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About us

Everything we refer to fifth wheel living or RV living both mean the same thing.


fifth wheel living

Peter and Joyce



Our story begins where Peter and I decided on Fifth wheel living 3 years ago.   We were living in Bakersfield in our beautiful bought home and the air quality was so bad it was making me really ill.  I was watching a story on the morning television and it was about a couple who were downsizing into a small mobile home to save money.  I started to think and said to Peter,  “how would you feel about moving out of Bakersfield and hitting the road travelling California as a travel nurse?”.  Peter is a nurse in the OR and it would be very easy for him to join an agency.

He was excited and so was I that we had a new plan that would get us out of the bad air quality which was making me sick.  We owned our own home so everything was tied up in that.  So we needed ideas.

First of all we went to look at some RVs around town.

Should we purchase a Small Motor Home, Large Motor Home trailer or Fifth Wheel there were pros and cons for all.


  1.   Small Motor Home living   –   this would get us around easily, very nifty and easy to drive and park, very  small to live in though and not sure we would last very long.
  2.   Large Motor Home living   –   These were very nice and large inside, great living rooms, kitchen, bathrooms and bedroom, very compact, however, very scary to drive, didn’t like having the steering wheel in the living area.  great window to see out of but felt I would be covering anyway so people wouldn’t see in. Not very tall inside, also cost of gas would be very high.  Very expensive to purchase, more maintenance needed for mechanical issues.  They were all pretty much the same just different qualities.  Some had pop outs.
  3. Travel trailer living  –   Very easy to hook up and hitch, light weight, cheaper in cost, however, not sure it was as robust as all the other options.  Could have problems on the road during wind causing fish-tailing, not very tall and felt claustrophobic.  Didn’t like this idea at all.  Walked in and walked out.  No discussion necessary.  Some had pop outs.
  4. Fifth Wheel living  – these were very nice, large inside, tall roof inside ft tall, lots of living space, all different types to look at including with bunks, separate rooms, toy hauler and types for every need.  We really liked the idea of the fifth wheel.  We had lots of discussions whether to have the extra room for when the children and grandchildren come to stay.  They live in England so that wouldn’t be all that often. We really liked the idea of the fifth wheel we would have to trade our car in for a truck but felt that was ok.  This was our final choice.  We like the open space living quarters with mostly 2 – 4  pop outs including queen or large king size bed.  Plenty of storage all around and just felt like home

Our story continues with our decision

So now we knew Fifth wheel living was what we wanted to do so we started looking.  We looked at new and used.  We decided on a new.  We finally found one we really liked, and had our eye on, at Camping World of Bakersfield.  At this stage we were just looking.  To even get the ball rolling we needed at least $5000 to put down to buy it.  We didn’t have $5000 so that was going to be a challenge and our credit wasn’t that great either.  What did we do to solve our problem?…………

As you can imagine we were thinking about all sorts of solutions to be able to raise $5000.  If we sold the house the only equity we had been about that much but how do you sell a house and get the money out of it to be able to buy a fifth wheel and live in it.  It was all very complicated.  We wouldn’t have had anywhere else to stay if we just sold the house and what would we do with all our furniture which was all brand new.  We had only been in america for 5 years after moving here from England and only moved into the house 2 years prior.  At that time we furnished the house with all new furniture.  3 bedrooms of good furniture.

So now a thought hit me if I sell all the furniture which although was very nice and new it is now in all tense and purposes second-hand.  I could sell it all and raise the $5000.  My husband came home that night and we discussed to do just that.  I arranged a garage sale through face book and opened the garage door to start selling.  At that time I said to Peter.

”  Are you sure you want to do this?…..”

“You know I can do this, everything will be gone, are you sure this is what we want?”

He said “go for it”.

Our story continued starting with a garage sale.  Within 2 weeks I had sold everything on face book pages and I had raised $6000.  The realization that everything we owned was only worth what people will pay.  The last thing we sold was our bed.  Now, to go and buy the RV fifth wheel that we wanted and, was it still there? …………

I could not believe that  we were on our way to purchase our RV and just hope that god was on our side and that the Fifth Wheel that we wanted was still there. Nope it wasn’t  Ahhhhh!  we searched the plot to no avail.  We were at camping world and, being British ,we are not the type of people to ask for help, we like to decide what we want and not someone showing us around!

We finally shared our story with the salesperson about the fifth wheel that we had fallen in love with.  The guy at Camping World said, “oh’ someone up north wanted it so it got transferred.”  we later found out that the transfer took place but the fifth wheel did not get sold so if we wanted it they would ship it back to their store and we could purchase it.

Hallelujah!   We filled out all the paperwork and the fifth wheel we wanted was ours.  I had $5000 in cash in an envelope we paid our down payment and got a date when we could pick it up.

We went to pick up the Fifth wheel and the one we had chosen was a Montana Mountaineer 362 RLQ

fifth wheel living

Fifth Wheel Montana Mountaineer

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They should have shown our story on TV ha ha!  how fabulous were we.  We are doing our blog, so we can share our travels with you talking about our fifth wheel living experiences.

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  1. Maureen Bair says

    We are the couple that live at Lake Elsinore. My husband Bob helped pull your 5th wheel out. I hope all is going well with you. It took me a while to find your blog. I really enjoying it.

    • yeah! I’m glad you found us. We really did appreciate your help. That is probably what I really love about Living in an RV it is the comradeship with everyone xxxx.

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