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Taking care of your RV is really important to avoid any RV repairs needed.  Sometimes though no matter how you take care of your RV things happen. Like the small mishap crash we had which was unfortunate. We are covered by our Insurance for that but RV repairs are you covered for that?

Toilet Broken

Just this morning I was using the toilet and  it cracked and nearly fell off the pedestal.  I couldn’t believe it.  Before I get all the big fat A jokes, just to let you know I am a little overwight but I don’t weigh over 200 pounds. I first of all thought, omg! have we just had an earthquake! and are we covered for our RV Repairs, until now we never needed to even think about it.

RV Repairs

I looked for our paperwork which was in the filing cabinet thankfully put away nicely.  Sure enough we have it covered under the warranty for quite a few RV repairs that may be needed. Our warranty covers us for 84 months. We are covered by Good Sam Warranty.  I called them and they were really helpful. I have a company in Redwood City that are going to help us called V&V Bros RVs and Trailers We haven’t even looked at the paperwork since we left Camping World 3 years ago with our RV.  We are really thankful that we are covered.

We haven’t had anything go wrong at all, we have been lucky I guess.  We really do look after our RV though.  I hoover with my Dyson handheld every day and keep down dust.  I clean the bathroom regularly and keep things really tidy.  Peter always looks after the outside making sure everything is clean and free from any leaves or debris.  He also takes care of the pipes and both of us clean the outside of the RV every 3 months.  Just taking care like that though does not mean things will not go wrong.

Make sure when you buy a new RV that you get a good warranty with it.  We bought our RV through Camping World they have a sale on right now Camping World Sale RV Repairs can happen to you no matter how much you take care of your RV.  We are grateful now that we are covered even though we havent need it until now.  It is gonna save us a few bucks.

Peter is going to pop into Big 5 in Redwood city on his way back as this will not be fixed right away and we cannot get through the night without using the bathroom.  He will pick up a camping toilet Camping toilet that they have with plastic bags and goo that goes into it for the toilet to tie us over.  He went everywhere Target, K Mart and Sporting Goods and couldn’t find anything. So amazon it is then, so I ordered these on Amazon and they will be here on Friday.  Just wished I had ordered first thing this morning then it would be here by tomorrow.

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Make sure you do your RV Repairs that are needed as soon as they happen.  Dont leave it, it will only make matters worse.

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  1. Liz oconnor says

    You could always use a bucket lol that’s what we did when we were kids and we got catch though the night. I’m going back to the 60s when caravans didn’t have toilets not even electricity we had the old gas mantles my god that’s takes me back to my childhood lol xxxx

    • I know right Liz, nighmare though could not believe it broke. So glad we are covered. We have coverage for anything going wrong for 8 years. Although we will be changing out at 5. We are thinking to go to a Bus type RV and will pull a small car. Not a big Cat A but a C coach. Exciting times ahead.