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Snowbirds – Ventura here we come

The snowbirds saying goodbye

Yesterday at Kaiser where Peter works they did a high tea for him with lots of really nice sandwiches and goodies and had a bit of an English day for Peter.  He loved it, Peter is loved wherever he works and always makes great friends and he is always sad to leave and say goodbye.

It is our last day at the repair shop where we have been boondocking as well.  Boondocking means that we were just dry camping with no hook ups to water or sewer.  We did however have access to electricity and we have been a guest of  V&V brothers repair shop and have been really grateful of their hospitality. You can last a week like this in your RV and we have been at the repair shop on their parking lot for 5 days.  We have tried to conserve water as much as possible so that we can last without any problems.


We are what is called Snow birds which means we live in our RV and that we are hitting south for the winter.  If you want to see what wikepedia says about snowbirds then just click the title link.  Who wants to be in an area where the weather may be a little colder in the winter.  Not us, we like the warmer weather, our time in Half Moon Bay was just fabulous and we were really lucky with the weather.  Not many cloudy days at all.  We felt like we were living in Scotland with all the heather and rugged terrain on the cliffs.  Fabulous scenery and views that we will cherish for all time.

There are snowbirds that come from all over America and Canada that travel to the South for the Winter. Most of these people are of ages 55 and upwards and some of them meet up every winter at the same places and just live through a winter in the warmer weather.  When I lived in England a lot of people in England go to places like Spain for the winter as England gets so cold.  A lot of the RV parks in the south cater for the snowbirds and give discounted rates for staying on a monthly rate in their parks in the winter.  So many people are doing this now that it can be hard to find a spot.

RV repairs

Not all of our repairs got done as one of the parts we needed was not able to be delivered in time.  The panel that needed repairing after hitting the post on our move to the North still needs to be replaced and is covered under insurance so we will now have to get that done in Ventura.  We were a little disappointed and not very happy after staying this week that we could not to get that done.  We are very laid back people so hey ho the wind and the rain.  It really is just cosmetic and will not affect us in any way so we will just have to wait a little longer to get it done.

We did get a few other little repairs done by Antonio at the V&V brothers repair shop and the most important of all a new set of stairs that got damaged in the accident which were dangerous.

During servicing the RV one of the biggest things that he replaced was the anode rod water heater element.  Apparently this needs to be replaced every year to stop the corrosion to your water heater.  We couldn’t believe the damage that had been done to it in 3 years and is a good job it has been replaced.  Just look at the picture of before and after. The skinny one is what it looks like now and the fat one is how it should be.  Unbelievable, we did not know that this needs to be replaced every year.


Water heater element

We are so happy with our new set of steps to the RV and now feel very safe stepping in and out and we even purchased a nice little step to make it even easier to get in and out.

Here is a picture of our new steps



Other things that you need to do yourself to keep your RV in good working order are:

  • Wash the mesh in the air-conditioning unit regularly just like you would if you lived in a house or replace as necessary.
  • Keep mesh ceiling vents clean.  We wash ours every 3 months and they look like new after 3 years.
  • Clean out the refrigerator vents on the outside and keep free of dust and debris.
  • Defrost the refrigerator every 3 months.  The RV refrigerator needs to be done more often than a normal house refrigerator.
  • Clean your RV every 3 months.
  • After 3 years get your roof checked out for any sealants that need replacing and paint the roof.  We are getting to that point but when we checked ours it is ok at the moment .


The snowbirds are on their way today, sandwiches are made to keep us going and we leave today around 1pm to head down the 101 first of all to stop off for diesel at a truck stop which is just an hour away at The Garlic Farm Plaza truck stop for all you snowbirds travelling in case you didn’t know stopping at a truck stop makes it nice and easy to fill up as the rig is so big.  You should always plan your route so that you know were you can park and fill up or stop to eat.

Yanks RV Resort great for snowbirds

We will be staying tonight at the Yanks RV resort which is about 2 hours away from the truck stop. This RV park is very luxurious and we have a 100ft site that will be very easy to drive into and we can stay hooked up to our truck all night without any problem whatsoever.  The site cost is $73 and for such a large site we think this was very reasonable.

While we are at the RV resort we will be able to dump all of our sewerage and water and replenish our water tank as well as catch up with some washing that we could not do when we were boondocking.

We might even have a nice swim in the hot jacuzzi with a beer and relax for the night.  We would imagine that a lot of snowbirds head for this destination from further north as it looks like a really nice site.  We are looking forward to leaving today and we are really excited.

If you are snowbirds and would like to say high then just look our for the montanna mountaineer being pulled by a big red truck.

On Saturday morning we will head to Ventura and will get up and drive a further 1 hour and stop off for a really nice breakfast at another truck stop at the San Paso truck stop in Paso Robles.  This will make the journey nice and easy for Peter.

After that we will head down to our RV Park in Ventura which will take us about 3 hours. We will be staying at the Ventura Beach RV park it was very difficult to get an RV spot in this area as it is as a lot of snowbirds want to stay in this beautiful area.  There are various RV parks but all of them full.  We had our name down on some of them that were less expensive but just could not get a spot.  We are grateful we now have a spot booked but not really happy about the price which is $1600 per month which will include any electric.  The other RV parks that did not have any spaces are only $800 + electric which normally will be around $200 – $300.  We are hoping that this just means that this park is really luxurious. Lets hope so, a lot of the reviews we have read were not that favourable for such an expensive site.  a lot of the comments were though that it is near a freeway and we already know that.

Peter will be working in Oxnard so he needs to be able to get there and this is the only option available. We really don’t mind paying for a spot that is really nice it is our home after all.  We will do an update on our thoughts on the park once we are settled in.

We will really miss the wonderful friends we have made up north but hopefully we will see you again. Bye for now and see you soon.


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Camping World


Javita Coffee, Tea, Cocoa and Cold Drinks

About Javita

I have been a Javita Member now for over 2 years and I am still really excited to be a part of them. Working from home doing my blog and also as a Javita member is just great.  I have made friends who will stay with me forever in my life and I really enjoy their products on a daily basis.  My close friend Jill Putman got me interested in Javita and along with her close friend Dr Chi Ngyuen helped me to launch my business.  I would like to thank them both for their continued support.

The name Javita came to life when their executive team put two words together – java for coffee and vita for life.

The Javita company is based in Florida and are a network marketing company. They have two types of people who sign up with them and they are Members like me and Customers.  These people are changing their lives by enjoying the health – promoting benefits of its high-quality great tasting products.

The CEO of the company is Stan Cherelstein, I have met him on several occasions and he is such a kind and wonderful man, I really feel he just wants everyone to get healthy and prosper.

Stan and his team have almost 200 years of combined industry between them so it is no wonder that everything at the head office just works like clockwork.  Everything is in place for customers and members to feel really secure in receiving the best product and the best service at all times.

You probably wonder why does coffee and RVing go together and I am now going to tell you.  I drink Javita in my RV because :

1.   It helps me lose weight

2.   It helps me stay focused especially when I am tired in the afternoon and on long journeys.

3.   It uses up less space than a coffee machine.

4.   It is instant and can be made hot or cold

There are many reasons why I drink Javita and as I tell you about the different products you will see why.

My husband and I started to eat healthy around 2 years ago now.  A very good friend of mine Michelle Sala Radke is a certified health coach and she taught Peter and I about healthy eating.  We still have things that Michelle has said we shouldnt but we really do eat way better than we did before.  I asked her to look into Javita coffee for me before I started to drink it and it got the thumbs up from her.  Michelle is so amazing, we learned so much about the food that we eat.  I still have lots of weight to lose but because of her I don’t have the health issues I had before.  Eating healthy is key.  We found it so much easier to stick to a healthy diet as Javita burn and control helped to curb my appetite and when I drink 2 cups per day it does exactly that.  We are naughty and do not always drink enough or eat the things we are supposed to all the time but we are way better and healthier than ever before.  Rome wasnt built-in a day.

The products

The Javita products are all healthy and contain lots of different herbs that can help you in so many different ways.  You can read all about the products on My website I don’t want to write about them all and get it wrong.  Go to the webpage and it tells you all about them. Or I can send you a magazine that I have that explains it all to you.

The different products at a price of $35 per box on-line by name are:

1.   Burn and Control Coffee

2.   Energy and Mind Coffee

3.   Lean and Green Tea

4.   Herbal Cleanse Tea

5.   FocusFusion Cocoa

6.   ActiveBlenz Control

7.   ActiveBlenz Defend

8.   ActiveBlenz Flex

9.   Activeblenz Rush

The products do exactly what they say on the box so read all about them today and go to my website

This is how I store my product in my RV and as you can see I can drink them hot or cold, it makes it easy to choose which drink I want.  I just pick up the sachet I want open put powder into a cup or glass and add water and stir.  It couldn’t be simpler.


My Javita

They come in boxes like this.


Different products available


My favorite 2 javita products are the Burn and Control coffee so it can help me lose weight,  I have lost 20 pounds since drinking this and have kept it off,  My husband also lost weight and has kept his weight off too he is at his ideal weight and I need to continue to drink 2 a day to try to lose another 20.  I am going to work on this during the next year.  My other favorite drink is the Energy and Mind Coffee.  My husband and I drink this if we are tired and still need to go do something or if we are on a long drive.  It helps us stay focused and think as clear as a bell.

Changing the habits of a lifetime is very difficult but with Javita to help you it makes it a whole lot easier.  It is not a miracle cure but a tool to use to help you along the way.

Get you coffee today just go to my website and become a customer today.  If you have any further questions then please feel free to email me.


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Repairs on our fifth wheel

Leaving Half Moon Bay

We have been in Half Moon Bay in San Francisco for 3 months now and it was time to leave.  We are on our way now to Ventura County, CA and have to first stop off for some much needed repairs in Redwood City.

Our stay at Half Moon Bay RV Park has been a good one.  We loved the sizes of the plots that we were given and felt like we had alot of personal space.  It was great to be so close to enterainment and also really close to the sea and all the wonderful views it has to offer.  Our only complaint would be the dust, we have never stayed on such a dusty site.  The unpaved roads cause so much dust, even with cars , trucks and RV going past your site at 5mph still causes clouds of the stuff.  It was a nightmare.   I was forever cleaning and when we left was thinking this will turn to mud when the rains comes heavy.  Not a good Idea.  We kept carpets down outside to try and stop some of the tread and trying to get my husband to take his shoes off everytime he came in was a real battle.  I for one will not miss the dust.

Although we have only been on the campsite in Half Moon Bay for 3 months, we made some very good friends that I am sure we will be in touch with in the future.  When you live this way, you never know when you will meet again.  We both had to hold back the tears when we left as we had some very good memories there.

On Saturday Peter and I had so much to do getting ready to move.  It took us a while to take down our tower garden as the roots had taken such a hold in just 3 short months.  The tower garden seemed to really love the weather here.  We picked all the rest of the tomatoes which were in abundance and gave some to neighbours.  Most were still green but before long will turn red.  It wasn’t such a big job to get ready to move but because we had both been to the pub the night before we both had hangovers that made us go really slow and took us all day to pack up.  It is a good job I had started preparing to leave a few days before. We washed our RV ready for the move because if we did not wash our RV then when we pull in the slides all the debris and dust would have come inside so we really did not have an option.  We felt so guilty while washing our RV as California is in a drought but this is our home and we have to look after it.  It was so dirty after only 3 months of being there and probably the dirtiest it has ever been.

V&V RV Repairs

Peter hooked up and drove right over the 92 to the V&V RV Repairs  The 92 is a very winedy road and Peter did really well and in fact it has boosted his confidence with driving.  When we got there One of the brothers Victor helped us get into the spot he had for us so that our repairs can be done this week.  We will be staying here till Friday.  We feel very safe as right next to us he has a security guard in his RV and he also has a dog.  I could not believe though how close to the wall we are and how Peter did that I will never know.  He did a great job.  We cannot have the slides out fully in the RV as people still have to get by us on the road so it is a bit weird to be staying in here with the slides not fully out.

On our way up to Half Moon Bay the RV hit a post and that is the major repair we have.  It needs new stairs and a long panel to be fixed.  We also are going to get a full service done and just a few silly repairs inside.

It was Victor who suggested that we just stay with them on their site while they do the repairs and understood that this was our home.  This has saved us probably $1000 that it would have cost to stay in a hotel while repairs are carried out.  We are blown away by his hospitality.  Thank you Victor.

After they have done all the repairs and service,  we do alot of services ourselves and keep the RV really clean inside and out that helps but the heating and air con will need servicing.  I will let you know the costs and also what they did in the service so watch this space.


The RV with part slides out


Right against the wall



View out the window


Repair shop with more RVs to be repaired

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California Fires – are you prepared

Would you be ready to move your RV within 15 minutes if there was a fire?

California Fires

California fires


California fires are a reality living in California and during our time here we have seen many fires.  With the many fires that are happening right now in Northern California it has been on many people conversations this past week.  The poor people who have lost their homes is just so sad.

The fire department came to our campsite just the other day and bought to attention to the owners that some campers have way to many items around their RVs.  When you live in your RV full-time you start to collect stuff.  Do not be a victim of California Fires and be prepared.

If you can honestly say that you could not move your RV in 15 minutes then you really need to have a rethink about the STUFF in your RV and around it.

We went through our RV and I can proudly say that we could move in 15 minutes having everything packed inside and out.

The only thing that would get left behind would be our tower garden and some plants.

A Place for Everything

In our RV we have a place for everything and the same plan every time we move sites.  This is how I start packing inside the house.  It normally takes me an hour as I just take my time when I pack away but I can certainly do it in 15 minutes and living in areas where California Fires are a reality, along with tsunamis and earthquakes we have certainly thought of this.

Here are my steps for packing.

1.  First thing I do is to pack my wine glasses into a wine glass protection case.  This releases a whole cupboard for my pictures and ornaments that I have around my RV.

california fires

Glass case

2.  Wrap ornaments in tea towels and place into cupboard that is now empty.  This does not take long.  I start in one area of the RV and work around so that nothing is missed.  All these items fit into that cupboard and then at the front and back I place cushions off the couch for extra safety.

california fires


3.  My washing machine goes into the shower, and the kitchen trash can go into the bathroom.


4.   My shoes go into a box and also into the bathroom on the floor.  The shoe rack closes flat on goes onto the couch.

5.   My small folding table wheels into the corner where the shoes were along with the coffee table.

6.  The printer goes under the dining room chairs.

7.  The filing cabinet is put onto the couch.

8.  The two swivel chairs go back to back with the cupboard between them so that when the slides come in they have nowhere to go.

9.  Carpets are rolled up and put onto the bed.

10.  everything in the kitchen fits under the sink, except the knives that go under a chair also in the dining room.

11.  Anything on the dressing table in the bedroom fits into the bedroom cupboards.

12.  In the bathroom everything left out goes into the sink such as toothbrushes, soaps etc.

I then check that all the cupboards are shut properly and that there is nothing obstructing the slide outs.  I start in one spot and go all the way around.  We are then ready for the slide outs to come in.  One of the things I nearly forgot once was the hangers  I have over draws in the kitchen.

california fires

drawer hanger

Check ever inch and then get someone else to check too.

If you are having to move in a rush then just stay calm and go through mthodically.

1.  Stay Calm

2.  Make a Plan

3.  Have a place for everything

4.  Be organised

5.  Everything in the RV should have a home in the RV

6.  Everything outside of the RV has a home underneath the RV in storage when packing.

The only help I need inside the RV is to put the chairs back to back, everything else I can do very easily whilst my husband Peter does outside disconnecting the pipes and electricity and making sure everything is stored in the understorage compartments.

We have timed ourselves and it is tight but we can do all this in 15 minutes.

Organisation is the key to all of this.  If you do not have a place for everything then you will not succeed in getting away in time and saving your home and your life.

Leaving your RV in 2 Minutes

If you do not even get 15 minutes because maybe the fire is just too close, make sure that all your personal papers like passports and birth certificates are altogether and in something that you can pick up and run with and also keep them in a safe that if it burns they are not damaged inside.

This is the one that we have

california fires

Sentry safe


Make a plan today California Fires is a reality, make sure your can pack up and go within 15 minutes. Fire will not wait for you to pack up.


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Weekend with visitors

The Weekend

This weekend was a great time as we had our son Michael visit with his boyfriend Mike.  We had a packed schedule for them and a great time ahead.

They both arrived at 11pm on the Friday evening, we would normally be in bed at this time but wanted to wait up so that we were awake at their arrival.

Cameron’s Inn

We went over to Cameron’s Pub which was such a long way to walk (50 steps from our RV.  Friday and Saturday are karaoke night so we decided we would go and that would keep us entertained until they Came. Sure enough after a couple of drinks we were having a good old-time and singing ourselves on the karaoke.  I was up singing Jailhouse Rock as they arrived and Michael said to Mike “I think that’s my mom singing” just before they entered and sure enough there I was.

After driving for 6 hours they were both tired but were ready to have a good weekend, with still an hour of karaoke left I wasn’t gonna let them get away with not singing.  Michael sang and then it was time to go back to the RV and settle us all down for the night.

Pillar Point Harbor

Peter and I had already been to Pillar point Harbor but the boys had not so when people come to stay you tend to go to places you have already been so that you can show them the fabulous views.  We rose early the next day and had bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast and headed out over to Pillar Point Harbor to have a look round at the boats and harbor.  it was an extremely beautiful day and wasn’t too long before we were all ready to eat again.

We ate at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company.  We had great food and even had samplers of beer to try which was just fabulous.  we had such a good time and the highlight was a truly the apple crumple that Per and I shared which was delicious

As we walked around the harbor there were some men who had caught some fish and were cutting them up.  all very exciting but I’m sure the fish was looking at me.




Pigeon Point lighthouse

We went from there onto see the lighthouse at Pigeon Point Lighthouse.  The views are just breathtaking and I just knew the boys would enjoy to see this.  The last time we came everything was closed but this time the shop was open and other parts that we had not seen before.  Well worth a visit.  We got some great pictures and had a fabulous visit there.


The two Michael’s

We went back to the RV, watched a movie and all napped a little and then went over to Cameron’s for the karaoke.  We all had a sing-song and were joined by Geri and her daughter Jessica who was also over for the weekend.  I got up to sing with Mike at one point and it was great fun.  Watch the video of the fun we had singing.

Mike and Joyce signing

Sunday came and went off to San Francisco for the day.  We drove in to San francisco knowing it was a holiday weekend we knew it was going to be busy so we parked on the front near pier 19 which is easy then to walk up to pier 49 where we wanted to get to, we were early so the cost of parking was only $20 for the whole day.  It is called early bird parking and is given when you are there before 10 a.m.

Our intention was to have breakfast on pier 39 so that’s where we headed.  We ate at Eagle Cafe and had a wonderful breakfast to keep us going for the day.  We wandered around the pier 39 and saw the sea lions relaxing on the pier along with such great views of Alcatraz, with such beautiful weather and great company what more could we ask for.  We were feeling very lucky I indeed.

The two Michael’s paid for us to go to the Aquarium and we all were thrilled in there to see the Sharks and other fish in the water tunnel.  I could have stayed there forever so thrilling to see the sharks.  We saw so many different kinds of fish it is unbelievable how many species there are.

We got some great pictures.


Shark and Michael


Reminds me of children’s program stingray

My husband and I drover over to the Ritz hotel to see the sunset with some friends and the pictures we got were just fabulous.


The Ritz Hotel, Half Moon Bay


Sunset at the Ritz

We will certainly miss this area as we leave next week as we head down south to Ventura/Oxnard area. Exploring California in our RV is very exciting we meet so many people and in this area we have made so many friends I am sure we will be back another time.  I havent see my friends at the quilting shop for the past couple of weeks as I had some work I had to do but I really was grateful of their help while I was here.  Also I will miss a couple of really close friends that we met.  The good thing is that because of the internet people can stay in touch.

This weekend will be a getting ready to go weekend so follow by blog to see how I pack up ready to go on our journey to our next destination.


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Growing vegetables when your travelling

We travel in our RV all over California and pretty much change our location every 3 or 6 months.  We have just been notified that we are leaving Half Moon Bay RV Park and heading back down south and our Destination is Oxnard CA.  We are ready and excited to go and the packing will start shortly.

We have been growing vegetables here in Half Moon Bay and our Tower Garden has seemed to like the weather very much.   This is how big it has grown in just two short months.

Growing Vegetables



The Tower Garden is hydroponic click the link to find out what hydroponic is.  It only took 3 weeks for all of our herbs and lettuces to grow.  We have been eating our lettuce for weeks.  We still have one lettuce left and tons of Kale.

The tomatoes are growing in bounds and are starting to turn red in places.  We have tons of cherry tomatoes turning red and the large tomatoes are still growing.  In the next couple of weeks they will be ready to pick im sure.  We also have peppers red and green which will be ready shortly too. Can’t you just smell them looking at the pictures


growing vegetables



growing vegetables



growing vegetables


Our strawberries we will be picking this weekend.  There were not too many of them but we think we will have a nice smoothy with them and some Kale.

People like growing vegetables for themselves so that they know what they have NOT been sprayed with these days.  Lots of people in RV parks grow their own vegetables when they live permanently on a site. They grow them mostly in boxes or tubs so that if they move they can be taken with them.  I think however I have the perfect solution in my beautiful Tower Garden.  People stop and look to see how it grows so quickly and cannot believe it when I first put the plants in and that how big they are within 3 weeks.

Growing vegetables is such a pleasure.  It is even better when you can just go outside to pick your own crop for your dinner.  It is so tasty and fresh.  We are hoping the cucumbers have grown before we leave as they are well on their way.  If they are not ready to pick then when we dismantle to leave I will put them in some of the same solution that grows them and then take them with us.  Everything else will be ready to pick anyway so my tower garden will be pretty much done.

I replant and grow my vegetables every 3 months.  I wash everything and start again with a new crop.  As soon as we reach our destination in Oxnard we will replant.

The vegetables and herbs we grew this time were butter lettuce, kale, romaine lettuce, sage, chives, basil, cilantro, tomatoes cherry and large tomatoes, cucumber, strawberries and peppers.

We have had such a great crop while we are here.  We will be dismantling before we leave, pick all the crop and start again when we move.  We have moved mid crop before and dismantled and taken all of the plants very carefully in boxes with solution and reassembled when we get there.  All plants survived and we had a great crop from them.

If you would like to purchase a tower garden and are thinking about growing vegetables then please check out my webpage at Joyce’s tower garden page.  You can purchase your tower garden by paying monthly over 1 year which is what we did and now we own ours.  Best investment ever.


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Donner family – Lake Donner visit

We love that fact that our weekends are mostly free to decide where we can visit next.

Donner Lake


Donner Lake

We sat around a fire at our RV park and was chatting with some friends.  We said we were going to head out to Lake Tahoe for the weekend and over to Reno when the subject changed to the Donner Family and what happened at Donner Lake in the 1846.

We decided we would go to Lake Tahoe first but do the north side and go through Donner Lake on our way as a stop off.

It really sat heavy with us as these poor people decided to emigrate from the east to the west for a new life.  We wanted to learn more. We immigrated to America for a new life 8 years ago and we felt we understood a little that you do what it takes to make it work.  Knowing that these poor people were just trying to make a new life for themselves just made it all the more sad.

Donner family





The Donner people took what they thought was a shorter route so that they could knock 300 miles off their journey only to find that it was actually longer and also much worse terrain than if they had followed everyone else.  They found themselves getting trapped by the snow and being trapped for 5 months, after 3 weeks had no food left and finally turned themselves into cannibals as people died they ate them for food.   It must have been so hard for them to get through this time.  So many of them died and some people did survive.  Check out this webpage I found which explains it all far better that me. Website about the Donner Party

We visited Donner Lake and some of Donner Pass and climbed to 7227 feet at one point.  The Information center we visited had a large statue and I have put the picture below.  The snow was as deep as the block on the statue so as you can imagine was so deep.  As we walked around the Information center it gave you the whole story of what happened at that very sad time.  This is a part of US history we did not know so it was very interesting but very sad to read about.  We found the people visiting the center were very quiet walking around reading all the information.

During the harsh times of the Donner family The Washoe People interacted with them and bought them some food to help but when they saw them eventually resorting to cannibalism it made them scared of them look at this website I found on the Washoe people. The Washoe people


Chinese Immigrants

It first of all starts talking about the Donner family and then goes on to tell you all about the Chinese who emigrated to help with the building of the railway there too.  Thousands died doing this and it was so sad to read all the information about the chinese too.  We actually saw some of the railway that still stands today as we drove along onto Lake Tahoe.  It all looks so beautiful and unbelievable that so many people died. 137 workers died during the 4 years building the railway.  Read this information to learn more about what happened. Railroad History




North Lake Tahoe

We carried on our visit to North Lake Tahoe and it was an absolutely beautiful site.  We found a bench right on the lake to have our sandwiches.  The wind really picked up at that point and we just felt like we were sat at the seaside and not the lake.  The lake was so big that it really was just like the sea. We ate our sandwich and got back into the truck and off to Reno.  I booked a hotel quickly on my phone through expedia and off we went to our hotel.


We stayed at Sieno Hotel in Reno and we were given a really lovely room.  I didn’t sleep very well though as the air conditioning was so loud it drove me nuts.  Although it was a beautiful hotel I don’t think we will stay there again.

Well we went out for the night in Reno and decided we would just spend $20 each on gambling and then go for something to eat.  Nothing too expensive.  On the very first machine that we put our money into Peter won $500. Whoo hooo we were really happy and decided to go for a really nice meal and had a starter our meal, afters and a bottle of wine.  We also had some more money to have a little gamble.  Our weekend now was costing us nothing and we were really happy as you can imagine.

Reno was very surprising, the river walk had a lot of building going on and you can see that the city is being cleaned up   I think I will visit Reno again it would be interesting to see it in another 5 years. They are doing a great job.

We ate at the camporeno Restaurant and we both had Lamb.  It absolutely melted in our mouths and the wine was just wonderful.  The waiter Jason was a gem kept coming over and poured our wine for us and it was just all such a treat. The waiter made us feel very special.

We skipped all the way back to the hotel.

South Lake Tahoe

We left early in the morning and headed off to South Lake Tahoe which seemed weirdly different to the North of the Lake.  We paid $8 to park so that we could just take pictures of the beautiful old fashioned steam boats that were on the lake and we had breakfast.


Steam Boat


We then headed up the hill to Emerald Bay which is part of the lake and just could not believe the stunning views upon heading up the hill.  At one point we were on a ridge with lakes on both side of us.  I got a great picture of Emerald Bay just see how beautiful it is.



Emerald Bay




Video of Emerald Bay 


My husband works for Emerald Health which was named after this lake.

We drove all the way home and can’t wait for our next excursion.