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Journey to San Francisco

Lake Elsinore



Lake Elsinore


The Journey Begins first stop Pamona Koa site.

Well Peter, Susie my friend who is visiting from England and I arrived last night from The Glendale apartment.  We handed it over in pristine condition after getting up really early to make sure everything was hunky dory.  We arrived back in Lake Elsinore and tried to pTut all our clothes and things away with no room for all the stuff we had accumulated in our short time in Glendale.

The RV looked so messy with everything everywhere.  We decided we would all go to bed early and get up and finish in the morning, we were all so tired.

With a nice fresh start in the morning we soon had a place for everything and it was time for Peter and Robert Bair who had kindly offered to help us get off from the site and help get the truck hooked up to the RV.

We were not in a good spot to get out of and with it beings Peters first time to pull the RV we were really grateful of Roberts help.  It took an hour to finally pull out.  The tailgate had to be taken off to maneuver the RV it was very difficult.  Finally Peter and Susie’s journey to Pamona which is our first stop is about to begin.  I drove on ahead to get book in ready for our site the other end.

My car and had 2 bikes strapped to the back on a bike rack and as I was driving I could hear something hitting the back it didn’t feel right.  I stopped and sure enough to it had come unhooked it was still safe but annoying I had to stop twice to fix it .  I arrived at the site and waited for them to arrive. I found out that I could book in as I need both the RV Registration number and also the truck Registration.  Oh we’ll never mind I just waited for them to arrive.

The Koa site we were staying at had a small pool and jacuzzi and with the heat being nearly 100 degrees I think we were going to be in that in just a little while.  It was a nice small site and I think perfect for this journey.

My phone rang with Susie saying they were going to be another half hour or so as the traffic pushed them onto the 91 so they were now going the wrong way.  The traffic didn’t let them in to get into the lane they needed.  Poor Peter it would now be a little longer he needed to drive as it added 30 minutes to their journey.

Well they arrived in one piece yay! peter has driven the fifth wheel for the first time .  Good for him, now getting the Rv parked on to the pull through was another challenge as there was a tree obstructing.  Nothing easy for us.  With Peters brilliant maneuvering we managing to get in between where the tree was so that the slides could be pulled out safely.  yeah! We were in for the night. A big pat on the back for Peter and drinks all around.

Travel Nurse – across America

Meeting our Travel Nurse Representative

We are so lucky that Peter is a travel nurse with such a great company Emerald Health Services.  They really look after us, the money is good and the benefits are great.

Stephanie Dion is Peters travel nurse co-ordinator and invited us out to lunch, yeah! we were really excited to meet her.

We went on our way to Marina-del-rey to meet Stephanie for the very first time.  We have both spoken to her on the phone many times, mostly, when we are relocating looking for a new post.  Quite often we would have the phone on loud-speaker so we could both hear.

Stephanie has spent hours with us while we said yeah or nay to ideas and travel nurse posts that were available to us to move to.  We would have the map open on the computer and give her an idea of where we wanted to go.  Stephanie would then start to go through hospitals that have jobs available for on a 13 or 26 week contract. It didn’t matter how long this took, we never felt rushed and always felt that we were the only people in the world on her books.  We obviously are not, she has to look after so many others but we felt she always had time for us.

Over the time we have spent on the phone we got to know her really well, we had just never met.  Peter and I do everything together and it was nice that she involved me in the process as well every step of the way.  We are a team and she treated us as such.

We were going to be meeting in an Italian restaurant in Marina-del-rey called C&O Cucina, and we were looking forward to meeting Stephanie for the very first time.  We were finally going to meet her in person.

The trip from Glendale to Marina Del Rey was only about half an hour.  We decided to take the local roads using Waze as navigation and not the freeways so we could pick up flowers on the way, this would take and hour but would be a nice drive through.

We decided that we would buy her some flowers for all of her support finding us great new travel nurse posts.  We stopped off at two other stores for flowers before we found the one that we liked.  We couldn’t believe that we found roses that were of multiple colors and had never seen anything like that anywhere. See the pictures below I’m sure you will agree.

The flower basket was the talk of the restaurant when we arrived  the servers absolutely loved them and the multi colored roses were the talk of the day.

Travel Nurse

Muliti colored Rose

Travel Nurse


Lunch with Stephanie Dion

Travel Nurse

Travel Nurse co-ordinator

Wow! Stephanie was everything we thought she would be and even lovelier in person. It was finally great to meet her and we look forward to many more new contracts with Emerald Health in the future and look forward to travelling around California seeing new places.

The food at the restaurant was to die for their garlic bread rolls were amazing and we couldn’t stop eating them.  I don’t normally eat wheat but made an exception on this occasion as they were so nice.  Peter had Salmon and I had chicken, and Stephanie had fish.  Such a nice lunch.

Our next stop is San Francisco and we leave next week on our travels.  We are really excited to go to our new destination.

Thank you Stephanie for lunch and everything you do.


Working from your fifth wheel

Working from Home


working from fhome

Peter nursing


Travel Nursing

You know I’m lucky as my husband is a nurse and his job travels around with us.  Wherever he is sent we travel in our fifth wheel and live in it.  Your probably wandering what I do all day.  I work for myself working from home as a network marketer with a couple of companies and also quite recently I have just completed another dream of mine to be an actress.


Background Acting

You heard it right.  While we are living in Glendale which right by Hollywood, I thought, I would love to work in the film industry.  I signed up with  Central Casting and also registered with Extras Management who manage my diary for me.  Now I don’t get too much work probably about 2 days a week but hey it gets me out and about and I really enjoy it.  I just do background acting so nothing elaborate.   I have just fulfilled a lifelong dream.  I am going to register while I am in San Francisco to see if there is any work up there.  I love it, and it is so much fun.  Just the other week I was on Ted 2 dancing at his wedding ha ha!  How much fun is that………….

This is me in The Middle doing background I’m the one with the blonde hair Ha Ha!

Working from Home

Me in the middle

I also work from home educating people about Javita weight loss coffee and tea, also including energy coffee and cocoa.  This is a network marketing company.

Another network marketing company I work for is Legal shield who are a company that helps people get a will, legal and identity theft coverage  Legal Shield

There are many things that you can do working from home or going out a few days a week.  Whether your living in a house or a fifth wheel like me.  some other ideas are:


Other Ideas

1. You can be a camp host – this means working on the site that you live.  Maybe working for rent or money.

2. I have known people on sites who go shopping and run errands for others and get paid, also for those less able taking them shopping and helping them get out and about as an aid.

3.  You can hold a regular job and live in an RV on a permanent plot.

4.   Writing a blog is a very enjoyable thing to do, and you become an affiliate to other companies to help sell products.

5.   I knew someone who built stairs for RVs and got paid for that.  (Carpenter)

6.   You can be a Site Helper with booking in travellers, cooking during barbecue etc. Some of these jobs give you free rent.

7.   You could Sew or knit and make items for sale both to people you meet and on-line.

8.  Work in Network Marketing.



Job Changes and Job Opportunities

Job changes


Lake Elsinore


We moved to Lake Elsinore so that Peter could start his new job in Murrieta. Sometimes you do things and they just don’t go your way.  All you can think about is that there is always a reason for everything.


Peter started his new job and within 3 months he had been sent home so many times with no work for him,  this started to make things financially difficult.  Peter came home from work and I said, “ok.  “We can now get our own medical care as Obama care had now taken away pre-existing conditions so let’s do what we intended to do in the first place and travel.”


Job opportunities

Well we joined the agency again at Emerald Health Services and got medical insurance of our own.  Yeah! The only trouble was that the offer we got was in a city, Glendale in fact.  The money though was outrageous and guaranteed so we decided we would take it.  There is nowhere to put a fifth wheel in a city like Glendale so, we decided to live in a fully furnished apartment temporarily which was provided by Glendale Adventist Medical Centre.  We were very lucky to get it at a very reasonable price.  We now go home to the Lake most weekends to our fifth wheel and enjoy both worlds…  the contracts are normally 13 weeks.  After the first 13 weeks they asked him to stay another 20 weeks so we did.  We now have 6 weeks left.  They asked him to stay again and we have said no.  I have started to get sick with asthma again living in a city.  The air quality is no good for me.  The upside is we have the money to put the hitch in and have saved money for our travels……….. we see this stop-gap as a bridge to what we really want to do, which is to travel around California and we are ready now to do this.


Where are we going to next?……..