Quilting project finished


I felt really emotional yesterday at the Always Quilting Fabric Store in Redwood City yesterday.  It was time to pick up my first big quilt that I had made.  I have only ever made a little quilting mat before this which I use to put my sewing machine on.

The tears just welled up in me as I saw how beautiful it had been quilted. The lady in the shop that did my quilting was called Cathy, I gave her the biggest hug possible and thanked her for her fabulous work. I really don’t know why I felt so emotional, ridiculous really, I was just so excited how my hard work had paid off.  I used my stitch ripper so many times during making it ha ha!  the stitch rippers are the best for your mistakes.  I could just burst and I felt like skipping all the way home.

This quilt has been made for my son, he works as a sound engineer in film and is a lead singer of a band and he just loves music so with that in mind, I had the quilting done with musical notes and it just turned out so fantastic.  I just cannot wait now to show him.

My quilt


Musical Notes


Completed quilt

The quilt I made was so basic in comparison to some others that I have seen in the store but the fact that I made it myself is just so fabulous.

I really don’t have too much room in my RV for crafts but you always find a way if you want to do something.  Having a place for everything in your RV is key to be able to live tidy and stress free.  I have been helping a lady on my site this week with solutions for her to be organised so that it makes things a little easier.  I will be posting some before and after pictures soon with solutions that you can use in your own RV if you wish.  I will also post where I purchased things from that helped with the organizing.

Quilting is going to now be my new hobby as I have already purchased my material for another quilt and I think I now have the bug to make more and to learn more new techniques.  I just love learning new things done you.

You too can make a quilt.  If you go to Always quilting they do great lessons.

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  1. Susan Miller says

    Beautifully done!

  2. Mary Whalen says

    Fabulous job! So sorry I missed your big moment, but I have to admit I loved my quilting retreat this week. Hope to see you next week! Mary Whalen

  3. Maureen Bair says

    Your quilt is just beautiful. Well done.