Repairs on our fifth wheel

Leaving Half Moon Bay

We have been in Half Moon Bay in San Francisco for 3 months now and it was time to leave.  We are on our way now to Ventura County, CA and have to first stop off for some much needed repairs in Redwood City.

Our stay at Half Moon Bay RV Park has been a good one.  We loved the sizes of the plots that we were given and felt like we had alot of personal space.  It was great to be so close to enterainment and also really close to the sea and all the wonderful views it has to offer.  Our only complaint would be the dust, we have never stayed on such a dusty site.  The unpaved roads cause so much dust, even with cars , trucks and RV going past your site at 5mph still causes clouds of the stuff.  It was a nightmare.   I was forever cleaning and when we left was thinking this will turn to mud when the rains comes heavy.  Not a good Idea.  We kept carpets down outside to try and stop some of the tread and trying to get my husband to take his shoes off everytime he came in was a real battle.  I for one will not miss the dust.

Although we have only been on the campsite in Half Moon Bay for 3 months, we made some very good friends that I am sure we will be in touch with in the future.  When you live this way, you never know when you will meet again.  We both had to hold back the tears when we left as we had some very good memories there.

On Saturday Peter and I had so much to do getting ready to move.  It took us a while to take down our tower garden as the roots had taken such a hold in just 3 short months.  The tower garden seemed to really love the weather here.  We picked all the rest of the tomatoes which were in abundance and gave some to neighbours.  Most were still green but before long will turn red.  It wasn’t such a big job to get ready to move but because we had both been to the pub the night before we both had hangovers that made us go really slow and took us all day to pack up.  It is a good job I had started preparing to leave a few days before. We washed our RV ready for the move because if we did not wash our RV then when we pull in the slides all the debris and dust would have come inside so we really did not have an option.  We felt so guilty while washing our RV as California is in a drought but this is our home and we have to look after it.  It was so dirty after only 3 months of being there and probably the dirtiest it has ever been.

V&V RV Repairs

Peter hooked up and drove right over the 92 to the V&V RV Repairs  The 92 is a very winedy road and Peter did really well and in fact it has boosted his confidence with driving.  When we got there One of the brothers Victor helped us get into the spot he had for us so that our repairs can be done this week.  We will be staying here till Friday.  We feel very safe as right next to us he has a security guard in his RV and he also has a dog.  I could not believe though how close to the wall we are and how Peter did that I will never know.  He did a great job.  We cannot have the slides out fully in the RV as people still have to get by us on the road so it is a bit weird to be staying in here with the slides not fully out.

On our way up to Half Moon Bay the RV hit a post and that is the major repair we have.  It needs new stairs and a long panel to be fixed.  We also are going to get a full service done and just a few silly repairs inside.

It was Victor who suggested that we just stay with them on their site while they do the repairs and understood that this was our home.  This has saved us probably $1000 that it would have cost to stay in a hotel while repairs are carried out.  We are blown away by his hospitality.  Thank you Victor.

After they have done all the repairs and service,  we do alot of services ourselves and keep the RV really clean inside and out that helps but the heating and air con will need servicing.  I will let you know the costs and also what they did in the service so watch this space.


The RV with part slides out


Right against the wall



View out the window


Repair shop with more RVs to be repaired

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  1. Safe journey guys love reading your blog xxxxx

  2. Susan Miller says

    Safe travels!

  3. Hi Peter & Joyce. Let us know where in Ventura you find a park and the name. It has been terriblily HOT here in Lake Elsinore. Bob’s health is having a hard time with it. We are planning on moving in May back to Portland, OR. but I love Ventura and it isn’t as hot as here. We have had triple digits.

    • Yes of course will do. Wow it’s been that hot. Poor you. I will let you know what it is like this weekend xx