Camping Dryer for your RV

Wow! I have a new camping dryer for my RV and it is fabulous.

Camping Dryer

As you know I have my camping washing machine that I use to do my washing and now I have a drier to go with it.  It folds down to a really small size and is very compact.  I can dry 4/5 items in it as a time and it takes about 30 mins to dry them on the high heat.

Close Drier

The clothes dryer is actually called a close drier by Joy Mangano and I think is just genius.  I have read a few views on the internet that has said that theirs broke or the items didn’t dry well.  I can tell you from experience that I think it is just amazing.

The whole drier pulls up and extends into a mini wardrobe and you just hang your clothes inside it, zip it up and it dries your clothes.  I put 4 shirts on 30 mins and they dried really well and were nice and fluffy when finished.  I have not tried jeans yet I am sure they will take longer but will let you know how long that takes when I do.  Instead of your clothes being damaged in a regular drier this one gently blows a warm breeze onto your clothes which are hung up on hangers.

I call this my camping dryer but I am sure it could be used easily wherever you are, whether you are in an apartment, house of just renting a room.

Imagine the times when you are out camping and your washed a few items and just wanted them dry or you went swimming and it was a bit damp outside, what would you do, you would get out your camping dryer of course.

One of the complaints I have heard from some who have a washer dryer in their RV is that the drier makes their clothes wrinkly.  Well this does not, no ironing necessary afterwards just shake out your clothes hang them up and dry them.  Why has it taken someone so long to invent this, or why did I not know about this before?

This is what it looks like.

My Camping dryer

Camping Dryer

Clothes Dryer

Camping dryer

Clothes dryer with clothes hanging

Camping dryer

Clothes dryer controls


Camping dryer

Clothes dryer in extended state

If you want to know more about this item check out this you tube video.

The dryers on my RV park are $2.50 for one load.  I think I will be saving some money.  What do you think? You can purchase this drier from Amazon and it is on sale for $49 how fabulous is that.  Just click the link and you can purchase one right here right now.  Get yours today. Fabulous!



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