Living Small – 10 reasons why we live small

Living Small

There are many ways that you can live small.  The tiny house movement is now getting huge.

  • RV Living whether in a fifth wheel, small van or Large One. They are all RVs.
  • Mobile Home on wheels
  • On a Boat, whether that is on a yacht, narrow boat or boat.
  • Tiny House.

10 reasons people live small

  1. Work –  We travel and live small as my husband is a travel nurse and we find it is a great way to get about and have your own place to call home at the end of the day.  When we move and then set up our site our home stays the same just our scenery changes and I like that very much.
  2. Cost – You save so much money by living small.  The cost of campsites are so much less expensive that renting a property.  For instance in Half Moon Bay rents are anything from $2,400 to $3,500 just for a one bedroom property and we only pay $1,500 and have no electric bill to pay as all is inclusive, also if you don’t want full hook ups it is only $1200.  Some sites we have stayed on have been $500.  By living small you do not spend your money on stuff.  Stuff that you have no wear to put so therefore when you walking around the shops the normal stuff that you probably buy because you liked it you don’t because you do not have the room.
  3. Mind –  There is so much more time for you when you live small.  Less chores to do and more time for you and your mind.  To live this way you have to be right with yourself in what you want out of life.
  4. Time – Living small gives you your time back.  When we lived in a house that we owned we hardly had time to go out and explore places there was so much to do with the upkeep of the house.
  5. Freedom – you can go anywhere you want and choose where you want to live or stay for a while.  All small living houses can be moved. Freedom from clutter, you cannot have clutter when you live small so it feels very free when you rid yourself of things that you really do not need.
  6. Nature – You are more at home with nature when you live small as more time is spent outdoors as well as in.  We eat and cook outside most of the time.
  7. Nutrition – When you live small you think more about what you are going to eat as fresh vegetables and fruit in most country towns have these in abundance freshly picked.
  8. Like Minded People.  We have met so many people on our travels and we find that the people we meet also like living this way and we have many pot lucks and gatherings.  It is not a lonely lifestyle at all.
  9. Health Living small is great for you health as you are living a stress free life.
  10. Fitness – When you live small you go for more walks and go places as you have time and extra money to do things.  If you lived in the house you probably would just stay in most of the time.

Muirs Wood National Monument

This weekend with our time, we went to visit Muirs Wood which is just north of San Fransisco.  We walked up hill a very long way through the woods and the views of the massive redwood trees was unbelievable.  I will leave you with a few pictures from our day out.

Number one, to get to Muirs Wood we had to first go to San Fransisco and drive over the famous golden gate bridge. That was a treat in itself and was the first time we had ever driven over it.

Living Small

Golden Gate Bridge

Living Small

View of Muir Woods

Living Small

Muir Woods

Living Small

Peter at the Gateway

Living Small



Video of one of the trees


  1. Fabulous blog.. loving it !
    Your right living it small is the new BIG !