School Friend Visit

School friend visit.

I have had such a great day with my friend Deborah Douglas (Maher).  Debbie is over here on work business and only had 1 day where she was free to spend time with me before she had to work and then fly back to England.  What are the odds that the hotel she was staying at was only 1 hour away from me and a hotel I used to frequent for business meetings.

I was at the same Junior school with Debbie from when I was 10. I remember that she fell off the toilet door frame when she was swinging at aged 10 and put a big gash in her leg and the abulance came to take her to hospital.  Everyone talked about this incident for weeks and Debbie had the big massive scar to prove it.  Funny how there are things that you remember when your are small from school times.

We were then in the same class together in Senior school and we went to Longmeadow Girls school in Birmingham, England.  They say that friends that you make way back when are still friends now as the friendship chemistry between you never goes away.  i believe this is so true as we get on like a house on fire.  We never stopped talking all day and I was very sad when i had to come home as we still had so much more to say but very little time.

This is very true with Debbie and me, we had such a great day catching up talking about classmates and things that we got up to when we were much younger.  We were in the same club together and had friends that we both hung about with.

How do you have a memorable day with very little time. well first of all we went and had a manicure and pedicure.

Manicure and Pedicure

What a great time this was.  We were sat next to each other and never shut up the whole time.  We had our arms and legs massaged and had a right girly time of it.  We found an absolutely delight of a salonthat did this in Santa Clarita called Ocean Spa Nail Salon as far as i am concerned, the best nail spa I have ever been to.  They even had little chairs for the kids to sit in.  One child was sat there watching frozen on the computer in front of him provided by the salon while his Mom got her nails done.  Just perfect, we had a great pampering session.


After our pampering session we were hungry so we went to Marie Callenders just down the road and had a fabulous lunch.  I really like this place and have been many times before.  We stayed chatting the whole time and even got the waiter to take our photo.  We both had one of their famous pot pies which was just so huge and Debbie had hot wings which she loved but were way to hot for me.

Right now we needed to walk off that lunch and we were both feeling rather heavy in our tummies at this point.  I had a great idea that would both give Debbie a memorable experience that really was not too far away only 20 mins and also where we could walk off some of that lunch.

Vasquez Rocks

Vasquez Rocks is such a great place to just go for an hour or so and you really feel like you have been somewhere very special.  There are alot of films that use this backdrop as it is just so fabulous.  I know that The Flinstones was filmed here and when you see the photos you will see why.  As we walked around the mountain of rocks you can see the freeway in the distance but there is no sound.  You can hear a pin drop.  We got some great photos and Debbie was really thrilled that we went there as it is such a great site to see.

Amyway day over now and time to get home.  I really do not know when I will see Debbie again but I really hope that it wont be in the too distant future.  School friends forever.