Javita Coffee, Tea, Cocoa and Cold Drinks

About Javita

I have been a Javita Member now for over 2 years and I am still really excited to be a part of them. Working from home doing my blog and also as a Javita member is just great.  I have made friends who will stay with me forever in my life and I really enjoy their products on a daily basis.  My close friend Jill Putman got me interested in Javita and along with her close friend Dr Chi Ngyuen helped me to launch my business.  I would like to thank them both for their continued support.

The name Javita came to life when their executive team put two words together – java for coffee and vita for life.

The Javita company is based in Florida and are a network marketing company. They have two types of people who sign up with them and they are Members like me and Customers.  These people are changing their lives by enjoying the health – promoting benefits of its high-quality great tasting products.

The CEO of the company is Stan Cherelstein, I have met him on several occasions and he is such a kind and wonderful man, I really feel he just wants everyone to get healthy and prosper.

Stan and his team have almost 200 years of combined industry between them so it is no wonder that everything at the head office just works like clockwork.  Everything is in place for customers and members to feel really secure in receiving the best product and the best service at all times.

You probably wonder why does coffee and RVing go together and I am now going to tell you.  I drink Javita in my RV because :

1.   It helps me lose weight

2.   It helps me stay focused especially when I am tired in the afternoon and on long journeys.

3.   It uses up less space than a coffee machine.

4.   It is instant and can be made hot or cold

There are many reasons why I drink Javita and as I tell you about the different products you will see why.

My husband and I started to eat healthy around 2 years ago now.  A very good friend of mine Michelle Sala Radke is a certified health coach and she taught Peter and I about healthy eating.  We still have things that Michelle has said we shouldnt but we really do eat way better than we did before.  I asked her to look into Javita coffee for me before I started to drink it and it got the thumbs up from her.  Michelle is so amazing, we learned so much about the food that we eat.  I still have lots of weight to lose but because of her I don’t have the health issues I had before.  Eating healthy is key.  We found it so much easier to stick to a healthy diet as Javita burn and control helped to curb my appetite and when I drink 2 cups per day it does exactly that.  We are naughty and do not always drink enough or eat the things we are supposed to all the time but we are way better and healthier than ever before.  Rome wasnt built-in a day.

The products

The Javita products are all healthy and contain lots of different herbs that can help you in so many different ways.  You can read all about the products on My website I don’t want to write about them all and get it wrong.  Go to the webpage and it tells you all about them. Or I can send you a magazine that I have that explains it all to you.

The different products at a price of $35 per box on-line by name are:

1.   Burn and Control Coffee

2.   Energy and Mind Coffee

3.   Lean and Green Tea

4.   Herbal Cleanse Tea

5.   FocusFusion Cocoa

6.   ActiveBlenz Control

7.   ActiveBlenz Defend

8.   ActiveBlenz Flex

9.   Activeblenz Rush

The products do exactly what they say on the box so read all about them today and go to my website

This is how I store my product in my RV and as you can see I can drink them hot or cold, it makes it easy to choose which drink I want.  I just pick up the sachet I want open put powder into a cup or glass and add water and stir.  It couldn’t be simpler.


My Javita

They come in boxes like this.


Different products available


My favorite 2 javita products are the Burn and Control coffee so it can help me lose weight,  I have lost 20 pounds since drinking this and have kept it off,  My husband also lost weight and has kept his weight off too he is at his ideal weight and I need to continue to drink 2 a day to try to lose another 20.  I am going to work on this during the next year.  My other favorite drink is the Energy and Mind Coffee.  My husband and I drink this if we are tired and still need to go do something or if we are on a long drive.  It helps us stay focused and think as clear as a bell.

Changing the habits of a lifetime is very difficult but with Javita to help you it makes it a whole lot easier.  It is not a miracle cure but a tool to use to help you along the way.

Get you coffee today just go to my website and become a customer today.  If you have any further questions then please feel free to email me.


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Quilting project finished


I felt really emotional yesterday at the Always Quilting Fabric Store in Redwood City yesterday.  It was time to pick up my first big quilt that I had made.  I have only ever made a little quilting mat before this which I use to put my sewing machine on.

The tears just welled up in me as I saw how beautiful it had been quilted. The lady in the shop that did my quilting was called Cathy, I gave her the biggest hug possible and thanked her for her fabulous work. I really don’t know why I felt so emotional, ridiculous really, I was just so excited how my hard work had paid off.  I used my stitch ripper so many times during making it ha ha!  the stitch rippers are the best for your mistakes.  I could just burst and I felt like skipping all the way home.

This quilt has been made for my son, he works as a sound engineer in film and is a lead singer of a band and he just loves music so with that in mind, I had the quilting done with musical notes and it just turned out so fantastic.  I just cannot wait now to show him.

My quilt


Musical Notes


Completed quilt

The quilt I made was so basic in comparison to some others that I have seen in the store but the fact that I made it myself is just so fabulous.

I really don’t have too much room in my RV for crafts but you always find a way if you want to do something.  Having a place for everything in your RV is key to be able to live tidy and stress free.  I have been helping a lady on my site this week with solutions for her to be organised so that it makes things a little easier.  I will be posting some before and after pictures soon with solutions that you can use in your own RV if you wish.  I will also post where I purchased things from that helped with the organizing.

Quilting is going to now be my new hobby as I have already purchased my material for another quilt and I think I now have the bug to make more and to learn more new techniques.  I just love learning new things done you.

You too can make a quilt.  If you go to Always quilting they do great lessons.

For a lot of your quilting needs you can go to Amazon just click the link below.



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Toilet for RV Replaced

Toilet Replaced


I cannot tell you how excited I am to get my new toilet, as I already mentioned in an earlier blog, my toilet just cracked right across the bottom and it was ceramic too.  I was sat on it at the time and I thought we had an earthquake.

We have been using a portaloo that we bought from Amazon that has saved our lives for the past couple of weeks while we got the acceptance of our warranty and VV Brothers Rv Repairs ordered the new toilet was being delivered.

It was supposed to be installed on Friday but they called to say that it had not arrived in the post yet.  I was gutted to have to use the portaloo again all over the weekend.  It is great for an emergency but we were both done with that and wanted our comfort back.

The toilet arrived yesterday afternoon and they came straight over to fit it for me.  What a great looking toilet it is too.  It is taller that the last one and is used in domestic homes too.  It is completely ceramic and has the foot flush.  Better yet it has a shower attachment that you can use to clean the toilet after use.  Brilliant idea and I could not be happier.

The toilet we now have is called a Dometic 3oo



Safety at the Campground

Keep your items safe.

My neighbour Shzz came home to Half Moon Bay on Sunday to find that someone had tried to steal her bikes.  Safety and living on an RV Park is no different from living in a home.  There is always someone ready to want to steal your personal items.



We have been living in our RV for 3 years and in all that time, the only thing that we have had stolen is a knife.  We left the knife outside on a table and it was more fool us.  It was an expensive knife worth around $100.

Shzz decided she would like to write a pice for my blog and give you all some advice on looking after your items.

This piece has been written by Shzz Erkalan

Safety at the Campground

For the most part, campgrounds are safe. You’re more likely to fall and skin a knee or stare down an angry chipmunk than run into trouble of a human kind. It’s not so much that security is an integral part of most campground operations (although fenced-in perimeters, security gates, cameras and 24-hour security are fairly common), but rather RVers aren’t likely to prey on one another – and criminal elements can find better and easier scores elsewhere. Frankly, it’s tough for outsiders to sneak around rows and rows of parked RVs looking for loot. But again, it pays to be careful.

Get in to the habit of locking your rig every time you depart. I know, the place looks so quaint and charming nothing could happen, right? Why take chances – it takes but a matter of seconds to lock up and dissuade the family of kleptomaniacs next door from rummaging through your CD collection. This RV lockdown should include securing exterior storage compartments and windows as well. Close blinds and shades to make “casing the joint” a tougher task. Another perk? Shades keep the sun off the fabrics, which reduces fading. Take cooking items, chairs, and anything you want to be there upon your routine inside the RV or tow vehicle when you’re off at the swimming hole. Set up a neighbor watch by getting to know the people next to you, who are more likely to look after someone they know than complete strangers.

Consider a few devices to protect your vehicle and valuables while you’re away. Although it won’t win you any friends when it goes off accidentally in the night, a vehicle alarm system is a useful defense when you’re away. Motion-detecting lights, also known as “scare lights,” should scatter would-be intruders (not to mention critters). Safes are fairly common options on higher-end RVs, serving as an ideal spot for jewelry and traveler’s checks. If you’re worried about RV theft, invest in a trailer hitch lock or more pricey Lojack-type recovery apparatus. Otherwise, a hungry looking dog might do you just as good. Personally, I like to travel with a Louisville Slugger – just in case.

The choice of the RV park itself is also important. Question management about security. Do they have nightly patrols? Is the park well-lit? How hard is it for non-guests to come and go? Opt for a visible campsite in the heart of the park if safety is utmost on your mind. Travel the grounds in pairs and stay in lighted areas. RV parks in urban settings may be more prone to crime than the Ma and Pa campground tucked away in the boonies. But don’t let that be an excuse for letting your guard down.

Thank you Shzz


Safety of your RV 

  1. For safety, lock up your RV always when not at home
  2. Lock any items like bikes with chains
  3. Get yourself a safe in your RV for Personal Items.
  4. Don’t leave anything out that could get taken easily
  5. Attach safety lights – a well-lit area deters unwelcome guests
  6. Close large windows when you go out.
  7. Lock all tools and accessories in under bins for safety.
  8. Keep a whistle handy if someone trys to break in and your home use it to raise an alarm.
  9. Look through windows first before you open your door to let someone in.
  10. Add an alarm to your door so it will make a loud sound should it be open by force.


Having a gun in your RV is your choice for safety too, in some states you are allowed a gun.  If a gun is something that you do not want then think about getting a stun gun instead they really do pack a punch and would deter anyone trying to break in.

Check out this torch and stun gun for safety.


Think safety and security every time.

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Camping World


Folding Table for use in a small space

When you live in an RV you have to utilise ever space that you have and I am thrilled that I have found an even better solution for my sewing needs.

I found a fabulous Folding table on Amazon that uses up hardly any space at all.  It was a very reasonable price at $77 and matches my beautiful coffee table I bought from Camping world.

Folding Table

Folding Table

Folding Table

Folding Table

Folded down

The table folds down really small and when we move can easily just sit on my bed it is so light weight and is on wheels with 4 drawers for scissors and simple sewing accessories.  My sewing machine fits perfectly with room for my swivel chair underneath.  I just love it and gives me my own space for sewing.

I have been sewing on my kitchen table which has been fine but this now gives me much more room and keeps my accessories even more organized than they were.  Being organised in a RV is key.

I will now be doing my cutting out of fabric on a trestle 5ft table I can put up and take down and the sewing on my new folding table.

My coffee table is working out really well and gives us more usable workspace.  I can’t believe that they both match each other and my RV too.  Such a good find..

Coffee Table

Folding Table

Coffee Table

folding table

Coffee table lifted

The sewing part of my quilt Is now finished and ready to be quilted.  I just have to now complete my binding.  The quilt is only a simple one but has turned out fabulous.  Check it out.  I start my new project which will be a quilt for my sister on Monday.  I have been sewing for years but just never made a big quilt so I am very excited to have made my first one.

Folding Table

Quilt made ready to be quilted

I now have a great working space to able to create some really good items for family and friends.  I have fallen in love with quilting so I think I will have many projects to be getting on with.

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Camping World





Camping Dryer for your RV

Wow! I have a new camping dryer for my RV and it is fabulous.

Camping Dryer

As you know I have my camping washing machine that I use to do my washing and now I have a drier to go with it.  It folds down to a really small size and is very compact.  I can dry 4/5 items in it as a time and it takes about 30 mins to dry them on the high heat.

Close Drier

The clothes dryer is actually called a close drier by Joy Mangano and I think is just genius.  I have read a few views on the internet that has said that theirs broke or the items didn’t dry well.  I can tell you from experience that I think it is just amazing.

The whole drier pulls up and extends into a mini wardrobe and you just hang your clothes inside it, zip it up and it dries your clothes.  I put 4 shirts on 30 mins and they dried really well and were nice and fluffy when finished.  I have not tried jeans yet I am sure they will take longer but will let you know how long that takes when I do.  Instead of your clothes being damaged in a regular drier this one gently blows a warm breeze onto your clothes which are hung up on hangers.

I call this my camping dryer but I am sure it could be used easily wherever you are, whether you are in an apartment, house of just renting a room.

Imagine the times when you are out camping and your washed a few items and just wanted them dry or you went swimming and it was a bit damp outside, what would you do, you would get out your camping dryer of course.

One of the complaints I have heard from some who have a washer dryer in their RV is that the drier makes their clothes wrinkly.  Well this does not, no ironing necessary afterwards just shake out your clothes hang them up and dry them.  Why has it taken someone so long to invent this, or why did I not know about this before?

This is what it looks like.

My Camping dryer

Camping Dryer

Clothes Dryer

Camping dryer

Clothes dryer with clothes hanging

Camping dryer

Clothes dryer controls


Camping dryer

Clothes dryer in extended state

If you want to know more about this item check out this you tube video.

The dryers on my RV park are $2.50 for one load.  I think I will be saving some money.  What do you think? You can purchase this drier from Amazon and it is on sale for $49 how fabulous is that.  Just click the link and you can purchase one right here right now.  Get yours today. Fabulous!



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Camping World

Always Quilting the best store

Always Quilting

Just by visiting this store you can see the it lives up to its name.  I have never been into a store with so many quilts hanging all over the walls.  They must be always quilting to have so many people have their beautiful work hanging.

On Friday I went to a Quilt store in San Mateo as I intended to do some cutting out there. They have a free day on a Friday where you can go there and meet other quilters, sew or cut out your material.  I had such a great time and the ladies there even invited me out to lunch with them.  They helped me so much with my cutting out of my fabric and I will definitely be going back again.  I took some photos of the ladies working on their quilts and also a quilt that really caught my eye.  This is a great place to buy fabric and get all your quilting needs.  I really like sewing and meeting other people who have the passion for sewing was just fabulous.  I look forward to getting to know the women and creating something really beautiful.

Thank you ladies for making me feel so welcome.

The quilting machine they have in always quilting is huge and is a great place to get your quilt finished when it is ready.  The quilts that are all over the walls in the shop are very inspiring and have been made so well.

Always Quilting

Beautiful quilt


Always quilting

Quilting sew Room

Always Quilting

Quilting Sew and Cutting Out Room

Always quilting

Quilting Store

Always quilting

Long Arm Quilt Machine


I am making a quilt for my son and I am excited to get going I set up a tressel table in my living room to help with the cutting out and because of the advice of the lovely ladies their I now have a much larger cutting board and a better 6.5 in wide ruler which will be much easier for me to cut out my 6.5 ins squares.  Why work hard when you can work easy.  This store has everything you could possibly need to start quilting or even if you are an experienced quilter.

My squares are now nearly all cut out and I’m ready to start sewing which is the part I really like.  Being creative is what I really like to do.  I have just purchased a nice little table from Amazon as well which actually folds away so will be fabulous to use in the RV while I am sewing and can easily be stored away.  Just because you live in a small space does not mean that you cannot still do all the arts that you love doing whether that is knitting, painting sewing or whatever it is that you like to do.  Just be creative with your space.  This is the new table I have just bought check it out.



I will keep you updated on my beautiful quilt as it starts to come together so watch this space.

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See you on the inside

Organizing tips for your RV

When you live in an RV full-time, it is important that you are organized and tidy.  Some of the things that you have when you live in a house really just sits in the cupboard, but when you live in an RV you have to choose what you really want and either sell the rest or give it away.  We regularly visit the good will store giving away things that we find that we don’t need or use.  It is hard to give things away but by doing that you live a very stress free life. It is very frustrating if you can’t find things that you want when you need them.  I have 10 tips for you to stay organized in your RV.

10 tips for organizing your RV

  1. Food

With your food, herbs and tins as soon as you open up a cupboard you should be able to see what is in there without moving things about.  Have food in clear containers like Rice, beans and Pasta and Oats.  You then know exactly when you need to buy more. Dont buy food that you don’t need there is not room.


Cereals, rice, oats, pasta





2.   Dvds

Keep you DVD’s in their containers and keep relevant films together so you can find them easily and have a cupboard designated just for them.



3.   Office Draw

I work at my desk and I cannot work if it is not tidy.  Make sure your desk is clear and tidy as a tidy desk is a tidy mind this includes your draw so that you can find things when you need them. The RV draws are really deep and really need a tray that you can add-on the top I bought this tray from Michael’s and helps me stay organized with my office


Office Draw accessory

4.   Cutlery Draw

It goes without saying that your cutlery draw should always be tidy so that you can find what you need purchasing a cutlery tray should be one of the first thing you purchase.


Cutlery Draw

5.  underwear draw

Your Clothes have to be limited when living in a fifth wheel. By organizing them better though you can gave more than you think. To give you more room for underwear you should roll them so that you can get more in and they stay tidy.

You didn’t think I was gonna show you my underwear did you.?


Underwear and hanky’s


Sock Draw

6.  Filing Paperwork

We all have paperwork that we have to file away and keep.  Organizing this can still be in a file cabinet we have one that sits on the floor and we pick it up and just sit it on the couch when we move.  Keeps everything nice and tidy and is labelled so paperwork is easy to find.


Filing cabinet

7.  Shoe Racks

We have two shoe racks.  One that we use when we come into the RV so that your shoes are taken off when you come in to help keep the RV clean and the other I have on the back of my bedroom door which holds all the rest of our shoes. The shoe rack by the door folds flat.



Shoe rack by door


Shoe rack on back of door

8.   Towels

There is no need to have tons of towels when you live in an RV organizing them can be difficult with little room.  Normally the cupboards allocated for towels are very small the best thing to do is not to fold them but the roll them and then you will get more in.  There are 4 large bath towels rolled into this small cupboard.


4 rolled bath towels


9.   Pillows and extra Bedding

Use the space saver bags by Ziploc for extra Pillows and bedding for guests.  the picture below is 2 pillows that have been sucked down and then fit into a cupboard really easily.  A whole bedding set can be sucked down to a really small size and easily used and then put away again.  Organizing your bedding in this fashion saves so much space.


Space Saver Bag

Here is link on Amazon



10.   Hangers for Clothes

If you’re like me then I don’t like two sets of items on one hanger in the wardrobe.  It makes your clothes hard to find and it is irritating.  To help you save space I found that just by switching out my hangers from rounded plastic hangers to the flock coat hangers.  One advantage is that it gave me double the room to be able to hang my clothes, the second is that the clothes do not fall off the hanger so easily.

My clothes are in order of my husbands and mine.  On the one side of the wardrobe, we keep things like suits and dresses that are not worn very often, and on the other side regular every day clothes. The white hanger is the one that we now use that gives us more room.




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RV Crafts – find out how I cope

The Crafts that I have made while living in my RV full time are sewing, quilting, crocheting and gift baskets.

RV Crafts

I have seen many people work from their RVs doing RV Crafts such as woodwork, embroidery, making gift baskets, sewing, quilting and painting.

I really like crafts especially, sewing and quilting.  When our children were small my husband and I would spend hours cutting out and sewing clothes for school for them. We had 5 children all at high school age and needed to save the pennies somewhere.  We would quite often make Christmas gifts like table mats and table runners to save money.  People that received our gifts have been very grateful.  There is something about having something handmade that makes it extra special.

RV Crafts, as opposed to crafting in your home, is a little different as you are limited on space.  The way that I have coped with this is to be very organized with my crafts.  I have an allocated a cupboard just for this and I put my material, ribbons, zippers, biased binding etc. all in clear boxes so I can see at a glance what is in the box.  I have stuffing material in bags behind my chairs and my sewing machine sits on our dining room table along with my sewing box with everything I need.

I am so lucky to have a husband who supports me to do crafting as he likes to sew and crochet too.  my husband is very talented as cutting out patterns and also crocheting.  Not many men admit to that.

Sewing Box

I have had my sewing box for a long time and I find it holds quite a bit like, thread, thimbles, buttons, sewing pins, measuring tapes, stitch rippers, scissors, rotary cutter, pencils, needles etc.

The only way I cope with this box is to keep it tidy, otherwise I can’t find what I need when I need it.  When I am sewing I have this out open on my table in the corner where it is out-of-the-way but I can easily get to it to obtain what I need. It closes down really small and fits into my cupboard.

RV crafts

Sewing Box


RV crafts

Sewing Box

I am making a small quilt mat to put my sewing machine on at the moment.  I am waiting for fusible batting to come from amazon so I can sandwich it to start quilting.

I like the colors what do you think?

RV crafts

Sewing machine mat

When you are living in an RV I don’t like to take up room with a large ironing board so I use a small one that fits onto my counter top to do the pressing.  When I am sewing I can leave it out and it is not in the way and does not infringe on any part of the RV. I put it on top of a towel so it doesn’t scratch the counter top.

RV crafts

travel ironing board

When I am not using material and other items, I store them in a plastic bin in the overhead cupboard and again I keep things very tidy so I can easily find them.

Organization when doing RV crafts is key.

RV crafts

Plastic bins in overhead compartment

I do not buy most of the time what I do not need, I really think about what I want to make and then use up most of the things I buy so that I do not have tons of stuff just for the sake of it.

I buy a lot of my items from Amazon, I saw a fabulous sewing machine on their yesterday that was only $134 crazy price.  Check it out on the link below.  I’m thinking I want an embroidery machine next.  Do you have one, any suggestions on what to get?.

Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine With 60 Built-In Stitches, 7 styles of 1-Step Auto-Size Buttonholes, Quilting Table, and Hard Cover

My sewing machine sits on the kitchen table and we move the table further towards the wall so that I have room to easily get in and out.  When I am not using it I just push it towards the back of the wall and when I am sewing I pull it to the front. I also pull out the side of the table which gives me extra room. We eat outside most of the time but when we eat in there is nothing in our way.  The only time I put it all away completely is if someone is coming to stay and we need all four chairs otherwise it is not in our way and does not look unsightly at all.

RV crafts

Sewing machine and sewing box

My intention at the moment is to finish my mat tomorrow and then to start making a queen size quilt and I am excited to get started.

If you live in an RV and have any more tips on how you can do RV crafts then please let me know and I will let you write in my blog.

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Harry Potter visits Half Moon Bay

Daniel Radcliffe


We are staying at the RV Park at Half Moon Bay on the site of Camerons Inn and had a visit from the one and only Harry Potter.

Camerons Inn

Smoking Bus at Camerons Inn

Daniel Radcliffe who played Harry Potter in the movies sang on the karaoke and surprised everyone by rapping on the mike.  I actually heard all the singing and clapping from my RV wondering what was going on as people were normally louder than usual. I sometimes hear the singing as we are only literally 50 footsteps away from the Pub.  Not like this though as it was much louder than normal.

It wasn’t until the very next day that I found out that he was the one singing.  I could hear him but just didn’t know it was him.  I was actually going to go over and see what was going on but decided not to.  I really wish I had now gutted.

Harry Potter

My husband and I watch DVDs and actually had just been watching Harry Potter which is kind of weird that he should then pay a visit to Camerons Inn.  Our daughter Frances is such a fan too maybe he will come again. I know if I had met him she woud have been jealous.  So close was I.


Harry Potter “Daniel Radcliffe” Rapping at Camerons Inn


Living at Half Moon Bay RV Park you never know who is going to visit.  It is such a great place, everyone loves England and it is just like you stepped into a pub in London.  I am from England so for me it is like being at home with English food and drinks available right on my doorstep.  When I am in the pub I feel like a celebrity myself because as soon as I speak to people they start asking lots of questions about England because of my accent.   I would have loved to have had a chat with Daniel Radcliffe             ” Harry Potter” as we would have had the same accent.

I am going to move onto the updates on previous blogs I have done on here and thought you may like to know how my Camping washing machine and Tower Garden was coming on.

Camping Washing Machine

I thought I would let you know that my washing machine that I purchased two weeks ago is working fabulously.  I am absolutely loving it and I am using it everyday.  I can’t believe how much money I am saving by not using the washers on site here at Half Moon Bay.  My clothes are really clean and it is so easy to use. You can buy the camping washing machine from Camping World on the link on this site.  Only $104.

Harry Potter

Camping washing machine

Tower Garden

My Tower garden is coming on fabulous and my lettuce is ready to use.  I can just take leaves from the back of the lettuce and it will continue to grow.  I don’t need to purchase anymore.  My herbs I have already been using and the rest of products are growing nicely.  They are liking the weather here in Half Moon Bay.

You can go to Tower Garden and buy yours today.

harry Potter

Tower Garden

Harry Potter

Lettuce Ready to eat

Son In Law home from The Falklands

I wanted to take this opportunity first of all to tell you that my son-in-law Paul who serves in the Royal Air Force is home now in England from his 4 month tour in The Falklands.  I know my daughter and his two beautiful children are happy to see him home. Thank you Paul for serving to protect our country and for all those who work hard to protect us wherever you are.

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Sharknado 3 Oh Hell No!

Sharknado 3


Today is the day that Sharknado 3 will be aired on Syfy at 9/8c.  You may wonder why I’m so excited and I’m going to tell you.  Although I live in my Fifth Wheel and that is what I normally talk about.  We all have family right.  Well I am no exception.  Today is about my son.

My son Michael Hardman is the Foley editor and ADR Recordist on this film along with Sharknado 1, Sharknado 2 and now Sharknado 3.  Michael is not just the least ad singer of the band Dinosaur Parade but also is an ADR and Foley Engineer working for the Asylum in Burbank, Los Angeles, which he enjoys very much.  I wouldn’t normally brag so much but I think as a parent I have the right to.  Michael is only 23 years of age and if you see all of the 72 projects he has worked on albeit mostly B movies,  I think I have the right to brag, Michael Hardman will be a name in the future that you will see winning awards I have no doubt.  He graduated from College with his Bachelors Degree at the age of 19 and was Valedictorian so it is no surprise that he has such a great job.  I am sure that in the future someone who works on A movies will want him to work for him and I really wish that for him.  He works very hard and is very dedicated to his craft.

Michael and his friends have written and performed a silly song about Sharknado 3 which I think you should all listen to.  The Best Worst Movie Sharknado 3.  You might want to have a few beers tonight, listen to their song and then watch Sharknado 3 Oh Hell No! on the Syfy Channel.

All the Sharknado films have had a lot of media attention as it is so silly and classed as the best worst movie.  When these films first came out there was so much media attention that twitter just blew up. They now have a cult following and I am no exception to that. Tonight I am sure will be no different as there are so many stars that are going to be in the movie you can watch the previews on Syfy.  The film Sharknado 3 was filmed on the east coast from Washington DC to Florida.  It will be great fun to watch and laugh about.

The one liners in past Sharknado films have just absolutely cracked me up.  I hope you enjoy the film tonight as I am sure you will.  I am excited and I hope you are as excited as I am.  I can’t wait to hear the one liners in the film tonight.

Enjoy! Don’t take life so seriously,  Life is about having fun.



Camping Washing Machine

New Camping washing machine

I am on a site in Half Moon bay and the washing machines here are $2.50 now you might think that is expensive and yes it is but the local washing launderette it $3.00 to wash. The Dryers are also $2.50 on my site and the dryers in town also the same.

Everywhere I have ever been in California I have only paid from $1.25 to $1.50 to wash and just $1.00 to dry.  San Francisco is way more expensive than everywhere else and that’s just the way it is.

I have space in my RV to have a full hook up Washer dryer fitted and have all the connections to do that, the problem with that is that I then lose more or less a whole cupboard where at the moment I have my clothes.  I really cannot afford to lose that space.

I came up with another solution and that is to have a portable camping washing machine, I looked at all the ones that were available and some were just a bit bigger than I would like, especially when we move it can cause problems if there is not enough space for it.

The one that I chose is made by Base Camp outdoor systems and is called a camping washing machine a lever portable.  It is only 21.9″ and is only 14.2″ wide.

I have used it today and I have done  6 full loads of normal washing and caught up with all my washing as I refused to pay another $2.50.  I actually managed to wash sheets, jeans and towels just in smaller loads is all.

Regular washing will help me keep on top and it works perfectly fine.  I think my whites came out better that the camp washing machine actually.  I just felt like I had gone back in time when I was a young girl helping my Mom do the washing with her twin tub only this was much easier.

If you would like to purchase a camping washing machine then you can click on the image below.

I am a very happy shopper today.



Video of my new camping washing machine



Cooking in a fifth wheel

Cooking Utensils

I use several items when cooking in my fifth wheel.

  1. 3 tiered steamer
  2. Nutribullet
  3. Wok
  4. Crockpot
  5. Outside grill
  6. Microwave
  7. Oven
  8. Top cooker
  9. Rice Cooker

I read someones blog recently that said that fifth wheel cooking or rv cooking was really hard to do.  My take on that is that if you just use the cooker that is available in the fifth wheel or rv then I can see that to be the case.  If however you have a few gadgets to help you then the cooking can be made much easier.

3 Tiered Steamer


3 tiered steamer

This is probably one of my favorite cooking utensils. I actually bought this one from Bed Bath and Beyond it is so easy to use and I just love it.

One of the meals I would do in this is a Salmon dinner.  I would put the salmon on the bottom tier and I would put herbs sprinkled onto it.  I would then put potatoes on the second tier and they would be any type of potatoes I would also put carrots in this tier as well.  On the third tier I would put broccoli and cauliflower.  I don’t always need all three tiers sometimes I just use one tier just for vegetables of all sorts.

I put water into the bottom and then stack the food turn it on and then 35/40 mins later my meal is cooked.  No fuss but amazing tasty food.

The steamer collapses down and fits into a cupboard easily.




This isnt obviously cooking but I use my nutribullet to make fruit smoothies that we would have and would add frozen bananas, kale, strawberries and summer fruits.  Very tasty and great for a sweet



I use my wok on my top of my cooker sometimes in the RV and outside on the Grill.  I like to cook chicken or beef cubed along with vegetables like, onions, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans and mushrooms. and I braise the meat first with the herbs for about 10 mins throw in the vegetables tossing the everything in the wok continually after about 15 minutes I throw in the bean sprouts for a few minutes and it is then cooked and ready to eat.  Could not be simpler, meal in one.




I just love my crock pot for cooking.  Couldn’t be simpler.  I use this more in the winter but also in the summer as well.  I like to cook stews, curries or chilli in this.  When making a stew, the first thing I do night before is to always soak my pinto beans or mixed beans in water.  I then braise my meat in the pot first with celery and onions chopped along with herbs of my choice,  once all meat in browned I then add vegetables like, carrots, swede, potatoes and peas.  I would then add water turn it on and let it cook all day.  By the evening my dinner is all ready to eat.

 Outside Grill


Outside Grill

I just love cooking outside sitting and just waiting for my lunch or dinner to cook.  some of the things I cook on my grill are fish, chicken, beef, pork chops.  I tend to cover my meat in the herbs of my choice and then cook them over a flame once they are browned I leave the flame on but move the meat on the side with no flame. I turn the flame down and then put down the lid and let it cook turning occasionally.  Just sit and relax sip a glass of wine and wait.  We would normally have this with a tossed salad or I would also put some vegetables on too into little packages of foil with some butter and place on the side where there is no flame also.  vegetable cook in about 20 mins like this.




I only use my microwave for cooking bacon and warming up food.  I really don’t use it to cook anything.




I really do not like my oven I very rarely use it.  It is hard to light and does not cook things well at all.



The only time I really use the top of my cooker is when I am cooking with my wok.  I don’t use it really for anything else.  It only has 3 burners and I would rather use other methods of cooking.


Rice Cooker

I love love love my rice cooker.  It is so easy to use.  You put the rice in cover it with water where the water is about a thumb nail over the rice.  Turn it on and it cooks rice to perfection.  I would not be without it.

Most of the items I have mentioned you can get at amazon and have them delivered.  I recommend getting extra gadgets to help you cook easily in your RV as generally the RV cookers are really not the best at all.  I am not by any means a good cook but I find these ways of cooking nice and easy and anyone can do them.  Why work hard when you can work easy.


Amazon Links

  1. 3 tiered steamer
  2. Nutribullet
  3. Wok
  4. Crockpot
  5. Outside grill
  6. Rice Cooker

Tower Garden with my RV

Growing your own vegetables on the road

Just because you live in an RV doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own fruit and vegetables.  I have a hydroponic tower garden that I take along with me and I grow my own salad.  Living healthy is very important to all of us.  My husband and I have changed the way that we eat massively over the last few years.  We have very limited wheat and dairy and we eat much more vegetables and fruit than have ever before.  It makes sense therefore to grow our own.  The excitement you get when your very own crop starts to grow is just amazing.

It takes up virtually no space at all.  The water usage is very little and recyclable.  This is what we are growing at the moment. The water comes up the middle of the tower garden and then trickles all over the roots of the plants inside and is on a timer where it comes on for 15 minutes at a time.

  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Dill
  • Basil
  • Oregano
  • Parsley
  • Thyme
  • Garlic Chives
  • Strawberries
  • Peppers – different types
  • Lettuce – different types
Tower Garden

Tower Garden

The tower garden seedlings above is only 2 weeks old.  I will give you an update in a couple of weeks and show you the growth.  After just 3 weeks I will have some lettuce and other produce available.

Tower Garden


Tower Garden


Tower Garden


Tower Garden

Red Cherry Pepper

If you would like to know more about this then click the link below it will take you to you tube and explains everything.

Tower Garden

If something grows up out of the ground basically that is what you can grow in a tower garden.  I have had my tower garden for over a year now and I absolutely love it.  We are getting ready for our next crop and we are very excited to be able to just go outside and cook some chicken on the barbecue and just pick our salad right off the tower garden when we need it.

Looking after a Tower Garden is just like looking after a swimming pool really.  You just need to get the nutrients right and all the instructions are on the pack and very easy to do.  This crop is in the early stages so only needs water to be topped up once a week, once the crop is much larger then it may need topping up twice a week.

I find that when I have my tower garden in full bloom and that my crop is available, I save so much money.  I try to keep replanting as I go so that I can always have a crop available.  I do like to however wash my tower garden every 3 months and I take it apart wash it all and then put it all back together whether there is a crop in there or not.

Keeping it clean really does help to keep it healthy.  I check it every day for any butterflies that may have laid eggs or for any bugs and I get them off right away.  Checking for caterpillars can be hard on green leaves but if I see that some have been eaten I don’t give up until I find them.  This is my crop for dinner not theirs and I aim to keep it that way.  The brilliant thing about having a tower garden is the fact that it is nice and clean and no dirt is involved.

There are different ways that you can get your seedlings.

  1. You can buy them on-line at Living Tower Seedlings
  2. You can visit the live garden in Santa Barbara at Chapala Gardens
  3. You can grow your own from seeds
  4. You can buy seedlings in dirt then wash off all the dirt and plant them.

We are lazy and we like to purchase the seedlings.

If you would like to purchase a Tower Garden you can do so at Tower Garden Purchase

Chapala Gardens is an amazing place to visit and get your seedlings from.  The amount of fruit and vetables that they grow there is amazing.  You can also purchase produce fresh from them as well.

When I purchased my tower garden I paid over a 12 month period and now my tower garden is paid for in full.  You can have a tower garden of your own for $525 which works out to $45.25 per month.  I acatually paid $64 and had the extension which gave me 28 spaces for seedlings and was 7 ft tall the original one would have been 5ft.

Tower Garden

Tower Garden

Tower Garden

Tower Garden Purchase



Identity Theft – Fifth Wheel Living

Protect yourselves against Identity Theft

During my time in the Army a long time ago one of my jobs were to help protect Secret, Nato Secret and Top Secret Documents.  I was taught all the ways of how to protect these precious documents.  Once they were no longer needed they were then discarded.  One of the most common ways was shredding.  This was in the late 70s and it was the cold war during this time and documents of this nature had to be protected at all times.

I see Identity Theft as being the same thing, just a different type of war against crime though this time. Protecting My identity and all My documents at all cost.

As you all know the Federal Government in America has recently offered Identity Theft Insurance to millions of its workers due to a breach in security very recently.  If this can happen to the government then it can happen to you.  There isn’t anyone in the world who shouldn’t be protecting themselves from Identity theft against these types of breach.  Having no kind of protection from identity theft is like leaving your front door open to your house and saying “Come In”

There are different ways the criminals try to use your identity,

Medical Insurance Identity Theft

Social Security Identity Theft

Credit Card  Identity Theft.

You can protect yourselves in so many ways.

10 ways to protect yourself from Identity Theft

  1. Shredder – Never put your paper trash with any of your personal details into the bin.  Always shred your paper work before placing it into the bin and not just that but put your paper into separate bins so that the paper can never be put back together.
  2. Burn  – your paperwork – make sure it is safe to do so you do not want to start a fire.  Especially here in California.
  3. Passwords – Use these on the computer for any banks or anything personal using codes that no one can break.  Never use personal family names or anything anyone can easily relate to you and use numbers symbols and letters to make them stronger.
  4. Cell phone – Always have a password on your cell phone in case someone steals your phone.
  5. Mail – Pick up your mail often, do not leave it for long lengths of time.  If you are going to be away have your mail redirected.
  6. Social Security Number, Green Card or Passport –  Never carry this with you keep it in a safe at home
  7. Telephone Information – Never give out personal details over the phone unless you really know who they are and that you are expecting their call.  Never give out information to any stranger whatsoever.
  8. Do Not call List – Put yourself on the do not call register and un-subscribe regularly to emails you do not want to receive.  Call# 1-888-382-122 or on line at www.donotcall.gov
  9. NEVER, Leave personal details in your car and always lock your car.
  10. Protect yourself by having a company look after your Identity.  Have a company help protect you against identity theft and don’t try to do it alone.

I use Legal Shield, for instance if someone steals my purse, I make one phone call and they cancel all my cards for me.  Such a great service and gives fabulous peace of mind.  If someone has used my cards or stolen my identity in any way then they fix it for me. As far as I know no other company offers this service.

There is further information in the Link Below”

Legal Shield

Identity Theft

Legal Shield

Earthquake – Be Prepared in your RV

Earthquake is a possibility

Be Prepared – Have an Emergency Kit  Go to Amazon and get all you need now.


Emergency Kit

When we first moved to California from England in 2006 we knew that an Earthquake would be a possibility.  It is unbelievable I know but in 2002 in Dudley, England, where we lived at that time we were in an earthquake.  It was 23.53 pm and we were in bed.  The wardrobe doors in the bedroom shook, our bed rattled and to be honest I thought I was dreaming.  Peter was asleep and I shook him awake with fright and it lasted for about 20 seconds. Peter heard it and felt it but thought he was dreaming to.  We ran out of the house with the kids into the street in our pyjamas along with lots of other people in our street.  Everyone wondering what had just happened.

We all came up with solutions like maybe our boiler in the cellar had blown up or maybe the large local Mall had been blown up.  Never in a million years that it was an earthquake.  We checked our house in the cellar and next doors cellar going really slowly down the stairs it was scary to see what we would find. Nothing!  What had gone on no one knew.  We put on the television and waited to hear news.  Nothing! we waited a bit longer and sure enough after about 30 mins it came on the news to say that there had been an earthquake.  We later to find out that we were very close to the epicentre just up the road.  What an experience.


Another experience, I had not been an earthquake but a tornado this time and yes while I was in England. It was 28th July 2005 at 2.30pm.  I had asked a friend to help me during my lunch hour drive over to Solihull it was about 1.30 pm, I needed to deliver a letter, funny enough it was something I needed  to drop off to our emigration nursing agency to do with our emigration.  On our way back we stopped off to get a sandwich in Moseley.  My friend stayed in the car, while I went into the shop to get our sandwiches.

I bought our sandwich and tried to leave the shop but the door wouldn’t open.  There was a heavy wind or something pushing against the door.  It was really weird as there was no wind when I went in.  It took 3 of us to open the door to let me out.  There were flower pots and pans all in the air and the sky was whooshing with all debris in the air.  I thought maybe there had been a bomb and it was like a suction blast back or something.  I ran to the car and my friend was shouting “get in get in” I opened the door and it came off its hinges the wind was so strong.  I had to hold the door closed after as it was hanging by a thread.

My friend started to drive and as he did, there was debris coming for us, sign posts off shops, pieces of slate and trees coming down into the road all over the place.  I was shouting “Oh my god” Oh my God” with a few swear words out of fright.  We were swerving in and out of all the debris and got back to work in town where there was no debris but loads of heavy rain with massive puddles everywhere that we had to drive through.

It was an experience I for sure.  We were late back to work and said to our colleagues that we were sorry we were late but that we had just been in a tornado or something.  They said “yeah right” and didn’t believe us, then about 30 mins later it came on the news that there had been a tornado in Moseley. Crazy right!  They believed us then of course.  Crazy weather and an experience I will never forget.

Earthquake in Lancaster

The date was around April 2007 so we had only been in America for 5 months.  I was at work at sat at my desk when I felt like I was on a roller coaster.  It didn’t last very long but enough for us all to get underneath our desks which is what we’re supposed to do.  By the time we got under the desks it was over.  It was a weird earthquake I thought, The weirdest thing was that the phones didn’t work for about 20 mins.  This as you can imagine started up lots of conversations about other earthquakes that they had around the area at other times, including about being earthquake prepared.  We went out and started to get together an earthquake kit.  We bought a package on-line with all of our emergency items in it and we started to collect from there.

Earthquake Kit that we have

The Food and Water in this kit will only last for 5 years and we have had to have it replaced, we replaced it quite recently so we are ok now for another 5 years.

Food and Water


The water or food is in packets, the food is not very nice and will taste like a stale peanut butter cookie but will keep you alive so I’m sure at the time I will eat it if necessary and not care about the taste.

In This Kit which we purchased on-line is


Inventory of Emergency Kit

Tool Kit


Tool Kit

First Aid

This is what is in the First Aid Kit and added Items


First Aid Kit Inventory

Plus extra items in for hygiene purposes and also I have allergies so my allergy meds are in there too along with Tums and antibiotic ointment and pain relief tablets.



Essential Items




It is also very important to have access to a Radio of some kind and our radio is a wind up one.


Wind Up Radio


Wind Up Radio


Water purifier

You can collect water from a lake with this and it will purify it into water that is drinkable



Water Purifyer Bottle


Extra Food

We have extra food in our pack which will give us a couple of extra days as well. Just in case.



Mmmm Nice Food


Personal Safety

It’s funny but during a crisis is when people dont act like they should and means that we are left to think the worst of people. For that purpose we purchased a fabulous torch which doubles up as a Taser Stun Gun which trust me you wouldn’t want to be Zapped with this. The noise from it alone is scary.  We are contemplating getting a Gun for our personal safety just to have in case of an Emergency Crisis but have not done this yet.


Tazor Gun and Torch



Would you buy a Gun?  What are your thoughts on this.  Let me know?






Fun in your RV – Hobbies and much more

Fun, fun, fun

Having Fun

Joyce and Peter

Just because you’re not a child anymore doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.  Having fun can mean many things, I have always been a great believer of having fun, you should be having fun no matter what you are doing in life.  You should have fun while you work and play.

For instance, have fun washing your RV, if you are a couple you should do this together and when washing an RV there is lots of water around right! well where there is water there is play.  My husband and I are silly a lot of the time we are both 56 but that doesn’t mean we have to act our age all of the time.


There are many games that you can have in the fifth wheel that do not take up too much precious storage.   Just watching television all the time is no fun.  Get out a game and start to play, you can play a game together or invite friends over for wine and a game.  Here are some of the games we have in the RV.

  • Draughts – most of you know how to play draughts, i played as a kid many times with my Dad who taught me how to play and I beat my husband many times at this.  I love winning ha ha


  • Jig saw puzzles.  –  These are nice to do when you can have quiet time but also very enjoyable.


  • LCR (Left, right, center) – We play this when we have friends over such a funny game.  We also played for dollars with this instead of the plastic coins and was much more interesting and hilarious $3 each to play.  We even play this at a party with 20 people so much fun.


  • Jenga – This is a game you can also play on your own, together or with others.  Nice and easy but fun.


  • Cards – There are many card games you can play.  I played as a child a lot with my family.  Here are some that we play, crazy eight, solitaire, Jim Rummy, Blackjack


  • Taboo –  This is a very funny game and much better if there are at least 4 of you.  So much fun.


  • Scene it. – When we play this game with just the two of us, we give each other 3 chances to get the answer as we are so rubbish ha ha!  Really funny.


We quiet often sit outside with a beer and play draughts on the table in the moonlight.  There is nothing better that beating your husband at draughts.  When we sit outside to play we find that people will come and chat, wave or come and join you.  It is a great life being able to socialize outside, smelling the night air and seeing the stars.

We don’t have the children living with us with us anymore but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun. When the children were younger we had 6 children at home and  trust me, it want a quiet household at all.  we always had fun, the children would play games, watch tv, make things, and many other things they would do.  They all had different interest so there was always something one of them were doing. Piano lessons, horseriding, singing to name but a few. We would have their friends around for birthday parties and if they all only invited one friend then that would be 12 children.  quite a few times we had karaoke going at the birthday parties. or leaving parties and many other parties that we had at our house, it was certainly a mad house.

We have our quiet times sure, but we also still have our fun and mad times.  Peter and I decided to go camping once with a tent .  The weather wasnt too bad just a bit chilly an there was definitely a nip in the air but clear and crisp.  It was still classed as winter in California but coming from England to us it was like a nice spring weekend. We went online and found a campsite in the mountains that had room.  Right opposite the camp there was a heated pool so even though it was winter we could swim comfortably the water temperature was beautiful.

We arrived and the campsite was empty no one there at all.  We had the showers and toilets all to ourself.  We built a fire and cooked our Dinner, after dinner sitting outside under the stars, Peter got out his guitar and we sang and sang and sang our heads off as loud as we wanted as no one was around.  This is probably one of our fondest memories of being alone and laughing until our stomachs hurt.  We laughed till we cried and were dancing around the fire being really silly.  Such great fun, have you ever laughed till your belly hurt, well that is the type of fun we like to have.


One of the other things we like to do is go for a walk, we don’t have a dog and we really like to have a reason to go for a walk so we go geo-caching instead.  Geo-caching is a great excuse to go for a walk and have fun at the same time.  For those of you that don’t know what geo-caching is I ha am not even going to try to explain it so I have attached a link to Wikipedia who can explain it better than me. Wikipedia Geo-caching


fun times

Our Geo-cache





Music while you Drive

Music in your vehicle

Most people want to listen to music while they drive.  The question is, can you listen to music while you are pulling a fifth wheel without being distracted?.  My feeling on this subject is that listening to music during this time is not a good idea. There are exceptions to the rule though, the only time that I would listen to music while driving a fifth wheel would be when there are miles of straight roads ahead me.   No traffic and good weather.  I think this would probably be the only time that I would listen to music while I am driving.  If you are in heavy traffic, dealing with turns in the road, driving on difficult roads or during difficult weather, you really need to have total silence with no music in the truck at all.  You need to be able to listen to all of your surroundings and hear what is going on.  You also want to keep conversations to a minimum so that you can concentrate on what you are doing.  Driving you Car also needs more concentration when driving on busy roads.

Music Preference

Obviously music is a preference for everyone.  I do have some suggestions for you for easy listening, Classical Music, Classic rock, or music from The Carpenters, Bee Gees, Simon and Garfunkel, Stevie Wonder to name but a few.  There are so many artists, all I am saying is keep it easy listening.

Dinosaur Parade

I really love Dinosaur Parade Music and I am going to admit I am a little biased as Michael Hardman, the lead vocalist, is my son.

A radio station which is based in Laguna Beach in Los Angeles called KX 93.5 FM has featured Dinosaur Parade’s single “El Camino Road” on “King of the beach”, the DJ, Brian Holst puts two tracks against each other in a face off.  Dinosaur parade won King of the Beach 3 days in a row.  They were also nominated best new emerging artist in Los Angeles for April on Deli Magazine.  They are a great new upcoming band.


Dinosaur Parade Logo

These are the Members of Dinosaur Parade.  Michael Hardman, Lead Vocals.  James Ruvalcaba, Lead Guitar.  Anthony Prochaska, Bass Guitar.  Brittany Riffe-Ries, Drums and Vocals.

Please like their Facebook page at Dinosaur Parade Facebook and you can purchase their music at Spotify and Itunes.

Their music and tee shirts can be purchased from their store at Dinosaur Parade Store.


Dinosaur Parade Merchandise





Luxury Items that we own

luxury cooking utensils

Luxury Items

luxury signature-set

Cutco knife block

Luxury Knife Blockluxury Tableware


Cutco Table Ware

luxury Cooking utensils)

Cutco Utensils


Fifth Wheel Living does not mean that we have to go without our luxury Items.  Having luxury items in my fifth wheel makes it seem more like home. I would not be without them.


The Knifes, Forks and Spoons that we have in the fifth wheel are Cutco.  As far as I am concerned I see using Cutco tableware as a real luxury.  Everytime you eat you feel like a queen as the quality is so high.


Knife Block Set

We also have a complete Knife Block Set by Cutco.  We would not use anything else.  They cut everything like a hot knife through butter.  We have had our set for over 5 years now, and it is still in pristine condition.  When we travel I pick up the block and I put it under the sink cupboard for safe keeping.  If you lived in a house it is something that you probably would strive to have, so why not have the best in your Fifth Wheel it is your home after all.  This Large set came with all the kitchen utensils as well , it is a great set.


Potato Peeler

One more item I would not be without would be my potato peeler.  The Cutco Potato peeler is the best ever and stays really sharp and peels potatoes so easily.  It does not take you very long at all to peel a potato or even carrots.


Cooking Kitchen Tool Set

Another Item we purchased and again would not be without is the Cooking Kitchen Tool Set. All items you ever need for cooking are in this set.  If you need to pour gravy or mash your potatoes, or even serve up your dishes then this is the set for you.


You can purchase the sets from Amazon just click the links below.


Cutco Signature Set

Cutco Tableware Set

Cutco Kitchen Tool Set

Cutco Potato Peeler


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Cell Phone Holder on my dashboard

Cell Phone Holder

Cell Phone Holder

cell phone holder

Using my cell phone holder

Peter Tatler

Cell Phone Holder

For a long time now I have felt that I have needed a Sat Nav of some description in the Truck when towing our fifth wheel as ‘Joyce the Navigator’ would be driving in her Ford Escape.

I have been struggling using my cell phone as a navigator to use to get to my destination.  I really need a cell phone holder.

Sat Nav Problems

The problems I have found associated with sat Navs are:

  1. Sat Nav in our ford car gives us the most direct route which in LA traffic is dire!
  2. It has Distracting graphics whilst driving.
  3. The screens are complicated
  4. The price was very high


We have been using Waze the navigation app on the I phone for a while.  I absolutaely love it. I can change my directions to go via freeway or not.  The waze also redirects me if there is any traffic. The next best thing therefore would be to add a I phone holder to the dashboard so that I can navigate using waze which I am comfortable with.   Yeah! Great solution.

I searched Amazon.com and came up with the Modi mobile and tablet Car holder because it looked sturdey for the job.The price was really reasonable.

.   I found it to be a really cool Solution

.   It holds the Iphone perfect and stable

.   I find it is easy to see and easy to navigate

It came within 2 days and I am now using it in my Truck.  I could not be happier.  It is easy to use and I just have to remember to take my phone with me when I get out of the Truck.  This has happened on a few occasions to me so beware!

I would not recommend to you something that I was not happy with.  Hope this helps.


Fifth wheel upgrades

Fifth Wheel Upgrades


Here are some upgrades to our fifth wheel where we changed out the furniture.  We did this within 12 months of owning it our new rig.  Please see the comparisons.


fifth wheel upgrade

Reclining seats – before

fifth wheel

Reclining seats upgrade – after

As you can see from the pictures, with a nice rug and decorative pillows you can make the RV your own home.

The 2 reclining arm chairs had material that started to fray within 6 months of use, I found this very upsetting as there was only two of us living in the fifth wheel.  The fifth wheel was still under warranty.  I called Camping World and they said I could get it fixed and would have to get quotes.  I felt the material they used would have been the same and would happen again as it was poor quality. We decided that we would buy new and have exactly what we wanted.


We had two chairs made for us at Furniture Showcase.  Yeah! they were fabulous.


The Chair in the Desk area was annoying to get in and out of so we replaced it with an office chair with wheels and we put a plastic mat put underneath so it is was easy to manoeuvre.  This was so much better.


The hide-a-bed was also replaced at the same time as the chairs above.   The blow up hide-a-bed had broken really quickly and just kept going down. I just knew when we bought the fifth wheel that this would happen, it was the only thing I didn’t like about the fifth wheel that we had chosen.  I liked the look of the sofa bed so we bought similar colors and style.  We had visitors coming and it was annoying that we couldn’t use the bed for its purpose.  We had the hide-a-bed made specially to fit into our fifth wheel at a really reasonable price.

We then at a later date added a better mattress.  We bought a Queen memory foam mattress topper which was 4 inches in-depth and cut it to the size of the bed and then put it into a mattress cover.  It works better, fits into the bed easily and is much more comfortable to sleep on.  This bed was also made by Furniture Showcase.  They were an amazing company, we gave them the measurements and they made exactly what we wanted.  When they delivered they took all the wrapping off and fitted them into the fifth wheel for us.  Amazing service.


Thank you.