Fish philosophy – The 4 elements


4 ways to help you remain positive

Peter and I have been married for 21 years this year and when we got married we had the brady bunch of 6 children. With both of us working full-time and 6 children it was not an easy task.  Our finances were not in a good place and having 4 of our children teenagers at the time was no picnic.  We had some fabulous times as a family and have so many memories.  Our oldest is now 35 and youngest 23.  We would not have had it any other way as our children made us laugh and cry.

As a family we all learned to stay positive no matter what.  9 years ago we lost one of our children at a young age of 25 and it was a very difficult time in our lives.  Nothing seemed to help us get through this time,  we were committed to go  to a carnival just 2 weeks after Joannes passing and took our grandson and dressed up as clowns.  We found this day to be very therapeutic for all of us and we had a good time.  We really thank our friend Margot for getting us to still attend as fun and laughter can help you through the most difficult of times.

Fish philosophy

Having fun times when things are down is one of the best times to get through a difficult time.  Turning a difficult situation into a fun one is one of the best things you can do. On one occasion we had been invited to a family 21st birthday party.  We didn’t have the money to go let alone buy a present.  We didn’t want the children to not go to their cousins party so we put our video into the pawn shop and got enough money to buy a present and enough to buy us all a couple of fizzy drinks at the party.  Every time the children raised their glass they would say Mmmm! this video tastes nice.  When we got paid we got our video back.  A little expensive way to do it but a solution was sorted.  We had many times like this when the children were young but we would just come up with a solution move on and have fun while doing it.  All of our children are very positive people and we believe that we instilled that into them from a young age.

Fish Philosophy

I worked in sales when I was in the UK and one of the things that was bought to my attention during that time was the fish philosophy.  I think it is great and was bought about by a fish store in Seattle.  Click the video which explains what it is all about.



When we are having a bad day or not really having a good attitude, my husband and I do talk about this philosophy.  You may find that strange but it has helped us during many times in our life. We try to use it in our home life and work.  We have let ourselves down at times by not following the four key elements in the fish philosophy which are:


Make their Day

Be there

Choose your Attitude

The guy that come up with these 4 very simple terms, I think is genius.

You can read more about the fish philosophy in Wikipedia

The Fish philosophy – Play 

When you think about it, it is important to play when things go wrong.  The English have a weird sense of humor that we just laugh at everything that happens.  Sometimes we have to be reminded of that, have you ever been at a funeral of a loved one and you cry, then laugh, then cry again.  Laughter and fun and play are an important part of being able to remain positive even in the darkest of times.  My husband and I have so much fun in our life and we just love life.

The Fish philosophy – Make their Day

Just by saying to a complete stranger or loved one “your hair looks nice today” or complimenting them on anything you see them doing, will make someones day.  Sometimes just by say hello to someone can make their day.  They may not have seen anyone all day and just by you noticing them in some small way can make a difference. My husband is way better at making someones day than I am.  It is just natural for him, me, I have to work at it constantly,  I really do like it though when I can tell that I have made someones day.  It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The Fish philosophy – Be there

Being there for someone can just mean that you stop playing on your cell phone when you’re in a conversation with someone and actually listen to them.  Just by nodding and paying attention can mean the world to someone.  Be there completely and put down whatever you are doing and give someone your time today.  I havent always been there for people and when I have failed it does come back on you.  You didn’t listen properly when you should have and didn’t do what you were supposed to do because of it can cause repercussions.

The fish philosophy – Choose your attitude

When you get up in the morning you can choose to be miserable or choose to just love the day you have been given.  To have a great attitude is a choice.  You choose who you want to be, what you want to do and who you want to be with.  I have failed at times by having a bad attitude and I find it eats away at you.  I choose to have a good attitude most of the time and when I have failed it comes back to me in groves in negative ways.  Negativity breeds negativity and positivity breeds positivity.  I choose to mix with positive people and find I stay away from the negative people as it can rub off on you.

We have both had difficult times in our lives and have always brushed ourselves down and picked ourselves back up on many occasions.  We have both been divorced, lost a child, mother and lost a home in the past.  The way we get through these times is to remain positive by trying to stick to the Fish philosophy that we really believe in.

If you are having difficult times just try it for a while and see how it does for you.  Just bring yourself back to the fish philosophy way of thinking and good luck in your endeavors.  We know we have hard times ahead but we will always try to stay positive no matter what.

There are Fish philisophy videos and books that you can find on Amazon. I have the books and find them very useful.  Here is a link for one of the books.

Other than the fish philosophy, I always look at other ways and tips to stay positive. Do you have ways to help you stay positive?  do you have any more tips for me?

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