Toilet for RV Replaced

Toilet Replaced


I cannot tell you how excited I am to get my new toilet, as I already mentioned in an earlier blog, my toilet just cracked right across the bottom and it was ceramic too.  I was sat on it at the time and I thought we had an earthquake.

We have been using a portaloo that we bought from Amazon that has saved our lives for the past couple of weeks while we got the acceptance of our warranty and VV Brothers Rv Repairs ordered the new toilet was being delivered.

It was supposed to be installed on Friday but they called to say that it had not arrived in the post yet.  I was gutted to have to use the portaloo again all over the weekend.  It is great for an emergency but we were both done with that and wanted our comfort back.

The toilet arrived yesterday afternoon and they came straight over to fit it for me.  What a great looking toilet it is too.  It is taller that the last one and is used in domestic homes too.  It is completely ceramic and has the foot flush.  Better yet it has a shower attachment that you can use to clean the toilet after use.  Brilliant idea and I could not be happier.

The toilet we now have is called a Dometic 3oo