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This is quite obviously off topic from RV stories but today is a really important day and I just wanted to share it with you all.

Army Strong – 40 years – Yeah! for Women

I consider myself to be Army Strong, 40 years ago today I signed on the dotted line to join The British Army.  Such a long time ago I know and I was so young as at the age of 16 I was one of 28 young girls around Britain who joined at that age. We were the very first women to join the Army at that age so we made history for women.

Junior Leaders Number 1 Intake

Army Strong

Junior leaders 1975

We all signed up on or around this date and we all headed towards Guildford for our 6 months training on 1st September 1975.

It was a very scary time for all of us as we were so young and had just left school.  I carried on to serve 4 years in the regular army and 8 years in the Territorial Army and my years doing this were just a fabulous time in my wonderful life.

With all the times that I have camped and lived outdoors it is probably one of the reasons that I love living in a RV.

I love it when I hear an advertisement that says stay Army Strong it makes me feel very proud of my accomplishments over those years.  I live in America now and stand right next to our allies and all the veterans over hear I wish them all the prayers and good health, just like our boys and girls in the UK. Stay safe.

I will always stay Army Strong no matter how old I get. There were many things that I did while I served but one of the things that I was really proud of when I was in Germany was that I marched the Nijmegen March.  Click the link to find out all about it. It was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done.

Nijmegen March

I consider myself so lucky to have travelled to so many places and met so many fabulous friends that even to this day I am still in touch with.  My friends in the Army will always remain with me in thought even if they are no longer with us.  Some made such a mark on my life and taught me so much.

Some of the places I visited were, Germany, including Berlin East and West. Denmark, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Bavaria among others.  I have so many memories at all these places and accomplished so many things.

Stay Army Strong people with all my love and respect.


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  1. Liz oconnor says

    I loved those days especially the first few days with you Joyce on the selection such good memories. I don’t think we slept at all that weekend to busy talking and doing gymnastics remember lol. Good old days xxxxx