whole place was so picturesque all around us.  Redwood City is certainly a great place to visit.

Redwood City

Redwood City Grease sing along

Redwood City

Fox Theatre behind us

Redwood City

Beautiful Palm Tree

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  1. Sounded like such a great day Joyce! I most definitely would have been in my element 🙂

  2. Cris Andaya says

    Hi Pete & Joyce… I’ve been keeping tabs of your escapades and wish I could run along with you. I just had a ‘headhunter’ send me an invite to check out Kaiser Redwood city for the nurse manager position. I have to say that the pay is extremely enticing but unfortunately, I have no desire to move at this point of my life. I envy your courage Pete. Anyway>>> hope all’s well with you. HAPPY TRAILS!

    • Thank you Cris for following us. We are loving it up here, weather is fabulous and so much to see in the area. Peter absolutely loves the hospital and is getting on very well. Peter said he is not surprised for you to be headhunted as you are such a great manager and he really misses working with you. Thank you again xx