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In the Pub

Here I am in Camerons Inn, Half Moon Bay having a pint and writing my blog.  What better way can you be inspired to write. The pub is actually on our RV park in Half Moon Bay RV Park.  RV living at it best.

RV Hospitality

Shazz in Camerons Pub

RV Living Hospitality

The comradeship and hospitality when you are RV living just goes through the roof.  Everyone just helps each other when you live on an RV park.  That is probably what I love most.  Just this morning my computer would not log on at all.  Panic is an understatement as I have a lot of stuff on my computer.  Just a text later and I am invited over to the pub with my laptop and Shazz who works there sure enough within a couple of minutes had my computer back up and running.  Grateful is an understatement.

Help thy neighbour

My husband and I have had a whole lifetime of helping various people but we also have had so many people in the past help us.  It is just paying forward is all it is.

Last week was a whole week of helping people and them helping us.  Our next door neighbours are new to RV living and just like us when we first started out were unsure how to empty their toilet.  Even though they show you when you first get it, you are always a little nervous when doing it for the first time.  Peter helped them and showed them what to do and how to keep their pipes clean.  Since they moved in we just gave them a few tips and pointers that if you havent lived in an RV before your wouldn’t know.  They thought that once a month was going to be good enough to empty their waste and now has soon learned that once every 4 days is probably better.

The next day we were given a bottle of Red wine just for our trouble.  How nice was that and really not needed at all.

We then had a neighbour who needed transport into town so we lent them ours and the next day were given a crate of beer.  Again we didn’t expect anything but how nice is that.

Another neighbour at the weekend needed help to move their RV and because we had a hitch and they didn’t we offered to help and they just moved about 6 spaces down into a bigger plot.  They just used our truck and we just helped guide them in.  On sunday they cooked us a barbecue of massive pieces of sword fish and beers all around.  Just so nice of them and very unexpected.

We don’t need any beer or wine for a week, very much appreciated and we will enjoy thank you.  xx

I am not saying that I expect anything for helping anyone but all these people were very grateful.  When we first started out RVing we had people help us in just the same way and we were very grateful of their help.  It is funny how whats come around goes around, it was just our turn that’s all.  People on an RV park help out because they want to not because they want to receive anything in return.  We are just happy to help anyone when we can and trust me it is there is always someone to help.

Just this morning an RV was leaving the site and drove away with their sewer pipe still attached it made so much noise that I heard it.  My neighbour chased them and then they heard the noise and got out and unattached it.  Things like that are so funny though and just like the film RV.  People care about you when you live in an RV.  We all look out for each other.

RV Living is such a great way to live as you never feel as though you are alone.  There are so many different types of people who live this way now and I for one find it very interesting meeting new people all the time.

RV Living

Just chill baby

Our trip out on Sunday was to walk to the beach just a mile down the road and after walking along the beach just look at the fabulous view on The Ritz on the hill.

RV Living

The Ritz Half Moon Bay

My husband Peter and I just love the RV Living lifestyle, look what we get to do.  chill, chill, chill.

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  1. Your so welcome Joyce, we love having you you close to us at the park and your right the hospitality is always a huge plus in our community, having you and Pete around is awesome.. There is a great feeling of help thy neighbor on HMB RV Park its one of the perks of living on it.. Everyone shares and cares.. Love it, love you both !