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Halloween – dress up

Before I start telling you about our Halloween party last night, I just want to let you know that my first week at college doing my billing and coding course went really well.  I am thoroughly enjoying it and I got an  A  for all my work last week.  I am so excited I don’t ever remember getting an  A  when I was at school.  It is never too late to learn and although I go into the college to study you can do it right in the comfort of your own home.  Laurus college in Oxnard is where I am attending.

Halloween Party – Swing Dance Night


Peter and Joyce

My husband Peter and I have only been at our new RV Park in Santa Paula Mountain View for a week and already we were invited to go to a swing dance night in Ventura, not only that but it was a Halloween dance where everyone dressed up so even better.

We are feeling really comfortable in this park and my only criticism would be that the spaces are parallel and not on a slant which would make it easier to navigate into your spot.  When this park was built it was not built for the big massive rigs that you see these days.  A poor older guy just hit a truck on his way into the park as he tried to navigate around the park and arrive in his space his poor RV and the Truck has taken a bit of a beating. Take those wide turns people stay right and wide.

Swing Dance Every Thursday in Ventura

Every Thursday in Ventura at the Golden China Restaurant there is swing dancing.  When it is your first time it is only $10 per couple then it is $10 per head following that.

We went last night and it was just fabulous nearly everyone was in costume and we will definitely be going again while we are living here in Santa Paula.

Wherever you live you need to get yourself out and about doing things.  Just because you live in an RV doesn’t mean you have to just sit in it.  Get out and about and do things.  If you can’t dance then go to lessons and learn,  if you’re not able to dance then just go and watch have something to eat and have a drink of your choice.  It is great entertainment watching some of the experts dancing.   It can be just like watching strictly come dancing on the TV.  When I’m not dancing I like to watch others it really makes you tap your feet even if you are not dancing.

We love to dance swing and rock n roll although we also like ballroom.  Peter and I first met doing ballroom dancing and it was over that time that evolved us into the relationship that we have today and after 21 years we still love to dance together.

Here are some of the other pictures of people dressed in costume at the Halloween swing dance. It was so much fun and we met so many people.


Halloween costume sumo wrestler





Last night was absolutely fabulous and we just can’t wait till next week  when we can go again.

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El Nino – Are you safe

Mountain View RV Park.

El Nino

Mountain View RV Park

El Nino

Jacuzzi at Mountain View RV Park

We have just moved to a new RV Park in Santa Paula called Mountain View RV Park.  The Journey was only 20 minutes away so not a long journey at all.  Everything went well with the move and our spot was really easy to drive into.

Living here in Santa Paula, we feel quite safe.  The fact that with the El Nino, that people are talking about coming to California this fall, that we are going to be safe.


Our spot at Mountain View RV park

El Nino

Lots of places to sit at the Jucuzzi

Santa Paula

Santa Paula is known as the citrus capital of the world and trust me there is orange and lemon trees everywhere you look.   Peter and I sing the song Orange and Lemons every time we go past them.  We just can’t help it.  We just love the smell.

In England where we are from we don’t have orange or lemon trees.  The first time we saw the orange and lemon groves here in this area was when we arrived in America in 2006 we had a trip to the beach at Ventura and drove down the 126 which were just lined with all the groves and it was just fascinating, we bought some oranges on our way home and they were the sweetest oranges and juiciest we had ever tasted.  Yum.

We really can’t believe that 8 years later we are living amongst the groves.  Just beautiful.

We really like living in RV Parks as we love meeting people and having a life that is as much indoors as outdoors and we like the fact that people who live in RVs meet up and socialize.

Peter just got home from work and we had a nice swim before dinner just fabulous, we were the only ones in the jacuzzi. A beer in one hand and a nice dip after a hard day, priceless.

The same day we moved in Mountain View RV Park we were invited over for snacks and a swim in the Jacuzzi with a few of the other guests staying at the park.  We met about 8 people and have already spoken to our wonderful neighbours who have been very helpful.

El Nino KTLA –  guideline.

On the news this morning they talked about being prepared for the El Nino coming in the fall.  It really made you think.  They explained all about what the El Nino is and to make sure that you know what to do should something happen like a mudslide.  Click the above link to see their explanation and the guideline they have said you should follow.

My take on it is that if you are prepared for earthquakes as you should be living in California, then you are prepared for the El Nino.  The same thing applies.  One of the things they did talk about though on the news was to make sure you have Wellington boots, they called them something else that Americans call them and I cannot remember what that is so here is a link of what the English call wellies



Keep your wellies in the car so that in the effect of a mudslide that you are able to walk away from the situation should you be trapped in your car.

We also feel that living further inland for the winter will be very beneficial, with the El Nino effect coming around the fall we have a feeling that living right by the beach may not be a good idea. Obviously you really do not know what can happen as living by the coast or inland in a valley can have a devastating effect no matter what.

The El Nino could cause mudslides from the mountains and the Santa Clara River in Santa Paula could fill and overflow or we could indeed have an earthquake living in California anyway.  We do feel a little safer inland from both as an earthquake could cause a Tsunami and being right there at the beach would not be a good place to be. Who knows what could happen but just that you should be prepared.

Be Prepared and check out the KTLA link above.

Stay safe and love to all.


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Ventura Pier – just so beautiful

We are in an RV park not far from Ventura Pier just off the main high street and are leaving here on Saturday.  We have not enjoyed our time in the park for many reasons.

1.   The price -$1900 is just way to expensive for a spot right by the freeway and opposite a childrens park.

2.   The customer service in the park is just awful.  I have witnessed so many incidents of the way that the staff have spoken to other people in the office.

3.  There are so many security guards that you are afraid to breathe.

4.  There was a sign on the gate for the pool saying “please do not go into the pool if you have had diraeah in the last 7 days.  This really put me off.

5.   The grass is watered every day and it soaks my windows to the RV and steps and the side of my RV every single day.  It had driven me nuts.

No not happy at all.  I would go as far as to say it is the worse park we have ever stayed at.  EVER!

We are moving on Saturday to Santa Paula CA and we are very excited we have a pull through spot and it is over 50% less in rent to pay, after we have moved in I will tell you all about it.  It is just a small family site but I know we will be happy there and it is still within distance of the beautiful Ventura Beach so we can still have a great time at the beach.


I have started to do a college course online and I am doing a course in Billing and Coding.  I am very excited as this is something I have always wanted to do.  The College I am attending is in Oxnard and called laurus College and I have been going everyday this week. It is a very small college and I feel really comfortable already going there.  I can do the course online or go into the college,  whilst we are local I will be attending the college as it is just so exciting to go there every day.  When we do eventually move I can just carry on doing it from home in my RV.  I am just really excited.


On my way home from college today I decided I would stop off at the pier at Ventura.  It was such a fabulous day and there wasnt a cloud in the sky.  I parked in the car structure and got a ticket but if I ate at any of the restaurants on the pier my parking would be paid for.  I therefore did eat at the restaurant at the pier and had a fish sandwich and sat just staring out of the window all on my own at the Ventura pier in front of me.  Afterwards I walked along the Ventura pier and it was just so tranquil and quiet with hardly anyone around with it being in the daytime and a weekday.

I ventured to the end of the pier and sat just staring out into the deep blue sea mesmerised by the beauty of it all.

If you ever get chance then head out to Ventura. Eat, play in the beautiful sand, kick your feet in the waves and just enjoy the beautiful scenery and sunshine.

Here are some pictures of Ventura Pier from my day today.  Enjoy.


Ventura Beach


Ventura Beach


Ventura Beach


School Friend Visit

School friend visit.

I have had such a great day with my friend Deborah Douglas (Maher).  Debbie is over here on work business and only had 1 day where she was free to spend time with me before she had to work and then fly back to England.  What are the odds that the hotel she was staying at was only 1 hour away from me and a hotel I used to frequent for business meetings.

I was at the same Junior school with Debbie from when I was 10. I remember that she fell off the toilet door frame when she was swinging at aged 10 and put a big gash in her leg and the abulance came to take her to hospital.  Everyone talked about this incident for weeks and Debbie had the big massive scar to prove it.  Funny how there are things that you remember when your are small from school times.

We were then in the same class together in Senior school and we went to Longmeadow Girls school in Birmingham, England.  They say that friends that you make way back when are still friends now as the friendship chemistry between you never goes away.  i believe this is so true as we get on like a house on fire.  We never stopped talking all day and I was very sad when i had to come home as we still had so much more to say but very little time.

This is very true with Debbie and me, we had such a great day catching up talking about classmates and things that we got up to when we were much younger.  We were in the same club together and had friends that we both hung about with.

How do you have a memorable day with very little time. well first of all we went and had a manicure and pedicure.

Manicure and Pedicure

What a great time this was.  We were sat next to each other and never shut up the whole time.  We had our arms and legs massaged and had a right girly time of it.  We found an absolutely delight of a salonthat did this in Santa Clarita called Ocean Spa Nail Salon as far as i am concerned, the best nail spa I have ever been to.  They even had little chairs for the kids to sit in.  One child was sat there watching frozen on the computer in front of him provided by the salon while his Mom got her nails done.  Just perfect, we had a great pampering session.


After our pampering session we were hungry so we went to Marie Callenders just down the road and had a fabulous lunch.  I really like this place and have been many times before.  We stayed chatting the whole time and even got the waiter to take our photo.  We both had one of their famous pot pies which was just so huge and Debbie had hot wings which she loved but were way to hot for me.

Right now we needed to walk off that lunch and we were both feeling rather heavy in our tummies at this point.  I had a great idea that would both give Debbie a memorable experience that really was not too far away only 20 mins and also where we could walk off some of that lunch.

Vasquez Rocks

Vasquez Rocks is such a great place to just go for an hour or so and you really feel like you have been somewhere very special.  There are alot of films that use this backdrop as it is just so fabulous.  I know that The Flinstones was filmed here and when you see the photos you will see why.  As we walked around the mountain of rocks you can see the freeway in the distance but there is no sound.  You can hear a pin drop.  We got some great photos and Debbie was really thrilled that we went there as it is such a great site to see.

Amyway day over now and time to get home.  I really do not know when I will see Debbie again but I really hope that it wont be in the too distant future.  School friends forever.




Southwest Coast

Yanks RV Resort

We have arrived safe and sound at our campsite without any mishaps whatsoever.  We stayed at a fabulous campsite on our way down the 101 from Redwood City, CA called Yanks RV Resort.  We had a massive 100ft spot that we just pulled into and left our truck hooked up for the night.


Yanks RV Resort


Our RV at Yanks RV Resort


It was a beautiful park which was very clean and well-kept.  We had a nice relaxing stay having a swim and a little time in the Jacuzzi until late, it was just what we needed to relax.


Yanks RV Resort

As we then the next day carried on down the 101 we stopped off for breakfast a the truck stop in Paso Robles which was just fabulous and had a great breakfast that was really inexpensive.

Southwest Coast – Ventura CA

We carried on straight down the 101 which goes right next to the Southwest Coast in parts and is really beautiful.  We arrived at our site in Ventura in plenty of time to set up at 3pm.  When we went to go pay we were told that our site was no longer going to be $1450 as previously expected but that now it was going to be $1950 instead.  We were flabbergasted and could not believe the increase or the matter of fact way that it was explained to us.  Apparently the site that we were going into was a premium pull thorough site.  When we tried to get into our site it was really small and difficult to maneuver with two big hedges on either side the were right up against the slide outs.  We went back to the office to explain that we couldn’t fit and they gave us another site.  It is a little bigger but not much and is now right opposite the children’s park and right facing the freeway.  We have no choice to stay as there are no other parks in the area within 30 mins of Oxnard and so unless we can come up with another solution we have no choice but to pay $1950 per month for our spot.  We are absolutely disgusted with the price and if anyone has any other ideas for us please let us know.


Ventura RV park

Ventura Harbor

After all the places we have visited the Southwest Coast is our favorite.  The very next day we went for a visit to Ventura Harbor which we have been to before but really love.  We had some ice-cream that was gluten-free, dairy free and was made with  pineapple and just delicious.  The harbor is a very quiet and tranquil place and calmed us down no end after feeling very angry.  Peter had two days off work so we headed to the beach at the harbor and spent a day at the beach there.  There really were hardly any people there and we had a very relaxing time.  Peter got a bit burnt from the sun, he did put on lotion but obviously not in all the places he should.  Bless him when he went to work he looked like a lobster.  I think he forgot how the sun on the southwest coast is very strong with no clouds for coverage.


the Beach at Ventura Harbor

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