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Quilting project finished


I felt really emotional yesterday at the Always Quilting Fabric Store in Redwood City yesterday.  It was time to pick up my first big quilt that I had made.  I have only ever made a little quilting mat before this which I use to put my sewing machine on.

The tears just welled up in me as I saw how beautiful it had been quilted. The lady in the shop that did my quilting was called Cathy, I gave her the biggest hug possible and thanked her for her fabulous work. I really don’t know why I felt so emotional, ridiculous really, I was just so excited how my hard work had paid off.  I used my stitch ripper so many times during making it ha ha!  the stitch rippers are the best for your mistakes.  I could just burst and I felt like skipping all the way home.

This quilt has been made for my son, he works as a sound engineer in film and is a lead singer of a band and he just loves music so with that in mind, I had the quilting done with musical notes and it just turned out so fantastic.  I just cannot wait now to show him.

My quilt


Musical Notes


Completed quilt

The quilt I made was so basic in comparison to some others that I have seen in the store but the fact that I made it myself is just so fabulous.

I really don’t have too much room in my RV for crafts but you always find a way if you want to do something.  Having a place for everything in your RV is key to be able to live tidy and stress free.  I have been helping a lady on my site this week with solutions for her to be organised so that it makes things a little easier.  I will be posting some before and after pictures soon with solutions that you can use in your own RV if you wish.  I will also post where I purchased things from that helped with the organizing.

Quilting is going to now be my new hobby as I have already purchased my material for another quilt and I think I now have the bug to make more and to learn more new techniques.  I just love learning new things done you.

You too can make a quilt.  If you go to Always quilting they do great lessons.

For a lot of your quilting needs you can go to Amazon just click the link below.



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Toilet for RV Replaced

Toilet Replaced


I cannot tell you how excited I am to get my new toilet, as I already mentioned in an earlier blog, my toilet just cracked right across the bottom and it was ceramic too.  I was sat on it at the time and I thought we had an earthquake.

We have been using a portaloo that we bought from Amazon that has saved our lives for the past couple of weeks while we got the acceptance of our warranty and VV Brothers Rv Repairs ordered the new toilet was being delivered.

It was supposed to be installed on Friday but they called to say that it had not arrived in the post yet.  I was gutted to have to use the portaloo again all over the weekend.  It is great for an emergency but we were both done with that and wanted our comfort back.

The toilet arrived yesterday afternoon and they came straight over to fit it for me.  What a great looking toilet it is too.  It is taller that the last one and is used in domestic homes too.  It is completely ceramic and has the foot flush.  Better yet it has a shower attachment that you can use to clean the toilet after use.  Brilliant idea and I could not be happier.

The toilet we now have is called a Dometic 3oo



Safety at the Campground

Keep your items safe.

My neighbour Shzz came home to Half Moon Bay on Sunday to find that someone had tried to steal her bikes.  Safety and living on an RV Park is no different from living in a home.  There is always someone ready to want to steal your personal items.



We have been living in our RV for 3 years and in all that time, the only thing that we have had stolen is a knife.  We left the knife outside on a table and it was more fool us.  It was an expensive knife worth around $100.

Shzz decided she would like to write a pice for my blog and give you all some advice on looking after your items.

This piece has been written by Shzz Erkalan

Safety at the Campground

For the most part, campgrounds are safe. You’re more likely to fall and skin a knee or stare down an angry chipmunk than run into trouble of a human kind. It’s not so much that security is an integral part of most campground operations (although fenced-in perimeters, security gates, cameras and 24-hour security are fairly common), but rather RVers aren’t likely to prey on one another – and criminal elements can find better and easier scores elsewhere. Frankly, it’s tough for outsiders to sneak around rows and rows of parked RVs looking for loot. But again, it pays to be careful.

Get in to the habit of locking your rig every time you depart. I know, the place looks so quaint and charming nothing could happen, right? Why take chances – it takes but a matter of seconds to lock up and dissuade the family of kleptomaniacs next door from rummaging through your CD collection. This RV lockdown should include securing exterior storage compartments and windows as well. Close blinds and shades to make “casing the joint” a tougher task. Another perk? Shades keep the sun off the fabrics, which reduces fading. Take cooking items, chairs, and anything you want to be there upon your routine inside the RV or tow vehicle when you’re off at the swimming hole. Set up a neighbor watch by getting to know the people next to you, who are more likely to look after someone they know than complete strangers.

Consider a few devices to protect your vehicle and valuables while you’re away. Although it won’t win you any friends when it goes off accidentally in the night, a vehicle alarm system is a useful defense when you’re away. Motion-detecting lights, also known as “scare lights,” should scatter would-be intruders (not to mention critters). Safes are fairly common options on higher-end RVs, serving as an ideal spot for jewelry and traveler’s checks. If you’re worried about RV theft, invest in a trailer hitch lock or more pricey Lojack-type recovery apparatus. Otherwise, a hungry looking dog might do you just as good. Personally, I like to travel with a Louisville Slugger – just in case.

The choice of the RV park itself is also important. Question management about security. Do they have nightly patrols? Is the park well-lit? How hard is it for non-guests to come and go? Opt for a visible campsite in the heart of the park if safety is utmost on your mind. Travel the grounds in pairs and stay in lighted areas. RV parks in urban settings may be more prone to crime than the Ma and Pa campground tucked away in the boonies. But don’t let that be an excuse for letting your guard down.

Thank you Shzz


Safety of your RV 

  1. For safety, lock up your RV always when not at home
  2. Lock any items like bikes with chains
  3. Get yourself a safe in your RV for Personal Items.
  4. Don’t leave anything out that could get taken easily
  5. Attach safety lights – a well-lit area deters unwelcome guests
  6. Close large windows when you go out.
  7. Lock all tools and accessories in under bins for safety.
  8. Keep a whistle handy if someone trys to break in and your home use it to raise an alarm.
  9. Look through windows first before you open your door to let someone in.
  10. Add an alarm to your door so it will make a loud sound should it be open by force.


Having a gun in your RV is your choice for safety too, in some states you are allowed a gun.  If a gun is something that you do not want then think about getting a stun gun instead they really do pack a punch and would deter anyone trying to break in.

Check out this torch and stun gun for safety.


Think safety and security every time.

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Camping World


Folding Table for use in a small space

When you live in an RV you have to utilise ever space that you have and I am thrilled that I have found an even better solution for my sewing needs.

I found a fabulous Folding table on Amazon that uses up hardly any space at all.  It was a very reasonable price at $77 and matches my beautiful coffee table I bought from Camping world.

Folding Table

Folding Table

Folding Table

Folding Table

Folded down

The table folds down really small and when we move can easily just sit on my bed it is so light weight and is on wheels with 4 drawers for scissors and simple sewing accessories.  My sewing machine fits perfectly with room for my swivel chair underneath.  I just love it and gives me my own space for sewing.

I have been sewing on my kitchen table which has been fine but this now gives me much more room and keeps my accessories even more organized than they were.  Being organised in a RV is key.

I will now be doing my cutting out of fabric on a trestle 5ft table I can put up and take down and the sewing on my new folding table.

My coffee table is working out really well and gives us more usable workspace.  I can’t believe that they both match each other and my RV too.  Such a good find..

Coffee Table

Folding Table

Coffee Table

folding table

Coffee table lifted

The sewing part of my quilt Is now finished and ready to be quilted.  I just have to now complete my binding.  The quilt is only a simple one but has turned out fabulous.  Check it out.  I start my new project which will be a quilt for my sister on Monday.  I have been sewing for years but just never made a big quilt so I am very excited to have made my first one.

Folding Table

Quilt made ready to be quilted

I now have a great working space to able to create some really good items for family and friends.  I have fallen in love with quilting so I think I will have many projects to be getting on with.

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Army Strong and Stay safe

Off Topic

This is quite obviously off topic from RV stories but today is a really important day and I just wanted to share it with you all.

Army Strong – 40 years – Yeah! for Women

I consider myself to be Army Strong, 40 years ago today I signed on the dotted line to join The British Army.  Such a long time ago I know and I was so young as at the age of 16 I was one of 28 young girls around Britain who joined at that age. We were the very first women to join the Army at that age so we made history for women.

Junior Leaders Number 1 Intake

Army Strong

Junior leaders 1975

We all signed up on or around this date and we all headed towards Guildford for our 6 months training on 1st September 1975.

It was a very scary time for all of us as we were so young and had just left school.  I carried on to serve 4 years in the regular army and 8 years in the Territorial Army and my years doing this were just a fabulous time in my wonderful life.

With all the times that I have camped and lived outdoors it is probably one of the reasons that I love living in a RV.

I love it when I hear an advertisement that says stay Army Strong it makes me feel very proud of my accomplishments over those years.  I live in America now and stand right next to our allies and all the veterans over hear I wish them all the prayers and good health, just like our boys and girls in the UK. Stay safe.

I will always stay Army Strong no matter how old I get. There were many things that I did while I served but one of the things that I was really proud of when I was in Germany was that I marched the Nijmegen March.  Click the link to find out all about it. It was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done.

Nijmegen March

I consider myself so lucky to have travelled to so many places and met so many fabulous friends that even to this day I am still in touch with.  My friends in the Army will always remain with me in thought even if they are no longer with us.  Some made such a mark on my life and taught me so much.

Some of the places I visited were, Germany, including Berlin East and West. Denmark, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Bavaria among others.  I have so many memories at all these places and accomplished so many things.

Stay Army Strong people with all my love and respect.


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Camping World


RV Living Hospitality

Camping World

In the Pub

Here I am in Camerons Inn, Half Moon Bay having a pint and writing my blog.  What better way can you be inspired to write. The pub is actually on our RV park in Half Moon Bay RV Park.  RV living at it best.

RV Hospitality

Shazz in Camerons Pub

RV Living Hospitality

The comradeship and hospitality when you are RV living just goes through the roof.  Everyone just helps each other when you live on an RV park.  That is probably what I love most.  Just this morning my computer would not log on at all.  Panic is an understatement as I have a lot of stuff on my computer.  Just a text later and I am invited over to the pub with my laptop and Shazz who works there sure enough within a couple of minutes had my computer back up and running.  Grateful is an understatement.

Help thy neighbour

My husband and I have had a whole lifetime of helping various people but we also have had so many people in the past help us.  It is just paying forward is all it is.

Last week was a whole week of helping people and them helping us.  Our next door neighbours are new to RV living and just like us when we first started out were unsure how to empty their toilet.  Even though they show you when you first get it, you are always a little nervous when doing it for the first time.  Peter helped them and showed them what to do and how to keep their pipes clean.  Since they moved in we just gave them a few tips and pointers that if you havent lived in an RV before your wouldn’t know.  They thought that once a month was going to be good enough to empty their waste and now has soon learned that once every 4 days is probably better.

The next day we were given a bottle of Red wine just for our trouble.  How nice was that and really not needed at all.

We then had a neighbour who needed transport into town so we lent them ours and the next day were given a crate of beer.  Again we didn’t expect anything but how nice is that.

Another neighbour at the weekend needed help to move their RV and because we had a hitch and they didn’t we offered to help and they just moved about 6 spaces down into a bigger plot.  They just used our truck and we just helped guide them in.  On sunday they cooked us a barbecue of massive pieces of sword fish and beers all around.  Just so nice of them and very unexpected.

We don’t need any beer or wine for a week, very much appreciated and we will enjoy thank you.  xx

I am not saying that I expect anything for helping anyone but all these people were very grateful.  When we first started out RVing we had people help us in just the same way and we were very grateful of their help.  It is funny how whats come around goes around, it was just our turn that’s all.  People on an RV park help out because they want to not because they want to receive anything in return.  We are just happy to help anyone when we can and trust me it is there is always someone to help.

Just this morning an RV was leaving the site and drove away with their sewer pipe still attached it made so much noise that I heard it.  My neighbour chased them and then they heard the noise and got out and unattached it.  Things like that are so funny though and just like the film RV.  People care about you when you live in an RV.  We all look out for each other.

RV Living is such a great way to live as you never feel as though you are alone.  There are so many different types of people who live this way now and I for one find it very interesting meeting new people all the time.

RV Living

Just chill baby

Our trip out on Sunday was to walk to the beach just a mile down the road and after walking along the beach just look at the fabulous view on The Ritz on the hill.

RV Living

The Ritz Half Moon Bay

My husband Peter and I just love the RV Living lifestyle, look what we get to do.  chill, chill, chill.

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Camping World

Camping Dryer for your RV

Wow! I have a new camping dryer for my RV and it is fabulous.

Camping Dryer

As you know I have my camping washing machine that I use to do my washing and now I have a drier to go with it.  It folds down to a really small size and is very compact.  I can dry 4/5 items in it as a time and it takes about 30 mins to dry them on the high heat.

Close Drier

The clothes dryer is actually called a close drier by Joy Mangano and I think is just genius.  I have read a few views on the internet that has said that theirs broke or the items didn’t dry well.  I can tell you from experience that I think it is just amazing.

The whole drier pulls up and extends into a mini wardrobe and you just hang your clothes inside it, zip it up and it dries your clothes.  I put 4 shirts on 30 mins and they dried really well and were nice and fluffy when finished.  I have not tried jeans yet I am sure they will take longer but will let you know how long that takes when I do.  Instead of your clothes being damaged in a regular drier this one gently blows a warm breeze onto your clothes which are hung up on hangers.

I call this my camping dryer but I am sure it could be used easily wherever you are, whether you are in an apartment, house of just renting a room.

Imagine the times when you are out camping and your washed a few items and just wanted them dry or you went swimming and it was a bit damp outside, what would you do, you would get out your camping dryer of course.

One of the complaints I have heard from some who have a washer dryer in their RV is that the drier makes their clothes wrinkly.  Well this does not, no ironing necessary afterwards just shake out your clothes hang them up and dry them.  Why has it taken someone so long to invent this, or why did I not know about this before?

This is what it looks like.

My Camping dryer

Camping Dryer

Clothes Dryer

Camping dryer

Clothes dryer with clothes hanging

Camping dryer

Clothes dryer controls


Camping dryer

Clothes dryer in extended state

If you want to know more about this item check out this you tube video.

The dryers on my RV park are $2.50 for one load.  I think I will be saving some money.  What do you think? You can purchase this drier from Amazon and it is on sale for $49 how fabulous is that.  Just click the link and you can purchase one right here right now.  Get yours today. Fabulous!



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Camping World

Always Quilting the best store

Always Quilting

Just by visiting this store you can see the it lives up to its name.  I have never been into a store with so many quilts hanging all over the walls.  They must be always quilting to have so many people have their beautiful work hanging.

On Friday I went to a Quilt store in San Mateo as I intended to do some cutting out there. They have a free day on a Friday where you can go there and meet other quilters, sew or cut out your material.  I had such a great time and the ladies there even invited me out to lunch with them.  They helped me so much with my cutting out of my fabric and I will definitely be going back again.  I took some photos of the ladies working on their quilts and also a quilt that really caught my eye.  This is a great place to buy fabric and get all your quilting needs.  I really like sewing and meeting other people who have the passion for sewing was just fabulous.  I look forward to getting to know the women and creating something really beautiful.

Thank you ladies for making me feel so welcome.

The quilting machine they have in always quilting is huge and is a great place to get your quilt finished when it is ready.  The quilts that are all over the walls in the shop are very inspiring and have been made so well.

Always Quilting

Beautiful quilt


Always quilting

Quilting sew Room

Always Quilting

Quilting Sew and Cutting Out Room

Always quilting

Quilting Store

Always quilting

Long Arm Quilt Machine


I am making a quilt for my son and I am excited to get going I set up a tressel table in my living room to help with the cutting out and because of the advice of the lovely ladies their I now have a much larger cutting board and a better 6.5 in wide ruler which will be much easier for me to cut out my 6.5 ins squares.  Why work hard when you can work easy.  This store has everything you could possibly need to start quilting or even if you are an experienced quilter.

My squares are now nearly all cut out and I’m ready to start sewing which is the part I really like.  Being creative is what I really like to do.  I have just purchased a nice little table from Amazon as well which actually folds away so will be fabulous to use in the RV while I am sewing and can easily be stored away.  Just because you live in a small space does not mean that you cannot still do all the arts that you love doing whether that is knitting, painting sewing or whatever it is that you like to do.  Just be creative with your space.  This is the new table I have just bought check it out.



I will keep you updated on my beautiful quilt as it starts to come together so watch this space.

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Camping World – Shopping

Camping World San Martin, CA

It sounds a bit daft, but I get really excited when I visit Camping World I just love looking around RVs and the store.  We had a couple of items that we needed for our RV and decided we would make a day of it by going over the 92, down the 280, then 101 and then after our visit to the camping world store we would head over to the coast via the 152 then up the 1 and do a big circle and just see what we see along the way.

I was disappointed to find out that this camping world store only had a shop and no RVs to glance around at as I really like that as a pass time so that I can get ideas and inspiration for the future.  I never really thought that any of the Camping world stores didn’t have RVs to sell as well.

The Camping world shop did not disappoint and had everything we wanted.  We even bought a new shower head that gives us more power when having a shower. The One that we purchased was the Fury Shower Head.  It is great, so much more powerful and we are really happy with it.





We also made a major purchase of a new coffee table.  We have purchased this before but my Son Michael loved it so much, we gave it to him.  We have missed it so much that we decided to purchase another and are so happy to have it back again.  It fits great in the RV and means we can eat off it while we even watch TV and it lifts up just like a table.  The quality is great and the color is Walnut.  it is called Swing up coffee table – walnut.





When we went to pay for our goods the cashier was fabulous and helped us to resign up as members of Good Sam club as our membership had lapsed. You can purchase a One year Membership  for as little as $25 per yer subscription clink the link and sign up today.





We saved $31 on our shopping that day by being members.

After camping world we drove over to the coast and on our way home stopped off at a lighthouse we saw just 30 mins away from where we are in Half Moon Bay.

The old light house was fabulous and we got some great pictures.  It was called Pigeon Point Lighthouse.  They also have a hostel there where you can stay for a very small cost. visit their webpage at

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Camping World

Pigeon Point Light House

Camping World

Peter and I at Pidgeon Point Lighthouse

Camping World

View from Pidgeon Point

Peter and I  absolutely love the fact that we can get out and about to see so many different places and feel that we are extremely lucky.

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Robin Williams Dedication

It has been a year now since the fabulous Robin Williams has passed away and it is still so sad to hear. Please listen to this dedication on you tube by my Son Michael and his friend.  They did this last year in his memory and I think it is fabulous.  Michael is singing and you can just hear how upset he was at the time.


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Fish philosophy – The 4 elements


4 ways to help you remain positive

Peter and I have been married for 21 years this year and when we got married we had the brady bunch of 6 children. With both of us working full-time and 6 children it was not an easy task.  Our finances were not in a good place and having 4 of our children teenagers at the time was no picnic.  We had some fabulous times as a family and have so many memories.  Our oldest is now 35 and youngest 23.  We would not have had it any other way as our children made us laugh and cry.

As a family we all learned to stay positive no matter what.  9 years ago we lost one of our children at a young age of 25 and it was a very difficult time in our lives.  Nothing seemed to help us get through this time,  we were committed to go  to a carnival just 2 weeks after Joannes passing and took our grandson and dressed up as clowns.  We found this day to be very therapeutic for all of us and we had a good time.  We really thank our friend Margot for getting us to still attend as fun and laughter can help you through the most difficult of times.

Fish philosophy

Having fun times when things are down is one of the best times to get through a difficult time.  Turning a difficult situation into a fun one is one of the best things you can do. On one occasion we had been invited to a family 21st birthday party.  We didn’t have the money to go let alone buy a present.  We didn’t want the children to not go to their cousins party so we put our video into the pawn shop and got enough money to buy a present and enough to buy us all a couple of fizzy drinks at the party.  Every time the children raised their glass they would say Mmmm! this video tastes nice.  When we got paid we got our video back.  A little expensive way to do it but a solution was sorted.  We had many times like this when the children were young but we would just come up with a solution move on and have fun while doing it.  All of our children are very positive people and we believe that we instilled that into them from a young age.

Fish Philosophy

I worked in sales when I was in the UK and one of the things that was bought to my attention during that time was the fish philosophy.  I think it is great and was bought about by a fish store in Seattle.  Click the video which explains what it is all about.



When we are having a bad day or not really having a good attitude, my husband and I do talk about this philosophy.  You may find that strange but it has helped us during many times in our life. We try to use it in our home life and work.  We have let ourselves down at times by not following the four key elements in the fish philosophy which are:


Make their Day

Be there

Choose your Attitude

The guy that come up with these 4 very simple terms, I think is genius.

You can read more about the fish philosophy in Wikipedia

The Fish philosophy – Play 

When you think about it, it is important to play when things go wrong.  The English have a weird sense of humor that we just laugh at everything that happens.  Sometimes we have to be reminded of that, have you ever been at a funeral of a loved one and you cry, then laugh, then cry again.  Laughter and fun and play are an important part of being able to remain positive even in the darkest of times.  My husband and I have so much fun in our life and we just love life.

The Fish philosophy – Make their Day

Just by saying to a complete stranger or loved one “your hair looks nice today” or complimenting them on anything you see them doing, will make someones day.  Sometimes just by say hello to someone can make their day.  They may not have seen anyone all day and just by you noticing them in some small way can make a difference. My husband is way better at making someones day than I am.  It is just natural for him, me, I have to work at it constantly,  I really do like it though when I can tell that I have made someones day.  It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The Fish philosophy – Be there

Being there for someone can just mean that you stop playing on your cell phone when you’re in a conversation with someone and actually listen to them.  Just by nodding and paying attention can mean the world to someone.  Be there completely and put down whatever you are doing and give someone your time today.  I havent always been there for people and when I have failed it does come back on you.  You didn’t listen properly when you should have and didn’t do what you were supposed to do because of it can cause repercussions.

The fish philosophy – Choose your attitude

When you get up in the morning you can choose to be miserable or choose to just love the day you have been given.  To have a great attitude is a choice.  You choose who you want to be, what you want to do and who you want to be with.  I have failed at times by having a bad attitude and I find it eats away at you.  I choose to have a good attitude most of the time and when I have failed it comes back to me in groves in negative ways.  Negativity breeds negativity and positivity breeds positivity.  I choose to mix with positive people and find I stay away from the negative people as it can rub off on you.

We have both had difficult times in our lives and have always brushed ourselves down and picked ourselves back up on many occasions.  We have both been divorced, lost a child, mother and lost a home in the past.  The way we get through these times is to remain positive by trying to stick to the Fish philosophy that we really believe in.

If you are having difficult times just try it for a while and see how it does for you.  Just bring yourself back to the fish philosophy way of thinking and good luck in your endeavors.  We know we have hard times ahead but we will always try to stay positive no matter what.

There are Fish philisophy videos and books that you can find on Amazon. I have the books and find them very useful.  Here is a link for one of the books.

Other than the fish philosophy, I always look at other ways and tips to stay positive. Do you have ways to help you stay positive?  do you have any more tips for me?

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1.  Stephen C. Lundin, Harry Paul, and John Christensen.  “Fish!”.  ISBN 0-7868-6602-0

RV Repairs after 3 years of full time living

Camping World

RV Care

RV Repairs

Our RV Montanna Mountaineer

Taking care of your RV is really important to avoid any RV repairs needed.  Sometimes though no matter how you take care of your RV things happen. Like the small mishap crash we had which was unfortunate. We are covered by our Insurance for that but RV repairs are you covered for that?

Toilet Broken

Just this morning I was using the toilet and  it cracked and nearly fell off the pedestal.  I couldn’t believe it.  Before I get all the big fat A jokes, just to let you know I am a little overwight but I don’t weigh over 200 pounds. I first of all thought, omg! have we just had an earthquake! and are we covered for our RV Repairs, until now we never needed to even think about it.

RV Repairs

I looked for our paperwork which was in the filing cabinet thankfully put away nicely.  Sure enough we have it covered under the warranty for quite a few RV repairs that may be needed. Our warranty covers us for 84 months. We are covered by Good Sam Warranty.  I called them and they were really helpful. I have a company in Redwood City that are going to help us called V&V Bros RVs and Trailers We haven’t even looked at the paperwork since we left Camping World 3 years ago with our RV.  We are really thankful that we are covered.

We haven’t had anything go wrong at all, we have been lucky I guess.  We really do look after our RV though.  I hoover with my Dyson handheld every day and keep down dust.  I clean the bathroom regularly and keep things really tidy.  Peter always looks after the outside making sure everything is clean and free from any leaves or debris.  He also takes care of the pipes and both of us clean the outside of the RV every 3 months.  Just taking care like that though does not mean things will not go wrong.

Make sure when you buy a new RV that you get a good warranty with it.  We bought our RV through Camping World they have a sale on right now Camping World Sale RV Repairs can happen to you no matter how much you take care of your RV.  We are grateful now that we are covered even though we havent need it until now.  It is gonna save us a few bucks.

Peter is going to pop into Big 5 in Redwood city on his way back as this will not be fixed right away and we cannot get through the night without using the bathroom.  He will pick up a camping toilet Camping toilet that they have with plastic bags and goo that goes into it for the toilet to tie us over.  He went everywhere Target, K Mart and Sporting Goods and couldn’t find anything. So amazon it is then, so I ordered these on Amazon and they will be here on Friday.  Just wished I had ordered first thing this morning then it would be here by tomorrow.

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Make sure you do your RV Repairs that are needed as soon as they happen.  Dont leave it, it will only make matters worse.

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Living Small – 10 reasons why we live small

Living Small

There are many ways that you can live small.  The tiny house movement is now getting huge.

  • RV Living whether in a fifth wheel, small van or Large One. They are all RVs.
  • Mobile Home on wheels
  • On a Boat, whether that is on a yacht, narrow boat or boat.
  • Tiny House.

10 reasons people live small

  1. Work –  We travel and live small as my husband is a travel nurse and we find it is a great way to get about and have your own place to call home at the end of the day.  When we move and then set up our site our home stays the same just our scenery changes and I like that very much.
  2. Cost – You save so much money by living small.  The cost of campsites are so much less expensive that renting a property.  For instance in Half Moon Bay rents are anything from $2,400 to $3,500 just for a one bedroom property and we only pay $1,500 and have no electric bill to pay as all is inclusive, also if you don’t want full hook ups it is only $1200.  Some sites we have stayed on have been $500.  By living small you do not spend your money on stuff.  Stuff that you have no wear to put so therefore when you walking around the shops the normal stuff that you probably buy because you liked it you don’t because you do not have the room.
  3. Mind –  There is so much more time for you when you live small.  Less chores to do and more time for you and your mind.  To live this way you have to be right with yourself in what you want out of life.
  4. Time – Living small gives you your time back.  When we lived in a house that we owned we hardly had time to go out and explore places there was so much to do with the upkeep of the house.
  5. Freedom – you can go anywhere you want and choose where you want to live or stay for a while.  All small living houses can be moved. Freedom from clutter, you cannot have clutter when you live small so it feels very free when you rid yourself of things that you really do not need.
  6. Nature – You are more at home with nature when you live small as more time is spent outdoors as well as in.  We eat and cook outside most of the time.
  7. Nutrition – When you live small you think more about what you are going to eat as fresh vegetables and fruit in most country towns have these in abundance freshly picked.
  8. Like Minded People.  We have met so many people on our travels and we find that the people we meet also like living this way and we have many pot lucks and gatherings.  It is not a lonely lifestyle at all.
  9. Health Living small is great for you health as you are living a stress free life.
  10. Fitness – When you live small you go for more walks and go places as you have time and extra money to do things.  If you lived in the house you probably would just stay in most of the time.

Muirs Wood National Monument

This weekend with our time, we went to visit Muirs Wood which is just north of San Fransisco.  We walked up hill a very long way through the woods and the views of the massive redwood trees was unbelievable.  I will leave you with a few pictures from our day out.

Number one, to get to Muirs Wood we had to first go to San Fransisco and drive over the famous golden gate bridge. That was a treat in itself and was the first time we had ever driven over it.

Living Small

Golden Gate Bridge

Living Small

View of Muir Woods

Living Small

Muir Woods

Living Small

Peter at the Gateway

Living Small



Video of one of the trees