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Work from Home

Work from home in your RV

You can work from home in your RV or indeed in your own home.  Now I know that you see this all over the internet and you probably think, who can I trust to do this.

I have tried and tested quite a few network marketing and on-line marketing companies over the last 6 years and all I can say it that it has been a painstaking massive and sometimes frustrating time for me.

You might ask yourself, what is network marketing and what is on-line marketing.  Let me explain in my own words what they are.

Network Marketing – Javita coffee products and beverages



Network marketing is when you sell or promote a product to people who you know both in person, through emails and through social media like facebook.  For instance Mary Kay is a network marketing company.  I belong to Javita Coffee Company my self and I really love their products and also their compensation is one of the best I have ever seen.  You get paid commission on what you do and from those people you personally sign up below you and who they sign up below them.  Your work is really to promote and help your team be as successful as you if not more. Loving the product that you promote is very important.  I found that while I was travelling in my RV javita coffee  was a very easy product to promote and I often gave out samples to people who then purchased boxes of coffee from me and joined my business which in turn created money for me each month and also on a weekly basis.  I did do better when I was established in one place for a while so that I could build a team of people around me.

Join Javita today, build your own team and have free website to direct people to buy coffee from you.


Online Marketing

With online marketing I have had successes and failures but I have learned such a great many things in the process.  I am not to technically minded and I struggled with understanding some of the programs I joined and did not feel that I have enough help.  I stumble across a company called The multi stream system.  It is free to join and then you pay for what you decided to purchase inside the system and some of the systems inside are free too.  This system is for every pocket no matter how small or large that you have available to you.  I am having great success with this company with 84 people joining my team within a week of joining.  All done online and some paid advertising through the system.

Inside the system there is step by step instructions on how to set up your multi-stream online income.  You can build income slowly or as fast as you want.  You can invest a little into your business or more if you want to build fast.  Every day I look at my account it has gone up and that excites me very much.  If you want to be as excited as me then click the link and get started for free today. Watch the videos and follow the steps one by one starting with the getting started video.




Writing a blog

Another way you can earn money is to work from home writing a blog, now some people wonder why you would write a blog.  I like to write my blog so that as we travel around doing many fabulous things then we can let friends and family know that we are ok and having a great time and also I promote different things on my blog and make money from companies like Amazon.  To make money doing this you need to build your list of followers so that the more people who read your blog on a regular basis and follow you may want to purchase some of the same items that you do.

Our RV has been in the repair shop for a while so it has been difficult to write about going away when we have not.  We do however pick up our RV next friday and we are really excited to be taking it out for a spin.

I hope this helps to give you some incite on how you can make money from home.  There are many more and these are just the ones that I do.  You can do the same by clicking the links in this blog.